Leo gave Kasi the worst glare ever after she finished telling her family beginning to end of last nights events. Leo was furious at Kasi and at himself for not going with her. And everyone couldn't believe that for a second Kasi would trust Karai about anything. Kasi felt all these glared and felt ashamed of herself, and to take the tension out of the air she introduced Grace.

"Everyone this is Grace, she's the one that wants to help us stop Karai."

Grace opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a red masked turtle, "I don't understand! What is she gonna help is with? What are we gonna do?"

Kasi was fuming, 'Wasn't he listening to a word I said?' She thought to herself but answered him anyways. "I thought that since we know her plan I could act like I'm on board then we could all stop her before her plan can work out..."

Grace whimpered slightly, she knew that it was going to take a lot to stop Karai and the others, since they were so loyal to Karai she knew wouldn't be able to convince them to change sides.

Leo liked Kasi's plan and he knew it would best to stop Karai before she got what she wanted, "Grace, when is Karai planning on raiding TCRI?"

Grace twirled her hair with her fingers out of nervousness, "Uhhh I think she was planning tomorrow night like she told you."

Kasi smiled, "Perfect! Okay so Grace and I will tag along, we will stay in the back mostly and right before we get to TCRI Grace will take Kristen from behind and I will Sam. Once they are out of the way you guys." she pointed at her brothers. "Who would be following us from a distance attack Karai at once!" Kasi smiled at her plan.

Donnie pinched the bridge of his nose, "Okay... How do you suppose we actually defeat Karai and how will you and Grace take the others from behind? I mean you can't just grab them from behind and expect them to just give up."

"Yeah I'm with Donnie and sorry but I don't see this chick bringing down anyone." Raph smirked at the Grace.

Grace gulped and pointed to Kasi, "Well I took her down in my mutant form..."

Mikey laughed and didn't care he was the only one doing so, "Wowww Kasi! You let her take you!"

Grace faced reddened with embarrassment and to prove that she wasn't weak or timid like they thought she removed the choker around her neck. Her body behind to tremble and the others watched with shock as she looked at all them as white cat. She smiled, "When I'm in this form I'm a lot stronger!"

Raph rolled his eyes at the mutate cat, "Really? Do we have to motivate you with catnip or something?"

Grace smiled at him showing off her sharp white teeth, "Come here and I'll show you what I mean!"

Raph didn't move so Grace approached him and she gently grabbed his hand. Raph immediately blushed and tried to hide it but everyone saw it, Grace then extended his arm out and in one fast movement grabbed his arm and flipped him on his shell she put a foot on top of him and pointed his sai at his throat.

"How did you get my sai!" he said with frustration.

Grace smirked, "Well when you don't protect your weapons from your opponent they can take them..."

Everyone in the room started laughing and each on would say out loud how bad Raph got told and that he wasn't the best fighter anymore. Raph wasn't too happy at all, you could almost see the steam coming from him as he got up and grabbed his sai from Grace, "I wasn't ready!"

"Yeah! Because you were to busy blushing and staring at Grace!" Kasi cried out through laughs.

"Whatever." Raph said as she stomped off to his room, slamming it behind him.

Leo smiled at Raph embarrassment but got everyone back on track, "Okay I think everything might work out if we stay in the shadow and use surprise to our advantage."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement but Grace couldn't help but feel like something won't go that smoothly...


Karai slammed her fist on the chair she was sitting in, "Where is Grace?"

"I don't know maybe she got capture..." Kristen suggested.

Sam laughed, "No way Grace got captured, we all know that she is the best at escaping. I belive she is trying to trust with that girl who is a smart idea."

Karai shook her head, "No it's not. When all know that Grace is easily manipulated and she could tell them everything!"

"I say that tomorrow night we keep a real good eye on them. To make sure they aren't up to something." Kristen said.

Karai nodded, "Yes and if you sense any kind of hesitation or betrayal from them I won't you to take them out. Understand?"

"Of course." The girls said at the same time.

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