The mere smell of Aomine.. It's overpowering and overwhelms the blonde every time their faces are inches away~ The blonde leans closer, rubbing his nose along Aomine' face. Damn, Kise thought, he's not doing anything to me yet I'm already so aroused. How, why does he do this to me? Kise just rests his pretty head on the tan male's shoulders. So warm, the blond murmurs.

Aomine just stares into those amber orbs he adores so much. God, if it were his choice, he would take Kise on right here, right now.. But the tan male just sighs, he can't ruin his model face's career. As Kise's head rests on his shoulder, Aomine lightly ruffles the blonde hair. "OY, model face.." Aomine says into the blonde's hair as he rests his head on his lover's. Aomine can feel the blonde shift under him as the blonde finally looks up at the tan male a little confused, "Hai?"

Man, I really love his pretty face Aomine thought. A soft smile spreads across Aomine's face as he tenderly places a kiss on the blonde's lips. "It's late, you modeled all day, let's go home, Kise, and sleep."

A hint of a smirk tugs Kise's lips as he slyly replies, "Only sleep?" Aomine smirks back, starting to walk, "Tch. Only if you're up to it Kise." Aomine just laughs as he hears Kise yell defiantly, "AOMINECCHI! Of-of course I am!" "Baka!"