The New Girl

Chapter One: New School, New Start

'Beep beep beep!" Tenten Uchiha groaned and grabbed the nearest projectile, which happened to be a kunai, and threw it at her alarm clock. Because she had one-hundred percent accuracy, she just destroyed her alarm clock. To make sure it stopped, she grabbed it, and threw it out the window, which to her luck, was coincidentally open. 'CRASH!' The girl was satisfied, at last.

'Why does the damn thing have to ring so early... ' She thought for a while, pondering.

'Ah, Shit! Today's the first day of school!' She finally realized.

Said girl shot out of bed and got ready, getting dressed in some forest green skinny jeans and an extremely baggie hoodie. She put her hair up in her signature twin buns, cursing and mumbling about how she could've forgotten.

She checked the time, and realized that she had five minutes left.

'Shit shit shit! First day and I'm already late!'

She made some toast and stuffed it in her mouth on the way out, grabbing her black schoolbag and putting on some black and white converse. She ran to the bus stop as quickly as she could, her heart was thumping abnormally fast, and her leg muscles were working so hard they were aching. She halted at the stop, panting and gasping for air. The bus pulled up just then, and she sighed with relief.

A couple minutes later, she was staring at the biggest school ever built. Konoha High Academy.

Tenten tapped the girl nearest to her. "Excuse me, but where's the main office? I'm new, and I don't really know my way around."

The girl turned around. She had dark blue hair, pale skin and lavender eyes with no pupil.

"Oh, u-um, i-it's o-on y-your l-l-left. Right there."

Tenten was shocked. She narrowed her eyes and examined the girl. Then she confirmed, that the girl with dark blue hair and lavender eyes, was her childhood best friend.

"Hinata-chan? Is that really you?"

A confused look passed the shorter girl's face. Looking up at the twin buns, a look of realization dawned on her.

"Tenten-chan? I've m-m-missed y-you!"

Suddenly, a blond haired beauty who looked like she had extra sugar, bounded up to them.

"Hi Hinata! How was your summer? Oh, who's your friend?" She exclaimed.

"T-t-this i-is m-my ch-ch-childhood f-friend, Tenten. T-Tenten, this i-is I-Ino Yamanaka. "

"Cool, nice to meet you," the brunette replied.

"You too!" Was the peppy reply.

"Well, I have to go get my schedule." Tenten said.

"We'll g-go w-with you, r-right Ino?" Hinata stuttered. The hyperactive blond nodded. The trio headed to the office. The lady at the front office had short dark brown hair, with a kind smile. She was fairly young as well.

"Hello, I'm Shizune, how may I help you?" she said.

"Um, my name is Tenten, I'm new and I need my schedule and map." Tenten replied.

"Alright," she flipped through a few files, "Aha, here you go!"

"Thank you!" the bunned girl exclaimed. The trio headed out of the office, where the Hyuuga(Hinata) and the blonde were bombarded by a pink blur.

"S-s-sakura-chan, how are you?" Hinata stuttered.

"I'm fine. Who's your new friend, Hinata?" The forehead girl nearly shouted.

"Forehead! This is Tenten, Hinata's childhood best friend. Tenten, that's Sakura Haruno. Don't be so loud next time!" Ino replied, just as loud.




"Billboard Brow!"

"Yeesh guys! The first day, would you chill?" Tenten interrupted.

"Whatever," the two chorused in unison.

The quartet compared their schedules. They all had the same Homeroom and Gym.

Tenten had all the advanced level classes, for that's why she was able to go to this prestigious school, on a scholarship. Hinata had Advanced Calculus and Literature with Tenten. Sakura, who was also smart, had Advanced Calculus, Biology and History with Tenten. Ino only took Advanced Literature with her. They all had Advanced Orchestra as an elective together.

"Not fair! I only have one core class with Tennie!" the boisterous blonde yelled.

"I-I h-have t-t-two w-with her…" Hinata stuttered.

"Cool! Looks like I have three with you, Tenten!" Sakura exclaimed. They all headed to their Homeroom, with Kakashi-Sensei, whilst chatting quite animatedly, and in Hinata's case, inserting a couple phrases here and there.

Suddenly, Tenten bumped into a wall. Or an extremely toned chest. She looked up, only to see cold, emotionless, hard eyes of none other…. Than our infamous Neji Hyuuga.

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