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She meets the others and she doesn't like Clayton ._.

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Also, like what I did with Jane and Jack :3? They're twins, but he's older.

Sanura is kind of in love with Tarzan, which is why she thinks Jack's beautiful like him, because they sort of look alike. She's jealous of Jane actually, but likes her. For Tarzan's sake of course.

Oh, the reason Sabor knew so many human words was because she - as a kitten - was born in a zoo in England. When she started getting a bit older and she became very vicious her handlers set her free in Africa where she grew up, Considering it more humane then putting her down. Her knowledge of human language stood with her, her entire life. Since she was raised there up until she was 8 months old. She knew Sanura was human since she had seen enough and just kept it from her and instead raised her as a cat, but with a human vocabulary.

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I made up Sabor's history since I didn't really know her real history.

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Summary: What if Sabor had found a child, wrapped in Leopard print and raised her as her own?

Chapter 7: Number One Enemy

"Tarzan slow down!" I said, my hair once again flying in my eyes. He was swinging through the vines with such a high speed that I felt my stomach go queasy. I had a feeling Jane was the same, since she had long quit her screaming and was burying her face into his neck, looking a little green. Her cheek was pressed into my forearm and her nose was pressed into Tarzan's neck.

I felt my lips curl up slightly. I was a bit jealous she was able to lay against him like that. I wouldn't, and I couldn't if I wanted too, since Tarzan didn't care for me the way I cared for him. I cared for him deeply - loved him - and it hurt like an elephant had stepped on my chest when I saw the look on his face the first time he saw Jane. He had a look of pure love and I nearly screamed at that. But, for his sake I would like her and make sure she was safe.

Tarzan nodded and slowly jumped from the vine and to the jungle ground. He set Jane down and I slid off him, my back paws slightly unsteady. Jane flopped on the floor, saying something about the ground and it's sweetness. Such a strange woman.

I sat down, my back paws connected and knees bent apart as I licked the back of my paw again and drew it over my face before sneezing, "How far we?" I murmured gently, blinking at her again. My hair fell over my shoulders and down my stomach. The rest of it was behind me, tangled up in the grass and filthy, the color wasn't even white anymore, but a cloudy gray.

"We should be there soon." Jane replied back, she scooted closer and reached a paw out to grab my face. I instinctively flinched back and gave a hiss at the contact, baring my sharp teeth, "Fascinating." she smiled before standing up, adjusting her cloth outfit.

I jumped up and stretched, my top rising up to before I pulled it down. I yawned and cracked my back by bending backwards, my body flexible like a cat's. I stood back up and looked at Tarzan, "Go now." I smiled.

"Yes, let's please." Jane said agreeing with me.

Tarzan nodded and we headed off through the jungle.

Tarzan decided it would be a good time to swing again so I clambered onto his back and he held Jane in one arm again. As we swung towards the camp, my ears began to pick up a strange blaring noise.

I twitched and tilted my head to try and hear it better. When Tarzan landed near the tall reeds, my suspicions where correct. Terk, Tantor and Terks' gang of gorillas where beating on the camp and making strange noises.

They seemed to be having fun. I climbed down off of Tarzan and gave a mew of happiness as I ran out there, using four appendages instead of two. I tackled Terk, who gave a laugh. We rolled around, her giving off laughs and I gave off muffled hisses and growls as she pinned me. I squirmed and wiggled out lithely, giving off a hiss in playful challenge.

When she came at me Tarzan jumped over me and tackled her back down. I gave a squeak of laughter and joined into the wrestling match. I got Tarzan and climbed up so I had my legs wrapped around his upper chest and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled back, so he came crashing down. Before he could crush me I slid myself out of the way, like my mother had taught me. I turned to him and Terk and gave a hiss, baring my fangs at them. I licked my lips before Tarzan ran at me. I rolled out of the way and he missed. He lunged again and I moved to the side, so instead he went tumbling towards Jane.

He started hooting and looking at them. I crawled over and sat down next to him, again licking my arm to clean it off. I really needed a bath, and my cuts needed to be healed.

Terk gave us a look and shook her head, the other gorillas stilling and watching us. Tarzan walked forward and grabbed her arm, pulling her closer to Jane. I stepped to the side, shaking my head to get my hair out of my face as it fell back. I whimpered scenting Kerchak, my sensitive nose immediately scenting him.

I saw him emerge behind Jane and I dropped myself to the ground, my belly pressing to the dirt. I was still very afraid of him and his presence at the moment was hostile. He snorted loudly, causing Jane to startle and jumped a bit before she turned around.

"Oh...my." She mumbled as Kerchak rose and roared loudly, pounding his chest before he came back down and snorted.

Jane screamed and dropped to the ground, holding something bright above her head. She was shaking and looking away from him. I slunk forward to try and cover her up, so she had a sense of comfort but Kerchak gave me a look flaring his nostrils and with a whimper I backed away, head snaked low and eyes wide. I lowered my gaze and bowed my head, my breath light. I submitted to him since I was physically smaller and not as strong as him, unlike my mother had been.

Kerchak smelled the bright object before snorting again and walking past her and to the brush.

"Let's go." He called out, the grass rustling as he walked through it. I looked up to see the rest of the family following after him, disappearing one by one through the brush.

Kala walked over and I dipped my head.

"Come on Tarzan, Sanura." She grabbed Tarzan's hand and started pulling him away. He hesitated seeing Jane still laying on the floor, pale and shaky.

"Jane?!" All three of us heard the strange voices and they slowly came closer and closer.

"Come on let's hurry." She said again, her voice more urging. She pulled Tarzan who this time followed. I took one last look at Jane before running off to catch up to them.

"Is Kerchak upset with us?" I asked lowly, when we had stopped and gathered at a large rooted tree. I was sitting a bit behind him, my cuts clean and my hair dripping wet from the wash I had when we traveled back.

I ran my claws through the ends of it to remove the tangles that had settled themselves in.

"Probably. But I don't care. They look like us Sanura. Isn't that something?" Tarzan asked, eyes wide.

"Yes it is Tarzan. But, we should've asked Kerchak before we ran off you know? He doesn't find me particularly fond. Since who my mother is - or rather was.." I trailed off chewing on my lip as said gorilla made his way to the thick tree root. He looked down at Tarzan and I and I flinched, drawing my gaze downward. I felt the same powerful essence I had felt when I first met him.

"Everyone, we will avoid the strangers. Do not let them see you and do not seek them out." Kerchak stated giving everyone a look before swinging his head towards Tarzan and I, "am I understood?" He grumbled.

I took a breath and swallowed before nodding. Tarzan on the other hand spoke up, "They mean us no harm, Kerchak." He pleaded, taking a step forward just a bit past me.

"Tarzan. I don't know that." He snorted.

Tarzan put a paw to his chest, "but I do. And so does Sanura. We've spent time with them."

"You may be willing to risk our safety, but I'm not." Kerchak stated.

Tarzan snorted and moved closer, defiance in his step, "Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?" he growled out.

"Protect this family and stay away from them." Kerchak said, finality in his voice.

Tarzan turned away and stalked down.

Kala came closer, "Tarzan, for once listen to Kerchak."

Tarzan cut her off, "Why didn't you tell me there were others who looked like me. And looked like Sanura. You could've said something." He said angrily before storming off.

"I'll talk to him." I whispered, with a lowered head before I took off after him, my claws digging into the bark of the tree as I climbed upward to where he was.

"Tarzan... Don't get mad at Kala for keeping this from you. I didn't know others looked like me, until I met you that was. I figured others looked like me somewhere, I just didn't know. I mean, there couldn't have been only me in the place we are. Right?" I said softly, sitting next to him, my claws pressed into the soft bark, and my legs bent at the knees.

"But still. She could've told me." He rumbled.

"Maybe she didn't know, have you ever considered that?" I stated, bringing a paw to my mouth to chew on the skin around a claw.

Tarzan just shrugged.

"Look. Tomorrow, we'll go back and see Jane. She's nice. Okay?" I said, yawning wide my tongue coming to stick out before I relaxed my eyes drooping.

"Fine." Tarzan agreed.

I smiled before I saw the rest of the family preparing for bed under and around the large tree. It was the new home. I climbed past Tarzan and hoisted myself higher into the tree where I had spotted a large knot hole a while ago. I climbed into the hole and curled up, my knees bent upward to touch my stomach.

"Night Tarzan." I told him.

He gave me a look, "Night." Then he climbed down to rest between Kala and Terk. Tantor resting a couple feet away.

I yawned and curled up tighter, shivering without the feel of my mother's warm fur beside me. I forced my eyes closed and attempted to sleep for my first night without her by my side.

"Hey... Hey wake up." A voice said.

"Let me... Sleep. It's to early mother." I grumbled, swiping at whoever or whatever it was with my claws.

"Its Tarzan. Come on." I felt him tug me from the hole I was sleeping in. I growled opening my eyes to glare at him.

"What is it? What could you possibly need to wake me up this early for?" I snarled. I hadn't slept for two days and I was still exhausted.

"We're going to see Jane." He chirped happily.

I rolled my eyes and gave an irritated growl. I hated the morning. When I was younger and before the incident, it usually took a bite the joint above my back paw from my mother to wake me up.

"So early? Fine." I grumbled, quickly giving my arms a wash and my face before I followed him out of the tree and through the forest.

I followed our scent trail from yesterday and we came to a stop at the tree line. Tarzan shimmered up the tree next to us, with its branches leaning over the camp. He crawled along it before dropping in.

I growled under my breath, deep in my throat before coming out of the tall grass and slinking over, cautious of the other three people that where beside Jane.

"Ah, it's him, it's, it's Tarzan! And his friend!" I saw the man with wrinkles state. I bared my teeth in defense at the loud tone.

"Professor, Jack, Jane stay back." The tall man said, pointing something metal at us.

I didn't like it and bared my sharp canines at it, my lips curling back as I snarled. He turned to me, pointing it at my face. I swiped at it with my paw, pushing it away. The growling rumbled still from the back of my throat.

"She doesn't like it..." I heard the beautiful boy mutter.

Still he glared at me his shiny object still facing me. I looked at him, glaring my glare. I saw a small hint of fear enter his eyes before that faded, but he was still radiating a very minimal amount of fear-scent. I gave my bottom lip a lick before I stepped forward. My instincts began kicking in smelling the scent.

He put the object to my forehead, but I swiped it away. He stood there and I growled. He put a single claw to the small thing on the object.

But this time, I swiped it away and tackled him. I didn't like him, he dare point that at us. When we didn't do anything. My instincts were yelling 'protect. Protect.' and protect is what I was doing.

I snarled, my clawed hands scratching him up. He gave a yell, wrestling me, but I was more flexible and kept sliding from his grabs.

We rolled, my claws scratching him before his big paw reached behind him.

And then it came back.

Something silver glinted, and then I felt pain on my face.

Terrible and excruciating pain.


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