Aomine just looks at the blonde. That's all it takes for Kise's grin to spread across his face, amber orbs lighting up, his face soft~ It really doesn't take much to make Kise happy, Aomine thinks to himself. But in truth, he's happy he can make Kise look more beautiful than he does in those stupid magazines. He gets to see all these expressions the blonde makes, most of which is just for him.

The blonde is suddenly giving him a questioning look~ Aomine loves the way the blonde's eyebrows furrow, it's cute. Aomine slowly smiles remembering what his lover told him reciting it back to the blonde, "Kise… You know if you furrow your brows too much, you'll get wrinkles and become an ugly model~"

Aomine smirks as Kise furrows them more almost glaring knives at the tan male. Seeing him a little irked is so kawaii and turns me on Aomine thought. Damn. Kise just stares at the tan male ready to tell him off when Aomine gets an idea. Aomine quickly leans in and plants a kiss on Kise's lip and pulls back just as fast.

Waiting for Kise to flush, Aomine gives the blonde one of those sexy smirks he knows Kise can't resist and turns on his heel to the direction of their house. Aomine bellows a hearty laugh as he hears Kise yell from behind, "Aominicchi! So meaannn! " as the blonde tries to catch up to him.