Chapter 8: Newbies

•3months later•


After a few months, our clan grew in size with the addition of Kyle Reid and Victor Daniels.

Erin found Kyle and his mother being tormented by a few teenage boys, his mother was pregnant at the time. Erin wasn't really supposed to be in Kyle's village for reasons unknown to me, but she saved them and became an idol to young Kyle. Of course that was years before she became a clan leader. For his elder battle Erin was chosen to train him, but he couldn't know it was her. Kyle became Pyro after winning his battle and receiving his amulet from Erin. Shock was an understatement when he figured out his trainer was Erin Sage and she asked if he would join our clan. As a new dragon by name, he would have to find a clan willing to take him, and his mother was overjoyed. Later that same day he found his father fought in the elder war with Erin's, actually if it wasn't for Samuel, James would've lost to Matthew.

Victor was my cousin who wanted out of his current, well past, pack. I told Erin about him, his fighting skills and strength. She met with him and they hit it off. Shawn and Victor never stood a chance as friends because if Vic's 'feelings' for Erin, jealousy was such a strong word. Erin spoke with Thomas, Victor's alpha, and convinced him to let Vic go. So now we were another wolf and dragon strong.


"Are you sure about this?"

I asked Darren. We were headed to the boarder of Erin's turf because of an unknown scent in the air, but Darren insisted that only I go with him to check it out. I didn't question.

"It's just like a routine check, I don't know why your warning flag is going off."

He smirked as he made fun of me. We came up on the edge of Erin's territory about an hour later, would've been there sooner if we ran. Again, I didn't question.

"You head around east, I'll go around the other way. As long as some idiot didn't walk over that 'line' then we can go home."

Darren said and he started walking.


I was half way around and the thought of heading back to the house crossed my mind multiple times. There was no one here, anymore.

"Forget th-"

I started. The scent from before hit me and I knew what it was.

'A wolf.'

I thought. But that wasn't why I stopped so suddenly. Whoever this was, they were standing right at the boarder line, as if waiting.


I took off around the tree line and over a small river as I felt Darren's surprise. As I got closer, the unknown scent grew stronger. Pine mixed with human cologne. I saw two figures in the distance and as I got closer I saw Darren a few feet away from another guy I didn't know. My brown wolf stopped about the same distance away from the stranger as Darren.

He was 6'1 easy and 18 looking with dark brown hair that ended below his ears. He had obvious muscle, one of those you wouldn't enjoy being in a fight with. His green eyes stood out against his tannish skin and dark red tank. Down the right arm were intricate think black swirls that ended by his wrist. When he looked directly at me I saw a long scar over his left eye.

"Who are you?"

Darren asked.

"I'm here to see the new clan."

Said the stranger. I noticed he wore no amulet.


I growled in my head.

"My name is Tyler Ollis."

He, Tyler, answered Darren's question. Tyler continued to stand where he was, looking at Darren, occasionally side glancing at me.

"And what business do you have here Tyler Ollis?"

I turned my head to see Erin standing cross armed.

"I simply wanted a favor. You are the third clan I've visited today and I wish to speak with the leader, in this case you."

Tyler motioned to Erin.