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"What did he say exactly?" Tim asked as they climbed into the back of the car that would take him and Abby to his apartment. Two agents accompanied them and there would be two more checking the area before they were allowed to go home. Well, home for McGee at least.

Abby looked up toward the ceiling as if trying to recall the exact details of her conversation. "Tony said that Gibbs said that Vance said we were not to report back to NCIS until further notice. He also said that we were to stay together and not not follow up on anything related to the case. He also also said to call if any of the things we are not not following up on turn up anything significant," she recited, grinning expectantly at Tim when she had finished.

"Tony said that?" he asked skeptically.



"Sort of. I might have thrown an extra 'not' in there somewhere but you get the idea," she said proudly.

"And we were to stay together?"

"That was more implied," she hedged, see-sawing her fingers back and forth.

"Implied?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he didn't say that Gibbs said we were not to stay together," she reassured him.

"I'm confused," Tim admitted.

"Me too, actually." Her forehead crinkled. "But given the events of the evening I think Gibbs would say we're safer together, don't you?"

"I guess so. Double the protective detail anyway." He shrugged. He wasn't really up to arguing with her logic at the moment.

Abby sensed his retreat back into the funk he had been in since his talk with Gibbs. He didn't seem angry so much as deeply thoughtful and more than a little worried and the combination of the two was unsettling. "Hey. It will all work out. You just have to have a little faith." She rested her hand gently on his arm.

"In what? Gibbs? Tony? After all this it's hard to believe that anything can ever be the same again," he said disconsolately.

"Have faith in love, McGee." There was the tiniest hint of an ache in her voice. "Maybe it won't be the same again but I've always found that love has a way of making things better in the end."

He seemed to take a moment to consider her words before an oddly wistful smile turned up the corners of his mouth. "Who would have thought? Gibbs and Tony of all people, falling in love after all these years. Right under our very noses?"

"Stranger things have been known to happen, Tim. I mean, not much stranger, but a little bit stranger." She squeezed his bicep affectionately and felt him relax slightly beneath her touch.

"How come you're so okay with all of this? Don't you feel like…like Gibbs somehow betrayed the entire team? I want to get past it but I don't know if I can," he admitted.

Abby shrugged. "I guess it just makes me happy to see the people I love happy. Tony's been miserable for years, at least on the inside, and Gibbs," she shook her head, "I don't think anyone's invented a word for what Gibbs has been for as long as I've known him. Don't you notice the way they look at each other now?"

"I was trying to ignore it," he grunted.

"I think it's kind of hot." Abby's face lit up.

"You would." Tim rolled his eyes but his voice betrayed his amusement.

"There he is." She smiled brightly. "There's the Tim McGee I…"

The car coming to an abrupt stop in front of Tim's apartment complex cut her off but he pressed her. "The me you what, Abbs?" he encouraged.

Abby didn't respond but the expression on her face as she leaned in to gently press a lingering kiss on his cheek gave him something totally new to be distracted by.

Tony fidgeted distractedly the entire ride to his apartment, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together in a deep-rooted and pacifying rhythm that countered the perpetual tapping of his foot. Half a dozen unnamed and unfocused things were crowding the edges of his brain. The worst part was that he knew for certain which one of them was currently setting him on edge and it was damn unnerving, not to mention more than a little inconvenient under the present circumstances.

There had been a moment. Before the bullet and before he'd drifted off to sleep in Gibbs' bed earlier, a moment when every ounce of him had well and truly known that he had Gibbs. That Jethro belonged to him now in ways both concrete and undefinable. Not just as his boss-friend-lover but in a more profound way that was somehow greater than the sum of all those parts. It was more powerful and yet more delicate than anything he had experienced in his lifetime and despite his longing to bask in the radiance of it, to savor the pure and perfect truth of it, it had sowed the quiet, insidious seeds of terror deep down in the places he didn't often let see the light of day. Why did his brain have to pick this moment to go into self-preservation mode?

Tony glanced over at Gibbs from beneath his lashes but the older man's face betrayed nothing like the unstoppable wave of dread that was beginning to gnaw at his own belly. How could he be so calm?

When Jethro gave him the death stare after his fingers had tapped non-stop against the door handle for the better part of two miles, he worked harder to keep his nerves under control but by the time they arrived at his home Tony was quietly and expertly concealing a near panic attack.

His home.

Gibbs was in his home.

Whatever else was going on in his head at the moment, this was the encumbrance that had decided it needed the most urgent attention, the uneasy itch that was digging at the underside of his skin, begging to be scratched.

Of course Jethro had visited briefly in the past but it always seemed they were visits of necessity not visits of leisure. As far back as Tony could remember their time together had always centered around Gibbs' home and the office, even over the last year when they had begun spending most of their free evenings in each other's company. Now, as they walked the short corridor to his entry, Tony felt as if he were trudging through thick sludge and he had to force his legs to keep pushing him forward, toward whatever was waiting for him on the other side.

They nodded gravely to the agents on duty as they passed. There wasn't one of them who was unaware that NCIS had just lost two good men on this very same detail and both he and Gibbs acknowledged the burden they were now bearing on their behalf.

Barely managing to keep his hand from shaking as he twisted the key in the lock, Tony pushed the reassuringly solid door open and allowed Gibbs to enter first, ushering him in with a somewhat awkward sweep of his arm that earned him a scrutinizing look from Jethro.

As they crossed the threshold, the things that had shifted so irrevocably in Tony's life over the last few days suddenly seemed real and tangible. The whispers of possibility took on weight and form, solidified and settled like a rock somewhere between his heart and his gut while his head spun slightly as he watched Jethro move through the space that had always belonged so exclusively to him.

Heavy curtains had been pulled over all the windows and the blinds closed, eliminating the natural light from the street that always filled the main living area, even at night. Unnerved by the shadows, Tony quickly flipped a switch by the door and the room was illuminated by soft, warm light from a series of floor lamps and alcove lighting. Closing the door firmly, he twisted the weighty dead bolt, effectively shutting out the world and leaving him alone with Jethro once again.

He quickly shucked off his coat and stood shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot as Gibbs slowly walked the perimeter of the room, seeing it through the eyes of a lover for the first time, of one who owned the owner of this space. Because as surely as he knew he had Gibbs, he also knew that Gibbs now possessed him utterly. Possessed him and all the baggage that came in tow and it was that thought that was scaring the ever living fuck out of him.

Tony knew his boss, knew that Jethro's critical eye was busily taking in the details of the room, assessing, weighing, judging. He realized he was unconsciously holding his breath when the older man paused in front of his piano to run a calloused palm across the polished wood in silent contemplation. He felt as if he himself were being reweighed and measured in the space of that moment, as if he were suddenly and unexpectedly more naked than naked, his insides exposed for Gibbs' dissection. Even though consciously Tony knew he had nothing to fear, his feet adamantly refused to move an inch further and he stood rooted to the spot unable to do anything more than wait for the inevitable.

When Jethro finally looked up at him it was with the slightly bewildered gaze of someone who believes they've solved a complex puzzle only to find that there are endless unseen layers beneath the first. He seemed unsurprised to find that Tony hadn't followed him into the room. "Hey," he called softly after a moment of deliberation, "this all okay with you?"

"You mean the fact that an egomaniacal killer just used us for target practice, that we've essentially been benched from hunting him down and have virtually no leads, the two men on their way to the morgue, or the fact that our sex life is a coffee break whisper away from being general knowledge around the Navy Yard?" he dodged, swallowing the little tickle of nervous or possibly hysterical laughter that threatened to slip out.

Jethro dropped his bag in the middle of the polished hardwood and moved closer to the younger man slowly and cautiously as if he were approaching a timid deer that might bolt at any second. "That really what's got you coming out of your skin all of a sudden, DiNozzo?"

Tony shrugged it off. "That's not enough?" His hand reached up and smoothed his hair unconsciously.

"Maybe. Get the feeling that's not what's going on here." He stepped closer, toes to the bottom edge of the riser.

Muscles contracted, keeping Tony's right foot in place at the very last second as it lifted in retreat. Open and honest was against every instinct he had in this situation but the calm and patient blue of Jethro's steady stare slowly began to loosen the knot in his chest, to dull the sharp edge of panic and finally ease the words from his throat. "Never had anyone here that I…" he swallowed hard but the sentence would not complete itself. "First time," he managed brokenly. His eyes suddenly tried to look into every corner of the room at once, anywhere but at Gibbs.

"DiNozzo." And then more softly, "Tony."

The near whisper of his name in Jethro's rich timbre drew him back, wide eyed and still aching to run.

"I can go." Gibbs let the words drop like lead into the space between them.

Pain. There was pain in those words. Pain from Gibbs and it broke through every wall that had been silently slamming into place since the car had pulled away from the curb and turned for his apartment.

"No." The single syllable was an act of defiance against his entire past. "Want you to stay. Need you to."

Please don't let me screw this up, Tony prayed silently as he finally stepped down off the riser.

There was a heartbeat of uncertainty before Jethro's arms slid around him and pulled him into a warm embrace. Soft breath kissed the flesh just below his left ear in what could only be called a relieved sigh, calming him and making him wonder why he'd been at all nervous about this moment.

The blow to the back of his head should not have come as a shock but it was pleasantly juxtaposed against the warmth of Jethro's lips sliding along his jaw.

"Good," Gibbs whispered, moving his hands soothingly across the broad expanse of Tony's back.

He wasn't sure how long they stood there, wrapped in their own heads and each other, but eventually Tony felt his muscles relax as he gave in and sank into the reassuring circle of Jethro's arms, surprised at just how much tension he'd been holding. Tony wondered how long this urge to run had been building without him really even being aware of it. Suddenly, he felt absolutely exhausted as if the events of the last several days had settled onto him all at once.

"We done with this now?"

Gibbs' voice startled him from the half-trance he had been in. "Think so. Old habits," he sighed. "I'm sorry, Jethro."

"Any more old habits I should be ready for?" Gibbs chided softly.

"Not that I can think of right now," he said honestly.

"Okay then."

Those two simple words wrapped Tony in the warmth of Jethro's absolute acceptance of the man that he was, baggage and all.

"Guess I should put on a pot of coffee," he said, reluctantly relinquishing the solace he felt being pressed tightly to Jethro's body when he'd lost track of the minutes ticking by. Turning for the kitchen, Tony was unable to suppress a long yawn.

"No." Gibbs stopped him.

Tony turned back to him in surprise. "You're saying 'no' to coffee?"

"I'm saying 'yes' to sleep," he grunted. "Even I have to agree with Vance on that point. Abby and McGee will call if they get something and there's not much more we can do from here right now. Much as I hate the idea we need at least a few hours of downtime."

"Oh thank god." His eyes flickered longingly toward the bedroom, afraid that Gibbs would change his mind at any moment.

"See you got a bigger bed," Jethro observed, following his glance.

"Yeah. Kinda had to get rid of the last one. There was an incident." He cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Decided a little more room couldn't hurt."

"Up for sharing?"

"Can't think of a better way to break in the other side," he smiled.

"Like the new set-up, Tim," Abby cooed as she stroked the side of one of the three plasma monitors that formed a semi-circle around McGee's desktop. "Should be more than enough space for both of us to work. I'm actually a little jealous right now. Please tell me you use this for more than streaming multiple porn sites at the same time," she mock-pouted.

"Think you have me confused with DiNozzo,"he laughed.

Abby cracked her knuckles and rolled a chair over from a desk on the other side of a bookshelf where Tim's typewriter sat in its place of honor. It looked woefully unused and she felt a pang of sadness for the fact that he had mostly given up writing soon after the incident with the crazy barista several years ago. "Let's get started."

"Without the journal I'm not sure how much we can do from here. I can keep up to date on the BOLO, monitor the activity from the search in Gibbs' neighborhood, but I really don't see how we can advance the investigation much," he said regretfully.

"Oh, we have access to the diary." She grinned.

"What? Abby, please tell me you did NOT illegally remove evidence from NCIS. It could compromise the entire investigation. Gibbs will…"

"RELAX, Timmy. I'm hurt. You know I would never remove evidence without permission." Abby looked slightly wounded.

"Then how?"

"I scanned it," she said with more than a hint of self-satisfaction. "All I have to do is log in and, voila! Instant evidence access. I put together a timeline of victims for Gibbs too. He wanted to run background on the first victim, find out how Estes got started."

McGee scooted in beside her and got all the towers warming up. "If you get me a name I can find out what she was being held for, maybe try to figure out how Langstaff and Estes got access in the first place. There aren't too many female detainees outside of Gitmo and access is pretty highly restricted. Something just doesn't add up. Maybe there's a connection between all the victims we just haven't seen yet. I can also check further into Langstaff and Estes. Backgrounds, fitness reports, look for any connection beyond what we already know. Maybe we can get some clue as to where he would hole up."

"I love it when we talk background checks, McGee." She grinned widely before turning to her terminal and getting started.

Tony was insanely happy to have the use of his own bathroom and toothbrush again. With all the bottoming he'd been doing there were certain parts of him that needed more attention than he could give them anywhere else. He knew this was a conversation he was going to have to have with his partner at some point soon. Maybe he could just find Gibbs a youtube video or something and avoid the more unsavory realities. As a second thought he left a small, wrapped cleansing kit on the edge of the counter hoping he could answer a few questions before they were asked.

Jethro didn't say anything when he emerged from the ensuite a few minutes later and Tony decided to let it lie as long as he could. There were more important things on both of their minds at the moment, not the least of which was getting some well-earned shut eye.

As they quickly stripped off their clothes Tony hardly took his eyes off of Gibbs, still partly unable to believe that he was real and solid and standing naked in his bedroom. The dull thrum of arousal continued to beat in his veins at the sight of Jethro's firm ass and well-muscled shoulders but the need for sleep, especially in the comfort of his own bed, was far more urgent at the moment.

The groan that escaped his lips as he slid beneath the cool sheets and his well-loved mattress formed to the aching curve of his back bordered on obscene. Gibbs let out a soft laugh but emitted a similar sound of satisfaction when he joined him a moment later.

"What the hell is this thing? Feels like I'm sleeping on a sponge."

"Tempur-pedic," he was unable to stifle a yawn. "Best invention ever."

"'S comfortable," Gibbs admitted.

Tony hugged the edge of the bed uncertainly despite the recent pattern they had fallen into with sleeping arrangements but when a strong arm wrapped around his waist and tugged him closer possessively he didn't resist. Jethro nuzzled sleepily into the crook of his shoulder as his hand swept lightly over DiNozzo's stomach making his muscles flutter and jump.

Despite his exhaustion there was still something tickling irritatingly at the back of Tony's brain and he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep until he put it out there. "When you said there would be changes, you meant leaving NCIS didn't you?" He let the words jump out without really thinking.

Gibbs' lips ceased their movement against his neck. "I meant stepping back at the very least, yes. Won't know exactly what that looks like until I talk to Vance but I know I can't work on the same team with you every day, DiNozzo, not like before. I'd be putting lives in danger if I did." His arm tightened around Tony's hip.

"I just wish there was any other way," he sighed.

"If I think of one, I'll let you know." He was quiet for a few minutes. "Been thinking about this a long time. Told you already it wasn't something I jumped into. I knew what my choices meant and I chose this. All of this." His nose traced the curve of Tony's ear. "Besides, not like you won't see me," he mumbled sleepily.

"What if I don't remember how to do this without you?" He ventured hesitantly. "Took me months to figure it out when you left 7 years ago and even then…"

Gibbs laughed softly and the feeling of the movement shaking them both sent a tiny thrill through Tony's body despite his exhaustion. "DiNozzo, you haven't needed a team leader for the last five years. I rein you in, I keep you focused, but the truth is, half the time I hold you back and we both know it. Deep down you know you really stayed because I needed you and the sooner you admit that, the easier this is all going to be."

"Jethro, I…"

"Shh. Sleep," Gibbs' fingers traced tiny circles on his skin, soothing him into a deeply relaxed state.

"I stayed because I loved you," Tony whispered from the edge of sleep.

"I know. And I let you stay because I loved you. Just took me awhile to catch up."

The world lifted from their shoulders briefly and they finally drifted off.

"Woah," Tim breathed, leaning back in his chair.

"What?" Abby leaned in.

"Our first victim, Komol Luna, was a Pakistani physician actually educated in the US. She relocated to Lebanon in 2007 where it's suspected she became involved with Hezbollah after her brother was killed in an American missile strike on a compound in Afghanistan. Says she was wanted in connection with several car bombings as well as the bombing of a night club in 2008 and suspected to be aiding the Hezbollah leadership through her contacts and affiliations back in Pakistan. She was arrested at the border when she tried to enter Afghanistan sometime in 2011. There are so many classified files on her I don't even know where to start. According to the records I can find she was held for over two years before her alleged suicide which occurred…" he checked the monitor to his far left, "less than 2 months after Estes' unit arrived at the detention facility."

"So this woman was bad news?" Abby reached over him and scrolled down the page.

"Very bad news. The CIA would have been all over her for information if they thought her ties to Hezbollah ran as deep as they seem to. What in the world was a low-grade officer like Estes doing with access to someone like her?"

"That's what we're going to find out, right?"

"That's what I'm going to try to find out, but Abbs, these files are way above my clearance level. No way I can do this without going through Vance." He was tempted. He could hack the files. The challenge was there but without Gibbs or someone else to give the push, he was unwilling to take the leap. "What did you pull up on Estes' fitness reports?" he decided to change tracks.

"Oh! Okay, this is really weird. So I was able to pull up a report from 2010. Look at this." She brought the file up on the screen to her right.

Tim studied the monitor for a few minutes. "That looks pretty standard. A few scores left of center but nothing unusual, even his psych profile notes don't seem to indicate anything at all deviant or out of the ordinary."

"I know," she said cryptically, "now look at this one from 2011, and this one from August 2012, right before they shipped out for their tour in Afghanistan." She brought the two reports up alongside the first."

"Those are the exact same reports. Word for word!"

"Exactly. So, the question is…"

"Where are the real reports?" McGee interrupted.

"Are there real reports?" she countered.

"And either way, why would someone go to the trouble of replacing them in the file to begin with?"

"That is the question," she confirmed.

"A really good question."

"And a really good reason to keep digging." She wiggled her fingers over her keyboard.

McGee thought for a moment. "Can you track down who would have been responsible for completing the reports in 2011 and 2012? Check the rest of the reports for that unit?"

"With my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back," she scoffed.

"Both hands, Abbs. Cover your tracks and cover them well. If this is as big as I'm starting to think it is people aren't going to like us digging into these files. We don't need more enemies right now," he said soberly.

Her eyes widened a little at the seriousness of his tone. "Got it. Should we call Gibbs?"

"Soon. Still too many unanswered questions and no direction to go in. I want something concrete to take to him." There was more to it but he didn't know how to explain it further.

Abby's eyes softened in understanding and she nodded. "You're a good agent, Tim McGee."

Jethro woke to the silence of an unfamiliar space. The well-known creaks and groans of his house were wholly absent and the mattress beneath him was much softer than the cushions of his couch on which he still spent more nights than he would willingly admit to. He wasn't sure how long he had slept but it couldn't have been very long. The light beginning to filter through around the bottom of the curtains was still the deep muted blue of early dawn.

The pillow beneath his head was soft and covered in Tony's comfortingly familiar scent but the bed beside him was empty.

Stretching and scrubbing a hand through his hair, he slipped silently from beneath the silken sheets, grabbed his boxers from the pile of clothes beside the bed, and padded quietly through the bedroom toward the only dim source of light he could perceive from inside the apartment.

When he tugged gently on the French doors that separated Tony's bedroom from the main living area, they opened to frame a scene that wrenched at his heart in ways he didn't possess the vocabulary to describe.

Tony sat at the bench of the piano wrapped in the thick blue robe he had seen hanging in the bathroom earlier. It gaped at his waist showing that, like Gibbs, he was clad in no more than boxers beneath the soft terrycloth. A small lamp attached to the top of the instrument cast delicate shadows around the room and illuminated only the area directly around Tony. His fingers hovered just above the shining black and white keys, playing across them in a series of intricate weaves and patterns while Tony swayed back and forth as if under some unseen spell. A large set of headphones covered his ears and if any sound was coming from them, none escaped to be heard beyond the privacy of Tony's head.

Gibbs approached slowly, both mesmerized by the scene and hesitant to disrupt it. If Dinozzo was aware of his presence he gave no indication and he jumped when Jethro placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"How long have you been there?" Tony said, nearly shouting.

Gibbs tapped the side of his head and DiNozzo pulled the earphones off with an apologetic wince.

"Sorry, Gibbs. I kinda forget that I have them on sometimes."

"S'okay. What are you doing up?" he asked. Tony made room for him on the bench beside him and Gibbs placed one leg on each side, straddling the end.

"Woke up about an hour ago and couldn't turn my brain back off. Just too worked up, I guess."

"And this?" He mimicked the movements of Tony's fingers across the keys.

"Helps me sleep sometimes. Playing along with a little Miles Davis is better than warm milk or a shot of Jack most of the time as far as I'm concerned. I didn't want to wake you." He gestured to the headphones.

"Was it working?" Gibbs pushed the robe aside and rested his palm on the bare skin of Tony's thigh. He could feel the coiled tension in the younger man's muscles as he began to rub slow circles against his flesh.

"Mmm…not as well as that." He widened his knees a little more, giving Jethro room.

Gibbs kept up the motion of his right hand and used the left to tug the robe from Tony's shoulders and down his arms, letting the top of it fall loosely to the floor behind them. Jethro could have spent a quiet year or two contemplating the exquisite expanse of Tony's beautiful back but he was suddenly aching to touch. Pressing his fingers to the base of the younger man's spine and sweeping upward, he moved his palm in a slowly widening his arc until he traced a path across his shoulders and down each flank in an ever expanding figure 8 pattern.

"Feels so good," Tony sighed, pressing back into the support of Jethro's hand to deepen the pressure slightly.

DiNozzo's breath caught as Gibbs' fingers slipped beneath the edge of his boxers and crept just slightly closer to the apex of his thighs. He could already see that Tony was hard, the tip of his cock having pushed out of the flap in his cotton boxers. His own dick was stirring slightly in response to some of Tony's guttural groans but he thought it more likely a memory than a promise at this point.

He felt the younger man's muscles relaxing beneath his touch but Tony's breathing only became shallower and more rapid, his skin more heated and flushed with awakening arousal. Gibbs wanted more of the younger man's body, wanted free access to explore.

Without warning, Jethro rose quickly, laughing at the tiny whine of disappointment as he pulled his hands away. Tony tried to follow but he placed a hand on the younger man's shoulder and encouraged him to stay where he was.

"Turn this way and lie back." He prompted Tony to sit sideways on the bench as he had done and then tugged his hips so there was enough room for him to lie down. The robe beneath him acted as a cushion against the wood and allowed him to slide easily along the polished surface.

"This is very 'Pretty Woman' of you, Jethro," Tony quipped as he bent his arm and placed a hand behind his head for support.

"Don't remember this in the song," Gibbs looked up as he stooped and pulled DiNozzo's boxers down over his long legs, tossing them carelessly to the side.

"No, not the…never mind. I like it. You just…you surprise me sometimes, Gibbs."

From the undisguised hunger in Tony's voice, there was no question that this was a good thing as far as he was concerned.

Jethro licked his lips as he took in the length of Tony's body stretched along the bench. Smooth muscle met softly rounded edges in appealing places and the angle of the light created interesting shadows and glinted off the moisture at the tip of his weeping cock. He leaned in and traced a tentative finger up the pulsing vein that marked Tony's length. DiNozzo's eyes fluttered closed when Gibbs began teasing at his head, circling the sensitive ridge.

"Top drawer next to the bed," Tony managed breathlessly, wincing slightly when Jethro closed his fist and made a preliminary stroke.

Jethro understood immediately. His own dick was feeling a little punished by all the use it was getting and he should have realized Tony was feeling the same.

Nodding, he made his way back to the bedroom and found the drawer in the near darkness. He flipped on the bedside lamp for just a moment and squinted against the harsh glare, pawing toward the back of the drawer until his fingers closed on a small tube. There were several other things in the drawer as well and he smiled with wicked curiosity as he selected a short, curved vibrator with an odd flat base he hadn't seen on a sex toy before. At his age, he was no stranger to motorized equipment in the bedroom but he'd never seen anything designed specifically for a man.

Quickly switching off the light, he waited a few seconds for his eyes to adjust and then stepped back into the living room. Tony looked like he had been ripped from the canvas of a strikingly sensual portrait. Lying wantonly spread-eagle on the dark bench, ring of light framing the space around him as his fingers lightly traced his cock in long, lingering arcs, he was absolutely stunning and Jethro was forced to swallow the slowly rising lump in his throat. How had he ever worried for one second that he wouldn't be sexually attracted to this man?

The way Tony watched ravenously as he approached sent a chill up his spine and a strong pulse to his cock. He still doubted he was up for another round without some serious refueling but his dick was doing it's damnest to prove him wrong. He concealed the vibrator in his hand with the aid of his wrist and stooped to set it and the lube on the floor beside the bench, out of DiNozzo's sight.

"Hey," he whispered, shucking his boxers over his hips before he placed his palms beneath Tony's knees and slid onto the bench between his legs, sitting upright and draping one heavily muscled thigh over each of his own.

"Hey," Tony echoed, tucking his hands into the small of his back and resting his weight on them, almost as if he was bound.

Jethro's cock twitched at the display of trust. Tony was completely open before him, spread wide, utterly and deliciously vulnerable and his entire body was twitching with the need to touch him, to explore and mark every inch of the flesh his lover offered so freely.

Surprised to find that his hands were shaking slightly, he pressed them flat to the cut of Tony's hips and closed his eyes, tuning into the feeling of muscles bunching and shifting beneath his fingertips as DiNozzo drew a broken breath and arched into his touch.

"Relax," Gibbs breathed, drawing out the word on his tongue. Sliding his palms to cup Tony's waist, he let his thumbs ghost over the outline of each one of the younger man's ribs as he pushed up along his flanks. He was still getting accustomed to feeling chest hair while making love but he exalted in these silken expanses of the skin beneath his fingertips, curling in just slightly to graze Tony with his nails.

When he reached the lightly pebbled skin of DiNozzo's nipples he rubbed slow circles in tandem, rasping the ridged pad of his thumb over sensitive flesh until it peaked beneath his touch and Tony bit off a strangled moan.

Jethro marveled at the responsiveness of Tony's body, delighting in every quiver, every tremor of muscle and sinew. Gibbs was a man who experienced life through his hands, a tactile thrill seeker who savored each texture, every tickle along his nerve fibers. The materials he usually used to sate his sensory demands were lifeless, passive, but the flesh beneath his palms was unquestionably alive, pulsing with energy that travelled up through his fingertips to feed his mounting desire. His cock was rock hard now, throbbing as each delicious sensation swept through him, ravaged his senses like nothing he could remember.

He let his fingers dance across his lover's skin relentlessly, memorized each peak of bone, every heated valley, slope, and plain, learned the places that made Tony gasp and squirm and beg. His thumbs lovingly traced the cut of the younger man's jaw, lingered at the hammering pulse point below it, swept fleetingly over the hollow of his throat, the arc of his clavicle as Tony bucked and quivered, his senses reaching overload.

Stunned at just how turned on he was by the sheer eroticism of the moment, Jethro finally brought his hands back to Tony's belly, let his fingers slip through the gossamer strands that trailed from the tip of his cock before he reached down to pick up the items he had retrieved from the bedroom earlier.

"Jethro," Tony's voice was thick, awed, desperate, overflowing with all the all of the passion he had no voice for.

Placing the lube and vibrator in the small space between their bodies on the bench, Gibbs arced forward, brought his lips to the tiny hollow of Tony's sternum and opened his mouth against heated skin, worshiping the body beneath him as he traced a long slow arc across DiNozzo's ribs with his tongue.

"Tastes like…mine," he breathed in awe, holding tight as the younger man's entire body trembled violently at his words.

With a last lingering lap at Tony's flesh, he sat up, his breath catching at the sight of moisture leaking from beneath DiNozzo's lashes.

"You okay?" he asked gently, afraid he may have pushed too far.

Tony's adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed, working moisture back into his mouth. "Please don't stop," he begged, his voice a stripped rasp of emotion. "Never had anyone…not like this." The muscles in his thighs tightened, trying to bring him closer to Gibbs' body.

"Thought we might try this," Gibbs held the vibrator where Tony could see it, saw the younger man's damp eyes widen in surprise.

Tony nodded mutely, licking his lips in anticipation as Jethro fumbled slightly with the bottle in his other hand.

The vibrator had a cord which led to a control with a small dial. Gibbs wasn't unfamiliar with the mechanics of such things and he quickly used his thumb to turn it to a low setting, savoring the pleasant hum of the toy in his palm. Slicking the fingers of one hand, he reached down and teased at Tony's hole while he slid the vibrator across his balls and up the shaft of his cock.

"Oh fuck," Tony swore as his whole body tried to come up off the bench when Jethro slipped the tip of one finger inside of him.

Moving in and out teasingly, Gibbs ran the toy up and down the length of Tony's dick in agonizingly slow motion, alternately tantalizing the underside of his head and pressing it hard against the wide, sensitive base in rough circles. Tony finally freed his hands from the small of his back and clasped Jethro's thighs, digging flat nails into his skin convulsively.

The younger man was reduced to whimpers and needy, plaintive moans when he dipped the vibrator beneath the thin skin of his balls, pushing up into the bundle of nerves there before moving it down to his slicked-up hole.

"This feel good?" Jethro murmured hotly, pressing the vibrating core of the toy against Tony's hungry opening. "Want it inside you? Want me to fuck you with it?" He didn't know where the words were coming from. He wasn't one for dirty talk but he was so lost in Tony, so caught up in his own carnality that they flowed from his lips without conscious thought.

The mute nod of the younger man's head was the only response forthcoming but at this point he didn't really need an answer. Turning off the vibration for a minute, he focused on Tony's face as he pushed the shaft of it into his body. The tight mix of pain and hedonistic desire playing across the younger man's features had an endless flow of precum leaking from his own cock, trickling down to tickle his balls and hover maddeningly in cooling drops around his taint.

Tony's body shook when the tip of the vibrator reached his prostate. The wide base of it was pressed flat against his hole now and Jethro gripped it by the thick ring on its underside, pushing it in and out with fluid, twisting arcs of his wrist that grazed his own cock as well. His thumb flicked the control wheel hard on his next thrust, sending a crushing jolt of sensation through DiNozzo's body and ripping a guttural cry from his lips.

The younger man's hand flew to the base of his cock and he tightened his fingers quick and hard, choking off the orgasm that was a breath away from being totally beyond his control.

Gibbs read the signs, flicked off the vibrator again until Tony's muscles relaxed a little and his breathing became more regular. Eventually, DiNozzo's eyes fluttered open and he gave a weak nod, letting Jethro know it was okay to continue.

Restraint was something he had very little left of at the moment but he used every ounce he could muster to turn the dial slowly now, ratcheting up the speed of the vibrator little by little as he worked it in and out of Tony's body.

The build was fast this time. DiNozzo's throaty moans rapidly became more desperate, more regular and Jethro finally put a hand to his own cock feeling the surprisingly eager need for his own release building swiftly.

"Need you," Tony panted helplessly, totally caught up in his own ecstasy as Gibbs fucked him mercilessly with the vibrator. "ohshit-ohplease-Jethro-please-please-fuck!" he cried, pushing into each stroke.

With a strangled and desperate growl, Jethro tore the toy from Tony's body, tossed it somewhere in the room where it continued to hum over the pounding of blood in his ears. Hands shaking, muscles twisting, he pulled hard at Tony's hips until his ass was pretty much in his lap and then fitted the tip of his straining cock to DiNozzo's still open hole, pushing in as far as he could in one smooth stroke that nearly shattered him.

The angle was awkward but Tony clutched at his forearms and they wrapped themselves around eachother, driving, wrenching, straining. A few frantic and violent thrusts and he was there, poised on the brink, desperate to taste the release he'd thought impossible only a short while ago. Tony twisted against him, fucked himself further onto Jethro's cock as Gibbs' balls tightened impossibly. He wanted to scream, to curse, to howl, but there was suddenly no air, no breath as crushing heat tightened around him in a death grip.

The younger man's cry as he came was a wretchedly beautiful and broken thing, half-anguish and half-ecstasy. It sang in his ears and made his blood boil hotter but Jethro's reckless fascination with it was short lived as the contractions around his cock set off his own intensely sharp and powerful orgasm and he was lost to the surge of it, pulled under by the overpowering tide as he came in series of shuddering brutal thrusts accompanied by crude animal grunts that erupted from someplace deep inside him. He was powerless against his body's primal response until need released its hold on him and he slumped forward, utterly spent and boneless. One of Tony's hands came up and stroked limply through his hair, settled briefly on the back of his neck before sliding down lifelessly.

Jethro gradually became aware of Tony's continued shudders as he softened and slipped from his body with a wince. The seat was now digging painfully into his thighs, probably had been for some time though it had been beyond the scope of his senses, and the vibrator continued to hum happily in some distant corner of the living room. He put a hand to Tony's ribs, stroking soothingly. The younger man's stomach and chest were a mess, covered in thick pools of cum and some of it had even run down his sides.

"Gonna get up now, okay? Clean you up," he said softly. Tony had draped his arm across his eyes, shielding them from the light which was just too much to bear in his heightened state of sensation but he nodded mutely, lifting his legs slightly so Gibbs could slide out from under him.

Jethro's own legs were more than a little rubbery and he took a moment to make sure they would support him before leaning over to turn off the light on the piano. There was enough dim light coming in under the curtains and blinds to make navigating the apartment possible and he made a quick grab for the vibrator, turning it off and tossing it onto a shelf as he made his way to the bathroom.

He made short work of finding a washcloth and returning to Tony. Taking care in cleaning him up as gently as he could, avoiding more sensitive areas. Tony was breathing evenly now, coming down. "Okay now?" he asked.

DiNozzo cleared his throat before answering. "Okay," he confirmed. "Better than okay. Just need a minute." He brought his hand down, rested it on Gibb's forearm reassuringly a moment before finally sitting up.

A few moments and a few shaky steps later and they were back in bed. Gibbs pulled the younger man closer and felt him tremble with tiny aftershocks. "Think you can sleep now?" Jethro mumbled close to his ear.

"Sleep? I was actually considering a light coma," Tony sighed, pushing back into him a bit.

Gibbs glanced at the bedside clock. "You've got about 3 hours."

"Got it, Boss," He yawned, ignoring Jethro's rule about keeping the 'Boss' out of the bedroom.

The moment needed something. Something he wasn't sure he could find words for. "Tony…" he started, throat choking off the rest of the sentence.

"Me too, Jethro."

Tony saved him, placed a hand lightly over his and curled his fingers around Jethro's own. He lingered on the edge of consciousness until the younger man's breathing became deep and even and drifted into a dreamless sleep with the scent of Tony filling his head.

So yeah, Tony wouldn't be Tony without a little self-sabotage.

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