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A/N: For the Femmeslash Project Challenge. Prompt used: Fairies.

"Do you believe in fairies?" I ask Ginny.

Ginny looks at me with surprise; though I don't know why, she should be used to me by now; after all.

Ginny got a thoughtful look on her face before asking;

"What kind of fairies are you talking about Luna?"

"The type of fairies that help people in need of help, the type of fairies that love to make a person's wish come true." I say.

Ginny got a strange look on her face before shaking her head. "I think you're talking about genies Luna."

"No I'm talking about fairies, I believe a fairy sent me you." I say smiling slightly as I see Ginny blush.

"Why do you believe that?" Ginny asked curiously.

"Because, you're the first person that decided that I was worth talking to, that I wasn't just a freak or an oddball or loony." I say. Ginny blushes again and I know that it isn't because she is happy at what I'm saying. I know that she has called my loony and loopy and many other names before. But the difference between Ginny and everyone else is that Ginny feels guilty about what she called me, and is still my best friend.

"I suppose that I do believe in fairies, I mean only a fairy could bring me somebody like you; right?" Ginny says lightly the blush gone from her face and a smile there instead.

"Yes, exactly." I say with a smile.

Ginny leans forward on the bed in her bedroom and kisses me on the left cheek softly.

I sigh softly and once she is finished I lean forward and repay the lovely sentiment.

"Thank Merlin for fairies, because I don't know what I would do without Ginny." I thought to myself once we broke apart.