"Aominecchi..." the model moaned as Aomine ran his skilled fingers over his now bare chest. The tan male ignored the blonde as he teased him leaving a hot trail of kisses eliciting a louder moan from the model. Kise can't take it anymore. "I need to make this go faster.. I can't.." the blonde thinks to himself.

The blonde having enough of being teased, comes up with a brilliant idea to speed things up. It needs to be sped up... before Seijuro catches them.. AGAIN.

"Dai~ki~" rolls off the blonde's tongue as sly amber orbs stare up into glazed blue. The tan male, shocked at Kise referring to his first name, hungrily growled, "Kise... If you say my name like that... I'm going to fuck you so hard."

The blonde sneers, "Yeah right." as he wraps his slender arms around Aomine's neck.

"OY. Don't try me Ryouta." the tan male growled again this time a little irritated that his dominance was in question.

"Just shut up and enjoy yourself idiot." Aomine retorted.