A/N: This is a blitz poem. It is meant to be read aloud, quickly, hardly stopping for breath. For more info on blitz poems, go to www . shadowpoetry (dot com) / resources / wip / blitzpoem . html (Remove the spaces first)

Let's go
Let's travel
Travel through space
Travel through time
Time Lord
Time War
Warring nations
Warring worlds
Worlds destroyed
Worlds saved
Saved from burning
Saved by the doctor
Doctor what?
Doctor who?
Who is he?
Who cares?
Cares for friends
Cares for enemies
Enemies who destroy
Enemies who try
Try to kill him
Try his patience
Patience like Job
Patience not endless, though
Though he is ancient
Though he is endless
Endless through changing time
Endless through changing face
Face of Bo
Face of woe
Woe to those who attack the Earth
Woe to those who threaten death
Death must come to all who live
Death is coming: Run!
Run from daleks
Run from drumbeats
Drumbeats sounding in the brain
Drumbeats knocking on the door
Door is locked—he knocks four times
Door that he must choose
Choose to let another die
Choose to give his life
Life is precious
Life is brief
Brief like a blink of an eye
Brief—don't blink!
Blink and you're gone
Blink and you're dead