This is another story I wrote that surprisingly is very popular considering that I wrote it out of sheer boredom! By the way - owe nothing yet, no rock, wrestlers - nada!

My world as I knew it changed from that day forward, never have I encountered such desire, passion and lust until I met her. I'm sitting here alone on my latest movie set, yeah I may be a famous man but there are times when I need to detach myself from reality. To walk down a street and not be recognised, to eat what I want, to sleep when I want, just the little things in life that many take for granted but for me is a luxury. You see, every day I signed my life away for the good of the fans, being on the road for nearly all year round and I can tell you now - it ain't easy. You know me by many names, 'The Great One', the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, the Brahma Bull or better known as The Rock. But to her, I was simply Dwayne Johnson - and that's my real name. Who is 'her' I hear you say? It's a long story and one I will tell you, how she enlightened my life, made me feel like I was the only one. It's hard to explain but now she's gone...I feel strange, like she left me in a golden glow that keeps me warm...Call me crazy...but I don't think she left me...

Dwayne Johnson slouched in his chair, he's been sitting here for a while now listening to the team of people that supported him in his rising career - team Bring It. He scanned the group sitting round the table with his brown eyes, his ears picking up the conversation they were arguing about.

"This job should go to him, he has the qualifications..." "Not to mention the looks!"

"Shut up!"

"I disagree completely; she's the one for this job..." "I'm not so sure..."

Dwayne leaned forward and cleared his throat loudly; he looked at everyone's faces and said, "What's the problem?"

"There are two candidates for the job position amongst this team...him and her..." A man handed him the two resumes and looked hard at them. He read quickly the resume of a Mr Roger Law and frowned, the typical man with the qualifications and follows the book exactly. Moving on, he looked at the second resume and a small smile spread over his lips. He liked this one, he couldn't put a finger on it but something drew him to it...he looked at the small passport photo attached to it, the raven haired girl smiled back at him. Her eyes held his own; they seemed warm and inviting as if she was hiding a saucy secret. Her smile was perfect and bright, as if every time she opened her mouth, the world would stop and listen. "She'll do..." he said, transfixed by the small photo which did no good to the woman, she seems bigger than a photo, bigger than life itself.

He looked up at the people looking at him and again said, "She'll do."

It was from that moment on I realised I wanted her, sure I was still married to Dani but things between us weren't so good, I had reasons to believe she was having an affair and I knew we would soon split. unknown to the rest of my Team, I took the photo with me, fantasising about her, she seemed so beautiful and I couldn't wait to meet her.

Macy Light walked into the room; she had just flown to the arena to her new job. She noticed her hands shaking with nerves, she was now a member of the WWF, one of her dream jobs and she couldn't believe it was all coming true. She opened the door timidly and peered in, a woman looked up at her and smiled, "You must be Macy...welcome!" she shook her hand and looked at the bright young woman.

"I'll call Dwayne for you; he wants to meet you, please sit down make yourself comfortable. I'm Sarah, Dwayne's tour manager." Macy grinned at Sarah; she watched her pick up the phone and quickly made a call. Macy looked around the room, she sighed happily. 'I think I'm going to like it here!' she thought.

Dwayne was in the gym when the phone rang, usually he didn't like anyone calling whilst he was working out, it was the only time he had to himself and he was possessive about it. But for once he was happy to be interrupted, she was coming today. He quickly changed and hurriedly walked down to the room, without knocking he entered and smiled at the two women.

He looked at the woman who rose to her feet and held out her hand, "Hi sir, I'm Macy Light..."

He grinned and shook her hand, "Hello, please call me Dwayne. It's nice to meet you Macy." She smiled even broader, "The pleasure's all mine Dwayne." He loved how she said his name, rolling off her tongue like rich honey. He cleared his throat and felt the knots in his stomach tighten. She was all and more what he expected, he knew he made a right choice.

Macy looked at the computer screen, she quickly typed up Dwayne's time table for next week, she heard the door close behind her and turned to see Hiram, Dwayne's personal assistant and brother-in-law. Too bad Dwayne was married, she liked everything about him, his smile was cute, his eyes were cute Dwayne was cute.

"How's the work coming along?" Hiram asked, Macy handed him the pile and said, "All done." She replied, she looked his face of surprise. "Christ you're quick!"

"Why is that a bad thing?" Macy looked at him innocently. Hiram shook his head and smiled, "No, DJ made a good choice..."

Macy smiled at him, Hiram was a friendly man and she knew they'll be firm friends. "Macy...we're all going out tonight for a team meal, do you want to come?" Hiram awkwardly asked, she turned and looked at him with her bright blue eyes and replied, "I would love to come but I don't know any one..."

"Please say you can come, it'll be an excellent opportunity to meet everyone." Macy thought this over and nodded, "Sure count me in."

Hiram grinned and told her the time and place to meet. He left and walked to the ring to find Dwayne who was having a match. It was a typical Tuesday night, whilst Dwayne was wrestling in front of the millions, they would work hard behind the scenes. Hiram watched his brother-in-law on the monitor, he wasn't happy with his sister's and Dwayne relationship. Over the holidays, he amongst others sensed high tension between Dani and Dwayne and on numerous occasions, heard them arguing loudly. When he questioned Dwayne on this, Dwayne would deny all allegations and told him not to worry. Hiram noticed Dwayne's behaviour changed, he was now more edgy and got angry over little things that previously wouldn't even bother him. The past few months have been difficult working with Dwayne and Hiram was buckling under the pressure. He waited quietly for Dwayne to finish his match; he watched him step through the curtain and walked over to him.

"Good match?" Hiram asked, Dwayne nodded as he panted.

"That motherfucker Jericho slammed me too hard again...I told him but does he listen? No!" Dwayne ranted, he sipped his water and looked at Hiram, "Sorry, what's up?" he apologised. Hiram cleared his throat and said, "The rest of the team is leaving tonight for our meal so we won't be here for you. If there are any problems, give me a ring on my mobile."

"All of you going?" Dwayne asked, he sat down in his changing room and started to pull his boots off. Hiram nodded. "Including Macy?" Again Hiram nodded. "Tell you what, why don't I come with you guys tonight?" Dwayne said, Hiram looked at him and said, "We asked lasted time but you turned it down..."

"I know, I know...I changed my mind, so can I?"

Hiram sighed, he was hoping that Dwayne wouldn't join them tonight as his behaviour recently made the team edgy in his presence. He nodded reluctantly and said quietly, "I'll organise a place for you..."

Macy sat round the large table laughing and sipping her wine, she was having a good time, despite Hiram and some others not being present. She looked up at Hiram as he walked over. "Sorry, got held up..." he apologised, he seated himself and Macy could see who stood behind him, Dwayne.

"Hope you guys don't mind me being here..." Dwayne said. The team looked at him and all murmured welcomes. Dwayne looked around the table and saw a spare seat next to Macy, thanking god quietly he seated himself and looked over at Macy as she spoke to some other members of the team. They laughed at her jokes and made loud comments, making the rest of the people laugh. Macy sipped her wine and looked over at the new presence sitting next to her. She smiled and Dwayne who grinned and said, "Hi, how was you're first day?"

"It's been great, I enjoyed myself." She eyed him sitting there in his black shirt, his skin glowing like gold under the seductive lighting and his eyes stared back at hers, holding her glance. She looked away from him, blushing under his close scrutiny.

A strange sense of fate washed over her, she felt even if she knew him for only one day that she known him for years. Some strange form of mystery radiated between them and Dwayne too, sensed this. Like a warm haze that enveloped them, basking them in light. They felt totally at ease with each other, even when no words were exchanged. Dwayne leaned forward and said, "Call me crazy but I feel if I know you..."

"That is crazy considering the fact that we hardly said anything to each other!" Macy laughed, Dwayne grinned and said, "Tell me, where you come from?"

"I come from Houston,"

"Miami, Florida...though I was born in California and grew up mostly in Hawaii."

"So you travelled all over then?"

"Pretty much so. So where have you been then?"

"Not much, been to Paris, England and Egypt and various cities in the USA. But Houston's my home; I'm a homebody girl..."

Dwayne listened keenly, every word that escaped through her mouth captured him, he was transfixed by her face, her mouth and her eyes. He smiled and poured some wine into both their glasses, "Do you have any experience with the weird but wonderful world of wrestling?" Macy laughed and nodded, "I trained to be a wrestler for six years with the NWA but pursuing a career in wrestling kinda fell through so I thought I become an agent..."

"Don't you regret that?"

"What you mean standing in front of cameras? No, I never did, though I very much like to."

"Maybe you'll have that opportunity..."

"Maybe...anyway enough about me, lets talk about you..." Macy leaned forward, interested in what Dwayne had to say.

He smiled, slightly embarrassed that she wanted to know more about him, he sipped his wine and she smiled,

"I'm sorry, am I putting you on the spot?"

He chuckled and shook his head, he started telling her about how he got into wrestling, meeting Dani and how he felt his career was going. She listened keenly, not interrupting him as he talked.

The food came and went and when it was time for them to leave back to their hotels, Dwayne and Macy were deep in conversation, discussing everything under the sun, Dwayne enjoyed her conversations, he looked guiltily at Hiram for not taking part in the table's conversation and made up for it by paying the bill. The group stepped outside in the cool night air and began to split up into small groups. Macy turned and smiled at him, his heart fluttered nervously. He cursed himself, usually he was cool and relaxed around women but Macy rendered him helpless. "I had a good time tonight..." He said, Macy nodded, "Me too, I'll see you tomorrow."

He waved as she joined a small group of friends on their way to the car. He couldn't shake that warm glow that been with him since he first laid eyes on her. He stripped naked when he arrived at the hotel and closed his eyes; he could imagine her in the room with him, her soft hands wandering over his skin, her lips pressing against his. He slowly masturbated himself, a low moan escaped from his lips as he imagined her naked body against his, her cries ringing in his ears. He felt himself coming, he groaned louder and released his seed. He laid back on the bed basking in the afterglow. He couldn't explain how he felt about Macy and he didn't want to. He needed her, more that oxygen, more that light more than life itself. He needed her and he knew it.

That night I laid there, all these different scenarios playing in my head. Dani was far away in mind, we weren't talking no more. There's seems no point in the marriage. Macy seemed to be on my mind constantly, everything reminded me of her, I couldn't take it no more. I will have her one way or another, I told myself that I'll tell her how I felt about her the next time I saw her. The love I had with Dani was short-lived, we lost our passion, what I felt towards Macy I knew was far more than lust.