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Chapter 29 - Epilogue

Eighteen Months later

"So Tim, how was class last night" Tony queried, it was Friday afternoon after a long week and he was hoping to talk Tim into going out, they had managed to get Tim out more often over the last couple of months and as far as Tony was concerned it was going well

"It was good actually Tony" Tim replied with a slight smile

"Good - it was better than good" Callen stated, he was stopping over for a few days to catch up to Gibbs, and had joined Tim at his class for a sparring match, before going back to LA

"Yeah?" Tony stated

"Callen it wasn't…" Tim started to argue

"Callen's a black belt, Tim and you held your own, time to take the test" Gibbs informed the rest of the group as he round the corner into the bullpen with coffee's and tea's for all, a small tradition that had started a while back

"So where are we going tonight?" Cullen asked changing the subject and beating Tony to the punch on his question with a knowing smile and wink

"Mulgrew's" Ziva suggested innocently, they had been there last week and Tim finally had the courage to ask a young lady, they'd seen there several times, to dance

"Mulgrew's it is" Tony immediately agreed "You never know Tim tonight might be your lucky night!"


"Thanks boss" Tim smiled as Tony rubbed the back of his head, things were finally back on track, he'd recently moved into a small house just a couple of blocks away from Gibbs and had started to think about the future along with its possibilities for the first time in a long time.

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