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Yeah so, this is the LAST chapter to my story.

Tasuki: Thank Suzaku!

But don't worry, I still torture him in it a little.

Tasuki: Fuck! One day I'm gonna pay you back for all of this!

(sticks out her tongue at Tasuki) Try it!

Tasuki: Fine! Let me at that computer!

If you touch it I'll make you get sucked into it, just like the TV!!!

Tasuki: (backs far far away) Che…

Wee hee hee!!! :P

Tasuki and the TV

Tasuki groaned at the pounding in his head. What…what happened? Oh yeah! I hit the power button on the remote! He sat up quickly and looked frantically at his surroundings. The familiar sight of his room greeted his eyes and he realized that he was in his bed in his usual nightshirt.

"It…it was all a dream," he said slowly. A grin spread over his face and he felt like leaping for joy. "It was all just a fucking dream!!"

He got to his feet but the pounding in his head made him sit back down. "Che, the headache is real though. Probably from that fucking nightmare that I just went through."

It took him about half an hour to finally get out of bed and struggle to put on his old clothes. Tasuki stretched lazily and wandered out into the hall. Man, wait until the others hear about that dream. Wait…I don't want to tell them that I had to dance, was hugged by a purple creature, had a psycho nurse try to make me spank her, and had to eat sheep testicles! That'll make them laugh at me and give Tamahome something else to tease me about! Well, fuck that shit! He thought as he headed for the sitting area of the palace.

As he neared the room he could hear laughter coming from within. He cautiously slid open the door and saw Chichiri and Nuriko watching the TV. His first instinct was to run away as fast as he could before he got sucked in again but gave himself a mental smack and urged himself forward. It was just a dream, just a dumb dream that was probably caused by Miaka's eggs and caramel that I had to eat last night. At the thought of the food his stomach rumbled uneasily.

"Good morning no da!" Chichiri called out as he noticed the bandit.

"Hey sleepyhead, we thought that you would never get up!" Nuriko said.

"Feh, well here I am."

"Chichiri and I are done with the TV and since we know how much you like it, you can have the remote now," Nuriko told him. Chichiri handed the remote to Tasuki and Tasuki flipped it over and over in his hand. It was in perfect condition, exactly how it was when Miaka first brought it out. There was no sign of it ever being broken. Was that part just a dream as well? He asked himself as the other two senshi left. He shrugged and plopped down in front of the TV. The program that currently graced its screen was about some guy and his dog, which Tasuki found boring so he pressed the channel change button and suddenly Barney's grotesque, purple face filled the screen.

"There you are little Tasuki! Come give your old friend Barney a BIG dinosaur hug!!!! Hoi hoi hoi!!!!"

Tasuki ran from the room screaming, all the way vowing that he would never EVER touch another television as long as he lived.

The End…no da!!!


Tasuki: (grumbles) Well what?

How did you like the story?

Tasuki: (gives me a cold look) Do you really want to know?

…okay, how did you guys like the story?

Chichiri: I loved it no da! You should torture Tasuki more often no da!

Nuriko: Waahaahaa!!! (still cracking up over the Tasukimon)

Awww, I know what would cheer Tasuki up!

Chichiri: What no da?


Everyone but Tasuki: You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about. You do the Hokie Pokie and you turn yourself about, that's what it's all about!!! (we all crack up)

Tasuki:…That's not funny…

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