Chapter 4: Steel


Shawn met us at the entrance like Erin said he would. The sun was just beginning to rise.

"So do you guys have to do some ceremony for new recruits?"

He asked.

"Not that we know of."

Erin shrugged. It was true, we didn't know if there was a thing Erin had to put us through and if there was, oh well. Erin smiled and turned towards the gate.

"So where are we going?"

Darren asked.

"I don't know. I'll let you know when I figure that out."

Erin shrugged. We started walking when the wind picked up. Erin stopped and a low rumble came from her chest.

"What's wrong?"

I asked worriedly. I sniffed at the air and cought a similar scent to Erin's. The only difference was, this was a powerful purebreed dragon. I looked at Darren, his jaw was clenched.

'Do they know something I don't?'

I wondered. Shawn just stood and looked as confused as me. Erin flew past me as she ran towards the forest. She jumped in the air and let her wolf take its form.


I didn't know what was going on. First I join a small clan and then Erin and Darren look like they're gonna rip something apart when we're not even a few steps from my home. But my confusion faded as I saw Erin transform into a large, beautiful black wolf. She landed gracefully and continued to run into the forest. I felt like I needed to follow her, as if an invisible hand was pushing me in her direction. I heard a thud and saw a dark brown and gold wolf were Darren once stood. Darren followed Erin and then I started after them when a tan wolf whipped by me.

'That has to be Ray.'

I thought. In mid-stride I willed my wolf to run. I went past the border of the forest, catching up with my clan.


Ray caught up with me in no time and Shawn was on my heels. At a glance, I saw he had brown fur and was about my size. I felt Erin's anger and surprise as I continued to follow. The three of us ran as fast as we could to keep up with our leader, with the exception of Ray, who was well ahead of us. The scent that was in the air was familiar to me and I knew Erin had already found the dragon waiting on the other side of the trees. I know because when the trees started to thin out, I saw Erin back in her human form facing a tall boy.

~No one~

The boys walked out to stand with Erin, still in their wolf forms. The boy standing before Erin smirked when they appeared. He had deep red hair with silver streaks that ended below his ears in points. His green eyes were filled with tiny blue specks. He wore a black vest that was outlined in silver and the top buttons exposed his lightly tanned chest. His dark jeans covered grey sneakers that matched the cloth bracelet on his right wrist. His amulet resembled an oddly shaped anthame dagger.

"So you found a pack Erin? Not one dragon, how disappointing."

He shook his head and laughed. Erin's jaw clenched, but she remained quiet.

"What? No come back? No remark of any kind? Or am I correct in guessing you've ignored your dragon half."

He spit out the last part as if it disgusted him. Ray and Darren took their places at Erin's side. Darren at the left, Ray to the right. Shawn stood by Darren's side and the the boy laughed again.

"Such a pathetic little pack."

He laughed. Shawn returned to his human form and went to stand in front of Darren.

"Who are you?"

He asked angrily. The boy looked at him.

"My name is Steel. My dear Erin will have to tell you about me one day."

He looked at Erin one last time and walked away.

"Let's go."

Erin said turning. Darren and Ray had confusion in their eyes, as did Shawn.


All I wanted to do was get out of here. Darren and Ray went ahead to find a place to stay, seeing as I didn't want to do anything else today. Any plans I had were booted out the door.

Shawn changed when I began to run and it made me stop where I stood. His wolf was a dark brown shade and white streaked down both sides of his body, from ears to the tip of his tail. White fur rimmed his dark green eyes and tipped his ears. He looked at me and our eyes locked for a split second before I looked down. I mentally shook my head and ran after Darren and Ray's scents. I liked to change in mid-air, I guess I just liked the fell of the wind in my face. Shawn and I reached the small clearing Ray had made out of the wheat field and Darren was making dinner.

"Finally decided what he would cook huh?"

I asked Ray taking my seat on the ground. Both boys looked at me with the same look, but Ray asked.

"Who was that?"

Darren nodded and added,

"And why did he call you his dear Erin?"

I sighed and leaned against a large log, not caring to ask how it got there. Shawn sat beside Darren and waited for my answer.

"His name is Alex Blood and he's my brother."