Ahh this photo.. Kise grins foolishly as the memories of that day flood into his mind~ clear as ever, if he were living that moment again. Kise let out a happy, long sigh. He remembers every single detail of Aomine saying his vows, every single word, every single emotion..

Kise grinning from ear to ear, silently recites Aomine's vows by heart:

"I, Aomine Daiki,
Take you, Kise Ryouta,
To be none other than yourself.
I promise to stand by your side;
To encourage you and be open and honest with you;
To laugh with you, and cry with you;
To always love and honor you;
Both freed and bound by our love,
For as long as we both shall live."

Kise let out another happy sigh as he slowly puts away the photo back in the album. The blonde realized that in his life he has never experienced such joy. His happiness was usually all for show, for his fans and definitely for the cameras. Everything was gray, everything just a background noise..

Until he met Aomine when everything changed. When everything he knew was no longer a blot of gray but a dash of color. Kise thought, I never want to stop drowning in those blue orbs of his or know of a world without Aominecchi. This warmth, this joy.. The blonde will keep forever, close to his heart.