"Are you sure about this?" Macy asked, she looked at Vince uneasily. Vince smiled, "I'm sure about this, all I await is your signature." Macy glanced down at the paper, it was a eight year contract with the WWF her hand that held the pen hovered over the line. Questions swarmed in her head.

What if I fail...again?

What if Vince realises he made a mistake?

Even worst, how would the fans react?

Too late she stared blankly at her signature on the paper, she handed it over to Vince ignoring the paper that fluttered with her nerves.

"Welcome aboard Macy." Vince grinned and shook her hand. She looked at him in a daze. It was now signed and sealed.

Dwayne walked back to his room, he knew Macy would be there after being told she was there picking up some paperwork. He was impatient to know whether she signed the contract or not. He opened the door, his eyes instantly laid upon Macy. Memories of that morning came to his mind as he lazily smiled. "Hey you."

"Hey yourself." Macy replied, not looking at him. He walked up to her and reached out to stop her hand from sorting out the papers. "What wrong?"

"They want to send me up to Montreal for a while for training." She said, her eyes filled with pain and hurt. "That's some of the sacrifices you make for this business." He smiled, she sighed heavily. "If this is what the next eight years going to be like, I'm quitting."

"Macy, come on that's not the girl I know. Be strong, we all have to do it some time." Dwayne comforted her, she looked at him, he wore his wrestling entire obviously he had a match soon. "Hmm." She smiled and hugged his massive chest, she felt her problems melt away in his warm arms that encircled her waist. "You know, you can always phone me no matter what time, I'm here for you baby." He softly said, his lips brushing her ear. She looked up at him and nodded, "That's all I needed to hear. Thank you DJ."

He kissed her and smiled, "Come on, give me some time for myself, I need to collect my thoughts for this match." She picked up the papers and headed out the room. Dwayne waited till the door closed and picked up his phone. Though he only knew her for several months and their relationship fresh from the night before, he was more than willing to make a few sacrifices. The phone answered after the third ring. "Hey dad? Its me, Dwayne..."

When everything was in place and sorted and I had wrestled, I took Macy out for dinner that night. It was our first official date and to be honest I enjoyed every moment of it. I could see she was trying to hide the pain of leaving for some time and when ever I approached the topic she would tell me "It doesn't matter." Right up to the end she would often say, "It doesn't matter." And to be honest with her, nothing does. I spent the night with her, I'll leave it to your imaginations what happened but come the morning, I too felt inflicted by her sudden departure. I waited with her at the airport that morning and to be absolutely honest, my heart was breaking. I've been in her position before, whenever I wanted to talk to someone, I had to make do with the phone. Her voice would take the place of her smile that would lighten my day, for a man to say he doesn't need love is like a fool saying he doesn't need air.

Macy watched the planes rolled in and out of departure docks, she felt Dwayne's arms round her waist tighten. She had her head in the crook of his shoulder and her arms rested on top of his.

"You alright?" She turned and faced him, his eyes filled with unspoken feelings and pain. "Fine, you don't have to be here you know."

"Come on, it's my duty to be here." He smiled and kissed her softly. He glanced at his watch and announced "We better head towards the gate." She reluctantly followed him her hand gently tugged by his. She felt passenger's eyes upon them, she knew it was because of Dwayne's fame. But no one approached him, he belonged to her and she wasn't going to share him. He pulled her into terminal five and pulled out her passport and ticket.

"Dwayne, this isn't my plane, I'm to go to terminal twenty-seven." She argued.

"That plane has long gone, you are taking this plane..." he handed her the ticket so she could see her destination. "Miami?!" she looked at him for an explanation.

"My father owns a wrestling school down in Fort Davie, I spoken to Vince and he thought it would be better for you to fly down to Florida and train down there under my father's supervision." He smiled at her surprised face. "There is another motive I admit, I'm due there soon to finalise a deal with universal for my next movie so that means I can see you more." She threw her arms around his neck and laughed. "Dwayne, I'm crazy to say...but I love you!" he laughed and wrapped his arms round her tight, "Call me crazy but I love you too...despite us being together for less than 48 hours."

She kissed him deep and spoke, her eyes half closed, "Dwayne, when you come down...you're in for a good time."

"Don't get me excited baby." He grinned and handed the woman behind the counter her ticket and passport. The woman smiled and waved Macy through. Macy kissed him one last time and stepped through the gate, she turned and waved, "I'll call you."

He gave her thumbs up and waved back as she disappeared. "Don't worry Rock, she'll be back." A small voice said, Dwayne blinked, has his consciousness been that loud so everyone could hear it? He looked down and saw a little boy with black hair and big eyes; he smiled back up at the tall man who crouched down to his knees. "You know something, I think you're right."

Dwayne smiled; he picked the child up and said, "Where are your parents?"

"They'll be here soon, could I have your autograph?" the boy asked, his wide eyes looked at him, and Dwayne felt his heart shudder every time he looked into the boy's eyes.

"Sure thing." Dwayne with his free hand signed the paper and put him down, the boy giggled and thanked him and ran off.

Dwayne turned and then turned back around to check if the boy was safe. The departure lounge was empty; he could see no signs of the boy anywhere. He shook his head and made his way out.

It killed me more than I let on. Being apart from her was worst than I expected, I didn't know how dependent I was on her. Even when we weren't together, just seeing her in the corridor was enough for me. Now, I couldn't even see her as she was thousands of miles away. What made it worst was that I was invited to a party. I went alone, it's not nice seeing all those couples dancing and you feeling the odd one out, I find myself thinking of how she is coping. From the countless Phone calls that now govern our lives, I could tell she was doing well but missed me like crazy, the feeling's mutual. Gradually the phone replaced the images of each other. I had some time to kill before I started filming my first film. Bored, lonely and desperate I came up with an idea...well two if you want to get technical about it. The obvious one was to fly down and surprise her - which I did. The second idea I would later reveal to her. I thought this idea was the best of the two.

Dwayne walked into the 'Smackdown' wrestling academy, he had just flown in from the north and dumped his bags at his family home where his mom told him his dad and Macy were at the academy. His eyes instantly laid upon Macy who was wrestling a male partner, his dad was fixated on her he called out some commands. He spotted Dwayne and waved, Dwayne grinned and seated himself in one of the chairs in the far corner. Macy was still unaware of his arrival unlike her partner who saw him and mucked up the moves causing Rocky to shout at him. The match came to an end, Rocky climbed in and gave them some pointers, though old he was still youthful in appearance and strength and could wrestle Dwayne any day. Rocky dismissed them and Macy climbed out, she walked over to the drinking fountain and took along gulp.

Dwayne got up and walked over, a smile upon his face. It has been two weeks since he last seen her and seeing her now was worth the long tiring journey. She looked good, better than what he could remember. Macy turned to venture back into the ring when she collided with him, she looked up and let out a squeal of happiness and jumped into his arms. Dwayne laughed and hugged her tight. "Damn it girl, you know how to welcome a man!"

"Oh baby I missed you!" Macy smiled, he looked down at her and felt all the feelings resurface, he kissed her hard that left her breathless. "Hey son, go book a room!" Rocky called out, Dwayne grinned and turned to face his father, "Hey dad. How's Macy doing?"

"She's doing well, better than expected, I reckon she's about ready to debut on show." Rocky informed him, Dwayne nodded, pleased with the news, he kept a protective arm round her as he listened.

"Would it be all right if I dragged her away for the day?"

Rocky looked at the two young couple's eager faces, he smiled and waved they away, "Go on you two, go and have fun." Dwayne grinned and tugged Macy after him, "Come on, let's go for a drive."

Macy followed him to the car, stopping every now and then for him to kiss her and whisper how much he had missed her and that he couldn't' believe she was here.

Dwayne climbed into the car and pulled it out the car park, he soon was driving along the highway that was deserted. "Where are we going?" Macy asked, Dwayne glanced at her and grinned, "To be alone." He drawled, making her skin creep. Macy looked over the vast desert and frowned. The hot mid- day sun made the road shimmer and the dusty dirt hung in the air as Dwayne drove on, Macy felt herself sorely throbbing for him she wanted him now. Surely he knew that. Why they were driving out in the middle of no where - she didn't know. As if he read her mind he pulled over on the side of the road. He unbuckled his seat belt and got out the car, confused she followed. She walked over to him, "What's going on?"

He pinned her against the side of the car, his lips pressing hard upon hers. What got into him? Macy thought, but she didn't object in fact she loved it. He was acting on impulse, he was wild and carefree, and he was going to have her there and then. He lifted her and wrapped her legs round him, pressing his body against hers. The hot metal body of the car scalded her skin but she didn't care, gasp of pleasure escaped from her lips as he let his tongue stray from her hot mouth to her breast, his fingers fumbled with her gym pants and her knickers.

Several grunts aroused her even more, she slammed her head against the roof of the car and cried out as Dwayne ripped her knickers off. She heard him unzipped his trousers and throbbed violently. His hands reclaimed her and held her tight as he entered in one giant push, she screamed and tried to cling on to the car but the metal burned her and the sun blinded her. She was at his mercy. The sun made them sweat as Dwayne grunted, his thrusts became faster and more furious, his lips caught hers and his breath stunned her mouth. She started to slip due to the sweat that slicked their bodies, Dwayne pushed her further into the car as his thrusts became more desperate and urgent. She gripped his shoulders tight as he thrusted deeper, causing her to almost fall out of his grip. The road was empty, the sun baked the dirt and the sound of carrions flew above them mingled with the sounds of cries and grunts. Dwayne stared into her lifeless eyes as she let out an almighty cry, he soon echoed this and jerked deep into her, he held her still as he jerked into her several times then stood still.

He panted in her ear, sweat pricked his eyebrows as his clothes stuck to him like a second skin. He withdrawal himself and kissed her hungrily. She panted heavily, the clothes seemed to feel like needles as sweat trickled down her face. "Do you wanna go one on one with the great one once more?" he growled. She stared at him, he seemed so dangerous, he claimed her once on the roadside and now was talking of doing it once more. He was like an animal and she couldn't care less. Not waiting for an answer he pushed her hard into the car bonnet and flipped her over. Her breast felt heavy as they rested on the hot bonnet, her knees trembled as she awaited for him.

His hands gripped her waist as his knees slowly parted her thighs, she could feel his almighty erection prodding her, slowly finding its way into her. In one hoist he lifted her thighs and slipped deep into her provoking a loud moan from her, she buried her face in her arms as she felt herself move up and down the bonnet as Dwayne thrusted. She could feel his hips banging into the base of her spine gradually numbing her, the pain mixed with the pleasure and the adrenaline of being caught was high. He suddenly dropped her from her position, making her thighs slam against the fender. His hands cupped each buttock as he moved, he wanted to pierce her soul, to be so deep in her he could lose himself. He ignored her pleads for him to stop, he couldn't. In truth, she loved it, he pushed against her with all his might and felt himself slip further into her depths, into her unexplored crevices. The sun blinded him, he couldn't see anything, the sounds of his thighs slapping hers grew slower and he cried louder as the climax came on. Macy heard his cried, like a bull bellowing. She pushed against him, stick her bottom hard against his groin as she screamed with all her might. She never felt so free yet dirty. He collapsed on top of her, spent and swollen. They caught their breath and straightened themselves out.

Macy wiped the sweat from her forehead and grinned at him, he was busy zipping up his pants when she knelt down with a wicked smile, she was going to get her own back for her punishment. Not listening to his objections she pushed him into the driver's seat and knelt between him, his eyes sparkled with pleasure as he allowed her to pull his jeans down along with his pants. She stared at it, still erect despite their frantic raw lovemaking. She gripped him and slowly moved her hand up and down, causing him to squirm and grip her head, he urged her closer. She licked it long and slow then engulfed him with her mouth. He emitted a husky groan as his hands gripped the steering wheel, legs akimbo.

He could feel the raw sensations build up in him like a storm till he came. He could hear far off in the distance Macy's gasps of pleasure, he pressed his head deep into the car seat with his eyes closed, savouring this moment. She sat in his lap and kissed him; he could taste him on her lips and thought that there was nothing more erotic. "Dammit Macy." He groaned as he pulled her tight into his arms.

When we returned home to my parent's house, my mum watched us come in, she raised her eyebrow at us we were sweaty, dirty and wore a guilty grin. It didn't take long for her to put two and two together. After we took a shower together, I rang Dani to arrange if we could have Simone some day. 'we' as in Macy and myself. I wasn't trying to force Simone on Macy but I wanted her to understand that my little girl played a major role in my life and to accept me would also mean to accept Simone. I would do anything for Simone, she could melt me with one glance of her big eyes and her smile would be enough to disarm anyone. Dani reluctantly agreed, I could tell from her voice that she wasn't too keen to entrust her ex-husband and his new girlfriend with her only daughter but I was determined that nothing wasn't going to ruin my good mood. Macy in the other hand was fine with the idea; she even suggested a trip to the beach. When I placed the phone down the plan was for me to pick Simone up the next day and spend the day on the beach, as it was Simone's first time it would make it special to me. The next day dawned bright and sunny, when I picked Simone up, I could sense tension between Dani and Macy but I ignored it.