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Chapter 1 - Prologue

The man bent down to pick up his bags out of the boot of his beloved silver Porsche, as he did he heard very close footsteps, of at least two and possibly more people, approaching him from behind. The man turned just in time to duck out of the way of a fist that would have easily mashed into his face, instinctively sending out a punch of his own, hitting the assailant firmly in the abdominal area.

The fight that ensued didn't last very long , five against one is never very good odds, however for the man held his own and as he threw his punches a glittering federal badge could be seen clipped to his belt strap.

Finally one of the assailants managed to get the upper hand using a metal bar that he smashed against the man's right leg, you could hear the crack of the bone from the force of the blow, and the man himself let out a stifled gasp and barely managed to stay on his feet. He was not so lucky with the second blow that hit him across the upper back sending him sprawling towards the ground, and hitting his head on the edge of his car as he went down.

As he drifted into unconsciousness he felt himself being lifted up, his final thoughts were of Gibbs and his teammates.