Raph approached his sleeping brother, Leo and gave him a hard shake. "Hey Leo you want to go on a adventure in the sewers?"

Leo opened one eye, "Raph... Master Splinter said that we aren't allowed to go into the sewers alone."

Raph rolled his eyes, "Come on Leo... we are six now!" "We aren't gonna ask for permission all the time!"

Leo sat up and looked up at Raph with his big sapphire eyes, "Uhhh I don't know Raph."

"Just come on!" "I'll get Donnie and Mikey."

Leo stood up and sighed, Raph had always wanted to go on these little adventures but they all usually somehow back fired and they end up needing Splinter to come save them. Leo followed Raph to the room that Donnie wanted us to call the "lab" but really all it was was just a little room he built toy cars out of legos and sometimes he would do a little science kit experiments. Leo heard a shout and went in to see Raph holding a toy truck that Donnie made behind his back and Donnie was trying to get it back by reaching around him but Raph would turn another way where it was out of his reach.

"Come on Raph!" Donnie frustratingly said.

Raph laughed at his struggle, "Just say that you will come and I will give you your stupid toy back."

"Invention!" Donnie shouted.

"Sure whatever... Are ya coming?"

Donnie took a deep breath, "Fine..."

Raph smiled at his victory and handed Donnie back his "invention", "Yesss!" "I'll get Mikey and let's go!"


It wasn't hard to convince Mikey, he will do whatever Raph tells him (To avoid getting a beat down.) The four walked through the sewer tunnels in a line and once in a while Leo would walk in front of Raph to be in the lead but Raph would just walk faster to keep his place in front of line. Raph was about to turn a corner and go down another tunnel when he saw Mikey run pass him with arms in the air.

"I'm in the front!""I'm in the front!""I'm in the front!" he shouted as he ran ahead of everyone.

"Wait Mikey!" The turtles all said in chorus.

They watched as Mikey disappear down the dark tunnel then heard him do a slight yelp then a crashing noise which they assumed that Mikey fell, "Ow!" he said.

The other turtles started to approach him when they heard another voice that also sounded female, "Hey!" "Watch where you are going!"

The turtles got to Mikey to see him on the floor next to... wait... a turtle?

Leo stood in front of his brothers, "Who are you and what do you want?"

The female turtle stood up then they could see that she was about their age and had long brown hair and misty blue eyes that were so pretty that they were almost distracting. The female turtle's eyes went wide, "No way you guys are turtles, just like me!"

Leo raised a eye ridge at the girl, "Your a turtle?"

The girl threw her arms in the air and ran up to Leo and gave him a hug, "Thank you, I'm so lonely!" She pulled away and looked at the brothers. "Will you guys play with me?"

Leo was blushing terribly and couldn't speak while Raph looked at her cockily, "Wait, hold on." Raph said. "We don't even know your name."

The girl's eyes looked at the ground, "My name?"

The boys nodded their heads and waited for an answer. The girl rocked back and forth, "Uhhh I don't have a name..."

Mikey gasped, "How can you not have a name!" "I have a name... its Michelangelo but I like Mikey." He then told each of the turtle's names as he pointed to each one. She made a note to remember them by the color of their over size mask on their faces. Mikey then asked "Do you have a family at all?"

She shook her head, "No I'm on my own."

Leo pushed back the weird feeling in the bottom of his stomach about her, "Isn't that lonely?"

The girl looked at them with tears in her eyes, "Yes."

Tears started to run down her cheeks and she sniffled and wiped them away, "If you guys don't want to play its okay."

Raph started to walk backwards, "Okay then... We will just be heading back to our home."

She nodded her head and started to walk in the other direction and Raph turned and started walk back to the lair and the others followed him. But Leo stood there and watch the girl walk away, "Wait!" he shouted to her. She spun around and looked at him. "Why don't you come with us to our home, you might be able to live with us."

The girl's eyes lit up, "Thank you!" she ran and gave him another hug. "What's your name again?" She asked as she pulled away.

"Leonardo... but Leo for short."

The girl smiled, "Leonardo... I like it!"

Leo blushed, "Okay follow me."


He then walked into the lair to see each of his brother doing their own thing but turn their heads in Leo's direction to see that the girl turtle was following closely behind. Raph approached them looking displeased, "Why did you bring her here?"

The girl winced and hid behind Leo and he stretched out his arms protectively, shielding her from his brother. "She doesn't have anywhere else to go... she all alone."

"Not our problem." Raph snapped back. "What will Master Splinter think when he hears that you brought someone here?"

Leo signed, "Shes not a human Raph... Shes one of us."

Raph eyed the girl and it seemed right on cue that Master Splinter walked in to stop the argument that he was hearing but froze when he saw something behind Leo. Raph came running up to Splinter, "Father, Leo brought someone home with us!"

Splinter eyes widened when Leo stepped aside so he could look at the person. She was just like his sons, a turtle, but he could obviously tell that she was female. He was mesmerized by her misty blue eyes and long brown hair, she looked fragile and sad. He spoke gently to her, "How did you become what you are?"

The girl forced a smirk, "You mean a giant turtle?"

Splinter smiled at the girl because she was not much taller than his knees, much like his sons but he nodded.

"Well I don't remember much but standing up in a ooze that I didn't recognize and then feeling alone..."

He felt his heart drop, "Are you alone my child?"

She nodded her head sadly and looked up at the tall rat that stood in front of her with teary eyes. Splinter took a deep breath, "You may live with us for as long as you want." He smiled at her. He couldn't leave any child alone, not ever.

The girl lit up and smiled really big. She then ran over to Splinter and wrapped her arms around him, "Can I call you Daddy?" she asked hopefully.

Splinter beamed, "Of course you can!" He looked down at her, "What's your name?" he asked

The girl looked at him, "I don't have one... Will you name me?!"

Splinter looked at the girl for a long time trying to think of the best name that suited her. After a few moments he spoke, "Kasumi." he said. Then looked up at his sons, "This is your new sister Kasumi." he said

Well... there's the first chapter for my new story for you! And btw you pronounce her kas-ew-me and it means mist, like her misty blue eyes!. Write me reviews and I just might write more!