The subject had been eating away at Sayaka's mind for a long while, and the longer and longer she thought about the possibility, the more she found herself daydreaming about it at work, and at home, which did not go unnoticed by her co workers. All she had to do was ask the one person who would be the reason she not go through with it.

"There's no way."

"Why? Kyoko!" the woman whined in response, slouching against the back of the leather couch mid-walk, dropping her purse and muffling her heavy sigh into the couch. Kyoko didn't even so much as glance up at her, and the other huffed as she pressed her face against the couch. "Oo awrs oo 'is."

"What?" Kyoko asked, looking up from the pan she was currently using to cook with and raising an eyebrow, moving the cheeto in her mouth around a bit before practically inhaling it, as she did with all her food. "I didn't catch any of that."

"You always do this." Sayaka said, standing properly and removing her suit jacket.

Looking down at the red-haired girl- no, woman now- as she walking into the kitchen, it was hard to believe it had been a year already. It felt like it was only yesterday, but then again, it felt like it had been forever. She took a spoon and scooped a bite of whatever Kyoko happened to be making, dodging the swat with the spatula the shorter was using, before tasting it. It was good, but she mostly did that to mess with her.

Kyoko frowned and pointed the spatula at her again in warning, causing Sayaka to giggle. Eventually they both broke out in chuckles at the action.

The blue-haired woman sighed again as the laughter died down. "Can't I have anything?"

The shorter girl grinned and patted the other's head. "Aww, you got me, though. Ain't that something?"

Sayaka rolled her eyes and moved past her to look in the fridge, opening it and grabbing a bottle of water. Kyoko moved the pan off of the hot eye of the stove, setting it down, before moving to hug the taller of the two. "Mm, you're not mad or nothin', are ya?" A 'hmph' was given in response, along with an indifferent glance to the side. Kyoko huffed a little before moving her chin to face her, grinning. "C'mon, gimme a kiss. I haven't seen ya all day or anything."

Reluctantly, almost acting as if it were by force, Sayaka gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Jeez..." she moved out of her hold and into the living room, making Kyoko frown a bit. What was up with her?

"Anyway, Madoka called. Said she had some stuff to talk to you about." Kyoko followed her and sprawled out on half of the couch. Sayaka blinked, sitting next to her.

"What'd she say?" she moved to pull her her hair out of it's tie as she looked at the other curiously. Recently she'd been so busy with her job that she'd allowed her hair to grow just past her shoulders. Kyoko found she liked playing with it when she wasn't paying much attention.

A shrug. "Beats me. Left a message."

Sayaka jumped up, just having gotten comfortable, and moved to the phone. "Kyoko, again? Pick up the phone every once and awhile. For god's sake, you're almost twenty-three."

"Don' caaare." Kyoko singsonged, rolling around on the couch like a child. "I'll ignore society as long as I want!"

The taller soon came back and sat on the other's stomach. "You're such a child sometimes, Kyo."

Kyoko moved her onto her lap and sat up, kissing the side of her head. "But you married me. Does that make you a cradle robber, or what?"

"You're a few months older than me."


There was a pause, and the older buried her face in the other's neck. "Hey... You weren't kidding, were you?" Sayaka grew stiff for a moment.

"... Yeah. I was. Did you not take me seriously?" she said quietly, yet almost monotone.

Kyoko wanted to groan. With the way she was acting, she had obviously been holding this in for a long time. Maybe she should've thought about it a bit more, but still... "Of course I did. Maybe I should have listened a bit more, but I always take my wife seriously."

"Then why can't we?" Sayaka looked over her shoulder at the other, saddened.

"'Cause think about us." she said. "We're not picture-perfect. And can you really see me as the type to-"

Sayaka shook her head, interrupting her. "Kyoko, I thought about all of that."

"Then why now? Why a baby?"

The house was silent for what seemed like almost an hour. But it might've been that way because of the lack of silence that usually filled the house, the sudden shift was unsettling. Sayaka took a moment to sigh, and brought a hand to gently caress the one wrapping around her midsection. "... Because I love you. And... And I want to make a family with you, Kyoko."

Kyoko felt her cheeks heat up lightly. "... Sayaka. You know how I feel about that... That word."

"And I think it's about time to take that negative meaning behind the word 'family' away." she turned to straddle her wife's lap, bringing her hands up to pinch the redhead's cheeks. "Let's be happy together. Let's be a family together." she paused. "... Please?"

Kyoko moved Sayaka's hands from her cheeks, pouting a bit as she turned her head away. "... Let... Let me think about it, alright?"

Sayaka knew this was probably beyond what one could expect from Kyoko in changing her mind, so she hugged her around her shoulders, her sad mood almost completely gone. "Thank you, Kyo," she said happily.

"... Sure, sure. Can we eat now?"

"Mhm, yeah, let's eat!" Sayaka pulled the other onto her feet as she herself stood. Walking together to the kitchen, Kyoko almost got the last word.

"... We go three times tonight then."

"Shut up, perv."

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