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How does the TV get channels while in ancient China? Hmmm good question. But then again the Universe of the Four Gods is a magical book so I guess it's due to magic…yeah that sounds good. Enjoy!

Tasuki and the TV

"Good morning minna!" Miaka said cheerfully as she waltzed into the sitting room where the Suzaku seven were enjoying a lazy afternoon.

"Oi, whatcha got there?" Tasuki asked as he noticed the priestess carrying something small and black. Miaka grinned and set the mysterious object on a nearby table.

"It's something from my world that I brought along with me."

Tamahome's eyes suddenly glazed over as he thought about all the money he could get for another world object…no wait! Another world object that also belonged to the priestess of Suzaku! He developed a nosebleed at the thought and passed out.

Everyone else ignored Tamahome's antics and crowded around Miaka trying to see what her surprise was.

"It's a box," Tasuki said disappointed. "A black box."

"Not just any box, one with a mirror!" Hotohori said giddily.

Miaka sighed. "No no no. It's not a mirror box it's a TV!"

"A what?" Asked the group, which included Tamahome now because he had regained consciousness.

"A portable TV. Everyone on my world has one and they are used for entertainment."

"Doesn't look too entertaining to me," grumbled Hotohori disappointed that it wasn't a mirror box.

"Well, I have to turn it on." Miaka pushed a button and suddenly a colourful image of little bears filled the screen. The senshi gasped in amazement and Chichiri tapped on the screen.

"How do those little creatures stay alive in there no da?"

Miaka shook her head. "There's nothing actually alive in the TV, it's a moving picture about news and stories and whole bunches of stuff."

"Wooowww…" agreed everyone.

"And this controls what you want to see," Miaka said as she held up a smaller black rectangular box. "This is called the remote and you just push one of these buttons and it changes whatever you are watching." She gave a demonstration and the picture changed to show a man sitting at a desk reading something off of a piece of paper.

"Aww change it back to the one before, this is boring," whined Tasuki.

The group all huddled around the TV for the next hour until Miaka's stomach began to growl and Hotohori announced that it was time for some dinner. Everyone got up to go except for Tasuki who was still enthralled by the magical box.

"Common lug-head, soup's on," Nuriko said to him before picking him up with one arm and slinging the bandit over his shoulder.

"$#!@ hold on! I wasn't done watching it!" ranted Tasuki as he tried to fight the purple haired senshi's grip.

"Actually it's probably good that we stop watching it for now, some people can become addicted and never leave," Miaka warned the others. "Just for safe keeping I'll hide the remote until tomorrow. We can watch some more then."

"I don't wanna! I wanna watch the TV now! Let me go you crossdressing AHHH!…"

Nuriko dusted his hands off as he stared proudly at the outline the bandit had made in the wall. Chichiri sighed and grabbed Tasuki's overcoat and dragged him from the room, following the others to dinner.

---That night---

A lone figure crept slowly down the hallway of the Imperial Palace. His footsteps were silent as he made his way past the kitchens, across the gardens, over a wall, and through a series of doors. Finally he entered the empty sitting room and spotted his prize. The TV sat where it had been but the remote, which controlled it, was gone. Tasuki growled to himself then clapped a hand over his mouth.

Shit, gotta keep quiet or they'll realize I'm in here. Now where did Miaka hide that remote thingy?

Tasuki tiptoed over to a closet and peered inside. A broom leaned against one of the walls and a bucket occupied the floor but other than that it was empty. He slid the door shut and continued over to the couch. The silk pillows, which adorned it, were thrown off and the cushions chuckled randomly to the floor. Tasuki felt around but all he pulled out was a few copper coins, most likely ones that had fallen out of Tamahome's pocket earlier that day. He could feel another growl deep in his throat but forced it down as he continued his search. The floor beneath the couch had a few dust bunnies but was bare so Tasuki moved around to its side and began to pull it out from the wall. His foot suddenly slipped behind it and there came a loud crunch. Tasuki looked down and saw the remote, which was now in several pieces beneath his black boot. His clapped his hand over his mouth again as he ran over to the closet, threw open the door, entered, shut the door and cursed until Suzaku himself blushed at the language the senshi was using. When the rant stopped Tasuki came back out and picked up the pieces of the remote.

Now how the hell am I gonna watch the TV when this thing is broken and all? I know! I can fix it, all I need it a few pieces of string and maybe a nail or two.

Tasuki went to work on the remote and a half-hour later he held it up in satisfaction. It had gained a few new accessories, such as one of Tasuki's earrings, and looked a bit lumpier but other than that it was in fine shape.

Now to test this bitch out, Tasuki thought gleefully. He sat in front of the silent TV and carefully pushed the power button that Miaka had shown them. The remote made a hiss and a crackle and suddenly blue sparks flew everywhere and there came an incredible strong light from the TV. When it dimmed and faded back to black Tasuki was gone.