Aomine is not really known for being, well the cute one in the relationship. Aomine knows that; it's not in his nature.

"Kise?" He looks over at the blonde. "Ah you're sleeping.. How can you sleep so easy?" Aomine asks the sleeping blonde~

Aomine is not the admitting and confessing all his feelings type of person. He thinks it's a sign of being weak and he's anything but. Aomine with a ghost of a smile, looks adoringly at the blonde~ he looks so sweet and innocent, Aomine thinks to himself. Suddenly he feels his face flush. Dammit! At least no one saw Aomine thought. Since when did he become soft? He just shakes his head. No, he convinces himself. It's different. It's love right?, Aomine pondered. Ahh I'm blushing again dammit! Aomine lets out a sigh. Yeah, it is love. I know it is, dammit Kise, it's your fault I'm sensitive and "soft".

Aomine looks over at the blonde once more~ and thinks, ah but thanks to that baka I've found something I cherish and love~ something I won't ever let go~ dammit! I sound like some guy from a shoujo manga! Aomine sighs… Well no one can hear me anyway. Aomine slowly turns over and kisses the blonde, whispering lightly, "God, I really love you, Kise." as he slowly too, falls asleep.