The blonde silently weeps into Aomine's shoulder as he hears Aomine's repeated words: Thank god, thank god, you're safe Ryouta.
The blonde doesn't say a word. He can only silently weep as his husband holds him in a tender embrace.

"I'm going to kill those bastards. How dare they attack.. you, Kise!" Aomine rants through clenched teeth. "Damn it! I wanna punch the living day lights out of them. Just for you, Kise." The blonde just shakes his head. Yes it was a scary experience… Walking out of the studio complex to be suddenly..

He is still shaking from the terror of it all.. As he nuzzles his head back into the nape of Aomine's neck. But the blonde thought, "I don't want Aominecchi to punch someone's face in for me. I don't want that. Even though I'm bleeding…and I'm hurt.."

Aomine balls up his fists and yells, "Kise you know I don't give a rat's ass about getting in trouble! Please let me hurt them for hurting you. I don't want to see you like this.." as Aomine's once calm blue orbs rage like a storm.

Kise slowly raises his head to look his beloved husband in the eye. The tears still escaping run down his now stained porcelain face. The blonde, in a strained voice gave his beloved a weak smile, "You.. Don't have to Daiki-cchi.. I'm still here aren't I?"

"I can't… I.. You're right, Ryouta. I'm sorry." the tan male whispers back wrapping his muscular arms protectively and lovingly around the blonde.

"Ryouta." the tan male spoke brimmed with tears, continues, "Ryouta, don't ever go out of my sight. I want to protect you. Forever." The blonde just whispers, "Hai~ and don't ever let me go Daiki~"