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Itachi woke up ready to crawl under his bed, naturally he suspected a sudden earthquake, he should have been used to Sasuke's cruel ways of waking him.

"I'm up." He groaned batting a sleepy arm at where he presumed his younger brother was leaning over him, robbing him of his night dreams, shaking his shoulders too roughly.

"You are late, the breakfast is waiting and dad wants a word with you." There was a pause long enough so Itachi could sit up and rub his eyes lazily not even trying to look at his sibling. "Maybe you should stop having nightly conversations with Hidan, then you wouldn't have problems waking up."

Itachi got out of the bed going straight for the bathroom, not missing the chance to ruffle Sasuke's black hair on his way out of the room, not because he wanted to it was a payback for smart-ass behaviour. And sure enough Sasuke glared and huffed annoyed, it just made Itachi chuckle.


He met Hidan at the school gates as usual where they proceeded together till the first period begun for both of them, they had no classes together because of the age difference but Itachi didn't mind that, Hidan would be a distraction in classes, that much he was sure of.

The hell Hidan already was a distraction, sending him messages saying how boring the class was and how the teacher reminded him of a starved chicken with verbal disorder. Itachi couldn't help but laugh.

The random messages had been weird for Itachi at the beginning but now after all this time he was sure he couldn't really live without them... or Hidan. But it was best to keep this bit of information to himself. Hidan had enough of ego.

After Itachi was finished with classes he went for the library to kill the hour he had to wait for Hidan to be finished too, that he didn't mind either he managed to do some homework so he wouldn't have to bother too much over the weekend and Hidan didn't have any homework problems either, he just didn't bother with such trivial matters. Itachi smirked, he was the best friend of a delinquent, while he himself was the school's so called genius and all and all the perfect boy.

On the inside it made Itachi feel like he was rebelling against the order and in a way he was, his father never approved of the friendship and at some point had tried to persuade Itachi to leave it behind...so maybe Itachi really was rebelling at the beginning, now it was beyond that... now he just cared too much for Hidan to care for rebellions.

Besides... Hidan was fun and Itachi could honestly say that being bored with Hidan was way better than being bored by himself.

Itachi was about to flip the page of his book eager to scribble down the next smart sentence it would provide, his posture tense on the not-too-comfortable library chair, all too familiar and pale hand slapped the book shut. "You're finished with that crap."

Huffing in mild annoyance Itachi re-opened the book not even looking at his friend standing beside him. "I'm almost finished, sit down and wait."

Itachi's annoyed huffing was nothing compared to Hidan's groan of major distaste, the groan meaning something like 'damn, you're lame Itachi.'

Itachi glanced at Hidan then taking in the faded jeans and black shirt, the well defined body as Hidan slumped on the chair, the violet eyes looking to the side where two girls were definitely trying to get Hidan's attention, Itachi smirked when Hidan openly rolled the same violet eyes and then looked at the ceiling obviously counting the seconds till Itachi would say they could get out of here.

Itachi had somehow grew fond of the guy he couldn't pin point the quality in Hidan that made him feel almost...almost inadequate but...

Well... then he remembered the last night conversation, Itachi cleared his throat and went back to scribbling his notes about Cold war. He should say something, but there was really no point, Hidan would just grin in his face and make him feel awkward about it and the urge to hit Hidan had faded over the night.

The girls to their left giggled loud enough for Itachi to twitch in his chair and cast an annoyed glare their way, they weren't looking at him, they were eyballing Hidan, snorting Itachi slapped his book shut and stood up gathering his stuff.

Hidan was already up breathing out in relief and walking for the door, somehow it made Itachi look at the girls and maybe he smirked a bit... just a bit.

Itachi was far from being dumb, he had long since noticed that Hidan paid little attention to people in general, even less so when it came to the females. Of course Itachi had noticed, it would be hard not to having to spend so much time with the platinum blonde.

He never mentioned it... Itachi hated to feel awkward. And if he would ask, Hidan would tell the truth, the guy had no sense of shame and it was scary...what the truth might be. So Itachi didn't ask.

The lack of shame was the basic ingredient of Hidan...really it was and Itachi sometimes still couldn't figure out it was a good or a bad thing.

Surrounded by strangers it made him feel embarrassed most of the times, when Hidan cussed loudly and rather colourfully doing something as simple as buying a can of soda. But there were times when Itachi couldn't help but think it was a good kind of thing.

Hidan was honest as honest can be. It was a rarity.

"Where to?" Itachi inquired as they took the usual route after school, it led to both of their homes and whatever Hidan would answer Itachi would go with it because it really didn't matter.

"I thought we could go get some food, I skipped lunch at school."

Itachi nodded, he always skipped his lunch and since it was afternoon already he felt really hungry so they took turn for the left and found themselves in a small and cosy coffee/bistro place.

It was quiet, the food was good, Itachi appreciated the comfortable chairs and it never took more than ten minutes for their order to be in front of their faces.

This time wasn't an acceptation and Itachi dig in his chocolate cake with a small whimper, okay so it wasn't the manliest thing he could have ordered but what a guy's to do when he's a sweet tooth.

He was too busy enjoying the sweet treat to mind about Hidan snickering at him, Itachi gave a scornful look to Hidan's meal which consisted of fries and some sort of suspicious looking sauce.

"Sometimes you should eat something...more serious Itachi." Hidan said popping a fry in his mouth and chewing it heartily, giving Itachi's almost-gone cake just as scornful look.

Itachi didn't pay attention, he had a cake that needed to be devoured as soon as possible, he scooped another morsel on his fork and opened his mouth... that's when Hidan pushed a fry in his mouth. "Here, try it."

The first thing Itachi did was bite down on Hidan's fingers and then choked from the surprise.

He really wanted to spit the salty fry right in Hidan's face but that would surely make people stare at him more than they already were, with his black eyes turning murderous he chewed the fry keeping the gagging back when the sweet taste of chocolate mixed with the oily salty taste of the disgusting fry.

With his mouth empty enough to speak without spitting food everywhere he spluttered. "Do you fucking mind?"

"Liked it?" Hidan asked shaking with laughter looking at him as if he was the greatest amusement ever.

"No I didn't." he growled grabbing the glass of coke, washing down the remains and hastily filling his mouth with more cake...that was much better.

When the cake was gone Itachi got another glass of coke and emptied it while waiting for Hidan to be done.

Sipping the drink he looked around... somehow when they were together they always got attention from everybody, be it girls or guys or old grannies.

The costumers sitting one table before them were young group of teenagers laughing and obviously having a great time, yet still Itachi noticed one of the guys give sideways looks to him more often than he would like.

Itachi was that way... he noticed.

Hidan never noticed anything, or if he did he never acted like he did and if Itachi ever said something like 'did you see how that girl was staring?' Hidan just shrugged and then made a rude comment.

When Itachi had emptied the glass and Hidan was still lazily munching on fries he stole Hidan's glass, emptying that too.

Afterwards they decided to head for Hidan's place, mostly because Hidan lived alone and even if Hidan was welcome at Itachi's home there was no denying that Itachi's father more than once had ruined their fun.

Itachi couldn't wait till he would be old enough to live by himself, it seemed like heaven, he would miss his brother and the great cooking skills of his mother and after thirty years he might even start missing his father's scolding, but he doubted that.

Hidan always took ages to unlock the door, it was like the guy was awkward with keys, the bundle only had four but still Hidan used three wrong ones before hitting the real one, Itachi was fidgeting and apparently Hidan did notice something time to time because he got a questioning look to which he just shook his head rushing past Hidan when the door was finally open.

Kicking off his shoes he abandoned them in the middle of the hallway half running for the bathroom, few more moments and he would have embarrassed himself. He heard Hidan laugh as he slammed the bathroom door shut behind himself.

Still in the bathroom Itachi heard the door bell and then heard Hidan cussing and yelling that he is coming, damn it.

The conversation after that was loud enough for Itachi to hear each word.

"Hey Hidan... you alone?" the voice belonged to Kakuzu, a friend. Well more like Hidan's friend, Itachi always got the feeling he is not liked when Kakuzu was around, he couldn't explain it despite his expert observation skills. Kakuzu had never said anything, never had showed dislike or anything, there was just something Itachi felt from the big guy that made him...careful.

He felt bad about it because Hidan and Kakuzu were great pals, sure they argued a lot and Kakuzu treated Hidan like a younger brother but it was endearing. He liked to watch them, he just felt bad whenever Kakuzu looked at him with somewhat dark look as if Itachi was some sort of Evil. And even though Itachi never tried for anyone to like him he had tried with Kakuzu just because he was friends with Hidan, but all his tries were dodged and in the end he just felt like shit because he didn't know what the reason was for it

"No, Itachi is here. What's up?"

"We're having a party."

Itachi was drying his hands in a towel hearing Hidan make an interested grunt.

"Yeah? Where?"

"Here." Kakuzu replied simply walking past Hidan just when Itachi reappeared in the hallway, he saw Hidan grin about Kakuzu's way of sorting things before he slammed the door shut and joined them in the living room.

Kakuzu had greeted Itachi with a miniscule nod and then acted sort of like he didn't exist turning to Hidan completely. "Pein is picking up Sasori, should be here anytime soon."

Hidan nodded as usual ignorant about the obvious way Kakuzu was pushing Itachi out.

Itachi didn't say anything but when Hidan left to go for his room to do whatever (not like Hidan explained) he felt the urge to just go get in Kakuzu's face and ask what the problem was. He really hadn't done anything. And Hidan had never mentioned anything either.

It was gnawing at his nerves and just because of that Itachi never fully enjoyed the times spent with Hidan's friends. Though Pein and Sasori was another thing, they were nice Itachi had no problems admitting that.

Pein was maybe a bit too serious for his own good, acting like the father most of the times, even Itachi got scolded by the ginger once, he hadn't enjoyed that very much but Sasori had advised him to ignore it for his own sanity's sake. And no matter how pushy and serious Pein was Itachi had no doubt about Pein meaning only well. He couldn't say the same about Kakuzu.

But Itachi enjoyed Pein's and Sasori's company, they sometimes made him feel awkward and he hated that but he could live with it.

The thing was that...well Pein and Sasori were friends, maybe they were best friends, Itachi didn't know and didn't snoop into it but since he noticed things he couldn't help but feel the sparks between those two... and... that was where it was awkward for him.

He tried to not see anything, act like he was blind and deaf around Pein and Sasori... but it was hard.

He wasn't against such things, definitely no. it was just that the two redheads strangely reminded him of Hidan and himself.

Itachi sighed sitting on the couch not even looking at the silent Kakuzu, knowing well enough that the guy won't start a conversation with him, never did.

Well Itachi wouldn't either, he was done with trying to get the guy warm up to him. Maybe Kakuzu just considered him a brat, it was possible since the guy was older, an adult actually and Itachi couldn't deny the maturity but it wasn't like he was immature, Hidan was much more immature than him...

There was one thing cluing him in on Kakuzu's attitude, but he was unsure about it. Weeks ago he had used Hidan's cell to text his mother and it so happened he 'accidentally' read one message Kakuzu had sent to Hidan, it didn't explain a single thing, didn't ask a question, it was just a plain 'pull your shit together, Hidan I'm tired of hearing it.' It wasn't even related to him but there was the thing that Hidan had seemed just fine to him, which meant that possibly Hidan was hiding something.

It stung but he never asked questions about it, if Hidan had some problems and didn't want to share them with him then it was the way it would be.


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