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The morning came soon enough, Itachi's day started with a string of incoherent sounds, His vision blurry and his head mildly thudding. He wasn't very good with alcohol and the morning after. Especially if he had spent the night still in his clothes and above the sheets not under them, it was enough to put Itachi in a bad mood.

Sitting up and rubbing his face he looked to his side, they both Hidan and him were the fidgety sleepers, Itachi more so and Hidan close behind, so they had ended up with Itachi sleeping on the edge of the queen sized bed while Hidan had sprawled all over the remaining space, with a hand on Itachi's jean-clad tight.

Itachi took a second to smirk about Hidan's messed hair and the slightly opened mouth, well at least his friend wasn't a snorer. Hidan's eyes moved as if in a dream and Itachi wondered is Hidan dreaming of something silly like size-changing-hammers again.

Remembering the drama he caused last night Itachi sighed. But Hidan had promised to talk to Kakuzu today, maybe he would get some answers.

He was about to get out of the bed and head for the bathroom when Hidan stirred, groaning and sliding the hand over to his knee just to guide it back up the next moment, getting dangerously close to his more private areas, and they were rather lively in the mornings.

Scooting away and that way having to get out of the bed Itachi gulped and trailed for the bathroom Hidan was still stirring, the face disappearing into the pillows but Itachi thought he saw a grin.

He was surprised to hear voices in the kitchen as he passed it to get for the bathroom, but that mystery would have to be sorted later.

When he got out of the bathroom after making himself appear somewhat decent he went for the kitchen. His long black hair fixed in his usual pony tail, though today it was a bit fluffier than usual.

The voices in the kitchen belonged to a silent Pein sipping black coffee and watching everything around with those piercing, sharp eyes. Kakuzu, groggily pouring coffee for himself and Sasori yawning, nibbling on what seemed to be a chocolate chipped cookie. The childish action made Itachi smirk, he had the same habit to nibble on cookies.

"Hey..." that was all he could get out in the mornings and he didn't get much more in return anyway. Kakuzu didn't acknowledge him in any way. Sasori nodded and Pein sort of blinked or something similar to that.

He went for the table, returning the favour and ignoring the broad shouldered man standing right next to him as he filled the mugs with steaming coffee, putting obnoxious amount of sugar into his and leaving the other slightly bitter. He knew Hidan would be up soon.

And he was right because Itachi didn't even manage to sit down before Hidan strolled in the kitchen, the platinum hair sticking in the air in a funny way and eyes barely open.

Smirking Itachi extended his arm with the mug of bitter coffee, it was grabbed out of his hands like a treasure, Hidan took a gulp and then discarded the cup for the table and went for the bathroom, Itachi knew his friend wouldn't be back for a while, Hidan appreciated morning showers while Itachi appreciated the evening ones.

Water didn't work well with his mornings.

"Looks like Hidan had a rough night." Kakuzu said and Itachi at first not understanding, wondered why Pein gave the large man a scolding look, but then it clicked because Sasori doubled the force of cookie-nibbling and there surely was the faintest of blushes on Sasori's usually so pale cheeks.

The petite redhead usually restrained from any kind of comments or showing clearly understandable emotions but Itachi had figured out the most of Sasori's traits and blushing usually meant just one thing, sex was involved.

He was too shocked to stand for his absent friend and he didn't know what to do with himself now, it would have been nice if he could disappear in thin air, the way everyone thought it was amusing except him...it was making him feel mocked and these guys were supposed to be his friends.

"Very funny." He finally said putting as much indifference and sarcasm in those words as he could without giving anyone a reason to believe he was picking fights again, he put another spoonful of sugar in his coffee, stirring it lazily.

"Should have known you can't take a joke, Itachi."

"Yeah, you're the most humorous around here, that's for sure." Itachi put his share in quietly and if honest he thought that only Kakuzu would be able to hear it, standing by the coffee-machine with him but apparently that wasn't so. Sasori snorted and shared looks with Pein who looked a bit amused and then a bit worried.

Kakuzu however was the one who looked like he didn't hear a thing, the man stole a quick glance at the wrist watch, scowled and then kept just standing there as if waiting for something. Itachi knew that Kakuzu was waiting for Hidan to return from the shower so he could say goodbye... how sweet.

Itachi felt his mood getting more rotten by the second.

When Hidan reappeared in the kitchen Itachi remained where he was while watching Kakuzu do exactly what he thought the man would. Hidan received few claps on the naked back for a goodbye and then Kakuzu was leaving.

Itachi finished with the coffee went back for Hidan's bedroom. He felt like a teenage girl...he didn't even have the right, but Hidan had promised... kind of.

He found his cell under one of Hidan's pillows, the display showing he had a new message from his little brother, opening it he read the few words telling him to get back home before their father would make a fuss.

It was Itachi's plan anyway, he still had homework to do or if he didn't he could always find some.

As clueless as Hidan sometimes was, there were times when Itachi didn't have to say a word.

"Itachi, I will talk to him later, c'mon I don't even think there's a need to...don't show such sore face."

To emphasise how this conversation didn't matter to him Itachi shrugged. "It's not a big deal, it is just annoying."

Good thing he chose to look at his platinum haired friend then, Hidan was looking for a fresh layer of clothes it seemed, rummaging through the closet so Itachi could only see the profile but it was enough...

Hidan looked guilty.

There was something Itachi was missing and he couldn't stand that feeling, he wanted to pray and nag till he would hear it all with no little bits left out.


Pein's voice coming from outside the room interrupted him. "We're leaving...see you both on Monday."

"Yeah okay." Hidan didn't pay attention, Itachi could see and then his friend found what he was looking for. Jeans, the comfortable kind...the soft ones, Itachi remembered Hidan teasing him about his choice of garment for countless times but these jeans weren't baggy either... Itachi kind of liked them on Hidan.

When Hidan dropped the towel that had been secured around the hips Itachi turned away, there was just something that always made him turn away. He was different than Hidan when it came to this, Hidan had no qualms to drop all the clothes even if he, Pein or damn Kakuzu was watching.

Itachi on the other hand always looked for a place where no one could see his naked bits, Hidan had mocked that fact too, telling him that they were both guys and then had slapped him right on his ass adding that he was beautiful and had no reason to hide anything.

Such things just made him bite his lips in frustration. There should be a limit for teasing or at least there should be a way to tell when Hidan was just teasing and when the words meant something.

When he turned back his friend was sporting the grey jeans, Itachi couldn't help but notice how they hugged the strong legs, the muscles showing just slightly, Hidan had such perfect body that Itachi was sometimes jealous and sometimes it just gave him all the wrong ideas.

And at times when Itachi started to think that it would be a great idea to touch Hidan... well any wall looked good enough to bang his stupid head against at those times.

"Put on a shirt." He shouldn't have said it... shouldn't have. Because he knew Hidan didn't wear those when at home and he mentioning it was just another drop of fuel for Hidan's way of thinking.

"Why? I'm too sexy to look upon, is that what it is?"

"Yes of course, Romeo...c'mon I'm going home, Sasuke already texted, which reminds me Sasuke wanted some help with school stuff about Romeo and Juliet."

Hidan snorted and rolled the magenta eyes at the ceiling it was followed by another snort and it was more than enough for Itachi to understand that Hidan was very negative about something.

"What? Gonna say how helping my younger brother is gay or something?" actually Itachi knew Hidan would do no such thing, mostly because Itachi would put an ugly dent in Hidan's skull then, but besides that Itachi suspected Hidan liking Sasuke, Hidan after all didn't have anyone, there was a father somewhere out there but Hidan barely ever met the man and Hidan's smile while talking to Sasuke was enough for Itachi.

"No, Romeo and Juliet are gay."

Itachi pulled both his eyebrows up at that, it was sort of funny because Hidan was Hidan and the way the guy was being all serious about such matter amused him.

"There is nothing gay about Romeo and Juliet...it is sort of...beautiful if you look at it the right way."

Another snort from Hidan as that one came to stand right before him, looking at him as if he would be a complete idiot. "Yeah Itachi, well sorry how old was the stupid chick? Fourteen? They didn't even know what love is and then to commit a suicide, never even as much as giving a though how their parents would feel...egoistic little self pitying fucks, that's what they were."

Itachi could argue with his cold and always serious father but he could not with Hidan when Hidan was so damn serious and...spiteful, Itachi could only stare and then he sort of stepped back, clearing his throat. "I doubt that that is the right way to look at it."

"No, it is the realistic one...tch, whatever." the little laugh at the end was familiar to Itachi, Hidan did it every time the subject was uncomfortable and every time it indicated the end of the subject.

"I'm going, you can clean up this mess alone." Itachi said at the front door, his black eyes sliding over the scattered glasses of half consumed drinks and random things laying out of their usual places.

"As if... it will wait for you."

Itachi shrugged, that would most likely be the case, he would be the one cleaning up whenever, because Hidan simply wouldn't. How he managed to stay friends with the guy it was a mystery to him most of the times.

Smiling he waved and stepped out hearing the door click shut behind him, Hidan would spend the day lazing around that much he knew for sure, at the evening Hidan might come by at his place for dinner, it wasn't a rare occasion.

Itachi liked when Hidan stayed for dinner, he couldn't explain it but it just...made him happy and his mother being the caring mother she was could see it because she always treated Hidan with warmness even when the guy said impolite things without meaning to.

Itachi made it down the apartment steps and down the road, it was a short walk... he would prefer a longer one today to clear his head and to think on things a bit. But then again it was always nice to go home when there was a younger brother greeting you with a splendid smile and forceful hug around your waist.

When Itachi's pocket started vibrating for the second time he pried Sasuke's arms around him away and took out his cell, the first message was from Hidan.

'Update on the menu.'

Smiling faintly Itachi typed a fast answer 'ribs'... he could always arrange with his mother and then say that it was actually on their menu for today. No way Hidan would say 'no' to Mikoto's cooked ribs.

The other message was from Sasori and it caused a slight line to appear on Itachi's forehead.

'Want to talk. Monday before classes, yes?'

Automatically Itachi typed a 'yes' and then got his attention back to his little brother.


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