Hi everyone! This is OmegaStarShooter14, and I have come up for an idea for a 30 theme challenge. The theme is sweets (which I love dearly).

Here are the rules:

Tell me by review if you're going to do it. I'll leave a review on your story and I'll follow your progress.

It can be a chapter story, or it can be a series of drabbles. Your challenge, your choice.

AU or canon. Again, you're choice.

Pairings are all up to you. Even if it's a pairing I DESPISE, I'll read it, and I'll review my THOUGHTS, my OPINION, and some ADVICE. I won't judge your couple preferences.

The theme can be mentioned, or integrated into the story. But, keep in mind that I want to SEE, SMELL, and TASTE the treat. I'm putting your skills of perception at the test.

Word count can vary from 500 to 1,000 per chapter. More might make me not want to read it.

You can do them in order, or in any order you choose. Just try to do them all.

Promise me you'll have fun! I hope you'll enjoy writing it as much as I'll enjoy reading it. :)


1: Ice Cream (I'm being loose here. What kind of Ice Cream… that's up to you.)

2: Pie

3: Yogurt

4: Banana Royale

5: Fruit Salad

4: Brownies

5: Chocolate-Chip Cookies

6: Doughnuts

7: Cheesecake

8: Gelatin

9: Cinnamon Rolls

10: Chocolate Strawberries

11: S'mores

12: Milkshake

13: Flan

14: Crème Brule

15: Fruit Cake

14: Macaroons

15: Coffee

16: Polka-Dot Pancakes

17: Rice Cake

18: Cupcakes

19: Chocolate Mousse

20: Fondue

21: Tiny Sandwiches

22: Tea

23: Gingerbread Cookies

24: Ice Cream Sandwiches

25: Parfait

26: Blueberry Muffins

27: Vanilla Custard

28: French toast

29: Smoothies

30: Your choice.

That's it. I hope you'll take the challenge and give it all you got!