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Ano, have I seen you somewhere before?

Tenten turned around only to face the Neji Hyuuga.

'Eh, might as well let him know.' she thought.

"Heh, well, truth is... I'm actually..." Tenten caught sight of the time. "Yabai! I gotta go actually." in reality, this was her parents' death anniversary and every year she prays for them at the same time. She gathered her things and started heading for the entrance.

"Oi, matte!" Neji called. But Tenten was too far to hear it. Neji sighed, feeling uncontent because he never got to know who Shadow was.

'She seemed so pretty! And familiar. But I have never seen someone with those eyes, legit!' He thought.

As the days passed by, all anyone could talk about was the mysterious Shadow and how pretty she was.

Before Neji knew it, he had fallen for her. Which is totally not his character, after all, he's never even liked someone before. And then there was Tenten, who he had come to realize was his best friend.

On the other hand, without knowing it, Tenten had also secretly fallen for the Hyuuga. All was good, until her birthday. Tenten didn't come to school that day. Everyone was worried, because Tenten never missed school, in the month and a half they knew her.

"Maybe we should skip to see if she is okay?" said Sakura.

"Hn." Went Neji, although deep inside he was also worried.

"I-I don't k-know, m-maybe she's just a l-little sick." Hinata stuttered.

"But school's no fun without her!" Ino proclaimed, a bit too loud.

"I guess we should go." muttered the lazy Shikamaru.

At that moment, they all got a text from Tenten. Everyone checked it to see what it said.

Don't worry about me. I'm feeling a little down is all.

"Man! And it was her birthday after all!" Yelled Naruto.

"Hey guys, I've got an idea! Let's go surprise her, ne?" said Ino.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" exclaimed Sakura.



"Yeah. Whatever. This is such a drag."



At Tenten's manor, she wasn't just feeling sick. Her head was aching, throbbing and her insides were churning. She couldn't stand for very long. All of a sudden, she collapsed. A couple hours later, she woke up, feeling rejuvenated and perfectly fine. She went to the bathroom to see how much of a mess she looked. She gasped. Her once chocolate brown hair was now streaked with gold. Her eyes were almost the same, but now the gold was way brighter and more visible. She checked the time. 'I still have to buy groceries. Ugh, I should try to cover this up.'

She took out her brown contacts out of their case and put them in. She looked at herself. "Muda desu." she muttered. They were still the same. "What should I do?" she asked. "Eh, no one's going to be shopping at this time, everone's still in school. Just hope I won't be seen, I guess." She left her features as it was and got dressed, then headed out.

On her way tot he supermarket, she bumped into a group of people. "Ah! Honto-ni summimasen!"

"Iie, daijobu-" said an oddly familiar voice. Tenten looked up only to realize that it was her crew.

"Whoah! It's you, from that other night! Shadow, was it?" Naruto exclaimed rather loudly.

"OMG! You have the best voice and you're sooooo pretty!" squealed Ino and Sakura.

'I finally found you,' thought Neji.

Sasuke, Shikamaru and Hinata kept quite, wishing their respective girlfriends/boyfriend wouldn't be so loud.

"Huh?" Tenten said. "It's just me, guys."

"What do you mean? Do we know you?"

"It's me! Tenten!"


"HOLY Shit! nooooooo waaaay!"

"What do you mean no way? It's just me, what's wrong with you?" And then it hit her. They were staring at a girl with gold eyes. "Shit" she muttered.

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