Bloodrein: Rise Of A Legend

-basically the beginning chapters are the same it's just I didn't like how my story Bloodrein turned out and ended, so this is my ORIGINAL story-

Chapter 1: prologue- The Beginning

~No One~


A little girl called. She had heard crashing and fighting, then nothing. The girl left her room to investigate and found her mother.


She yelled. Her mom was on the floor, a pool of blood growing under her torn body. The girl knelt beside her not knowing what to do. All she could do was cry. The mother put a shaking hand on the girls cheek.

"Shhh. Don't cry. It's okay."

The mother lied.

"What happened momma?"

Asked the little girl. She had already known, but she wanted to be sure. If nothing, the girl was smart and strong. However, the mom didn't answer her daughter, just told her it would all be okay.

"I can't believe I won't see my baby fight her first battle. I know that you will win, we have taught you how to fight well. My beautiful E-"

The mother slowly put her head on the ground and passed. The girl's tears streamed down her face. She called for her mom repeatedly, but no answer. Her mother's amulet began to glow a deep red. The girl began to feel an unknown feeling. It was strong and made her teeth clench. Anger. The girl lifted her head to the sky and screamed, but it wasn't long before that scream began to change. It changed into a fully grown dragon's roar, one that shook the land. When she looked back at her mother, she saw her mother's amulet had changed its shape. Instead of a strange looking leaf, what she had always called it, it was a tribal angel wing.

The girl took the amulet from her mother's neck and placed it over her head and it sat at the base of her throat. She promised her mother she would be strong and left her home.

That day, the girl made a vow. A vow to kill the one who did this, the one she knew killed her mother.