Cat's Pov

"It was just another ordinary day in New York. I was in my office at the police station. I was working on a case with my partner Tess when I saw a picture of my mom. I lost my mom 9 years when she was shot by these 2 men. I almost got killed to if Vincent hadn't come and save.

'CAT!" says Tess

'Uh oh sorry Tess I wasn't listening what did you say" I said

"I said that the chief wants to see you" Tess said

"Ok" (oh no when the chief wants to see someone it ends with that person either getting fired or gets suspended from the job for 2 weeks)

I go to the Chief's office

"Ah officer chandler there you are" says the chief

"Hi Chief is there something I can do for you?" I said

"yes chandler there is. see I got a call for officer Wilson saying that there was a murder on Main street and I want you to check it out" says the chief

"Alright chief I will" I said then I walk out of office

To be continued...

Thank you so much for reading my story