Hey Guys, Traindude1997 here. With the success of my "Human Thomas and Friends Stories", I have decided to write a human version of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad". THIS IS NOT PART OF MY OTHER HUMAN THOMAS STORIES. Hope you enjoy it.

Human Thomas and the Magic Railroad

'Hello, I'm Mr. Conductor, and I'm going to tell you a story about trains, folks far apart, and the magic railroad that brought them together.'

(A teen on a skateboard rides into view. He is shooting down the sidewalk towards Tidmouth)

'Every story, wherever you look, has its heroes. Met Thomas, he's our number one hero.' "Hello" said Thomas. 'But, he's running a little late today.'

(Then shows an engine passing by a water mill). 'This is the island of Sodor, where Thomas and his friends live. It's at one end of my special universe. "Hello Thomas" said James as he and his engine passed by. "Hello James" Thomas replied back from the platform. "Morning Percy" Thomas said as Percy's engine pulled into the station. "Morning Thomas" said Percy from the cab of his engine.

'I like helping out here, by the invitation of STH of course.'

One day, Gordon was waiting for Thomas at a station. Gordon tapped his foot and looked at the clock. "Five, six, seven, eight" said Gordon. Then Thomas and his engine arrived with Annie and Clarabel in the coaches. "Who do we appreciate, practicing your numbers Gordon, that's a good way to keep up in school" said Thomas as he walked onto the platform. Gordon huffed "I'm counting how many seconds late you are. What does that sign say". And he pointed to a sign near Thomas.

"Sodor railway, really reliable, and right on time" said Thomas. "Hu" huffed Gordon. "Signed, head of the railway, STH" finished Thomas.

"But you weren't on time little Thomas" said Gordon. "And your being bossy Gordon. Now please excuse me, Mr. Conductor is coming and I am taking my engine to collect him. He's looking over the railway, while STH takes a much needed holiday" said Thomas. "Well I think we can take care of the railway ourselves" said Gordon.

Suddenly, they heard yelling. "Get out of my way" called someone, and then a big diesel engine with a claw on top rushed past the station. This caused Thomas, Gordon, and their engines to be covered in dirt. "I have unfinished business here, and I want to finish it fast" called the diesels driver.

"Diesel 10's back, oh" said Gordon, he was so frightened he was shaking. Thomas brushed the dust off him. "Yes, ten out of ten, for criminal deeds and brutal strength. The blast from the past, who hates all those who drive steam engines" said Thomas. Gordon stopped shaking and turned to Thomas, "Maybe, we do need Mr. Conductor here after all, on time to".

'At the other end of my universe, far away across oceans of time. Up and over Muffle Mountain, and hidden deep in a valley, is my home town… Shining Time.'

Every now and then
There appears a sign
That points just round the bend
To a place you'll find
Covered in clover
The magic comes over you
Showing up right on time

This is your shining time
Climbing through stars to
your own cloud nine!
Soft strokes of lightning
Paint the skies brightening
Up all your shining time

(Thomas' engine is then shown crossing the Viaduct)

'And by the way, I think that you're going to help me and Thomas somewhere in this story.'
"If Diesel has unfinished business, there's shure to be trouble right around the corner" said Thomas as he drove his engine towards Tidmouth.

At Tidmouth sheds, James had just put his engine away. Now, he was trying to get a fly away from him. "Sandal fly, boo fly, shoo fly that's it" he said waving his arms at the fly. Then Thomas engine reverses towards a set of buffers by the shed. "Better still, buzz off" said James as Thomas' engine hit the buffers at a high speed. Thomas was flung to the floor. "Botheration" said Thomas as he got up.

"You weren't concentrating Thomas, lucky for you that the buffers were there" said James. Thomas hopped down from his engine's cab. "That's what buffers are for, to stop engines from crashing". He then sees James' engine in the shed. "Why are you putting your engine away so early James" asked Thomas. "I'm feeling a little blue, which isn't so hot when you wear red and drive a red engine" said James. Thomas gave him a strange look. "Okay, I accidentally shunted some tar wagons into a siding and they hit the buffers to hard. The tar wagons came off the rails, rolled through the yard, and smashed into Edward's engine. Because of this, STH told me to put my engine up until the mess is cleaned up, then it can come out again" huffed James.

Thomas laughed slightly. "He's just trying to make this railway better. Everyone knows that he prefers steam engines. He says the harder we work, the fewer diesels will be needed to help".

(What Thomas didn't see was that a huge Diesel with a claw was coming around the side of the shed. When it was parked, a man wearing blue jeans, an olive green (brownish) jacket, and a hand that was completely covered in metal walked out. He heard what Thomas had said.)

"Help, ha ha ha. You'll always need help. Cuss you are all weak and dumb. Plus, steam engines are old, expensive, worn out hunks of metal. And you guys can't hurt a fly" he said evilly.

A fly then flies around James again. "Your wrong" said James as he tried to swat away the fly. "No I'm not" said Diesel with an evil smile.

"Are" shouted James. "Aren't" said Diesel in an annoyed tone. "Now, I've come back, to find the lost Lady. I'm going to destroy her, and dominate Sodor, and then, your engines will be nothing but useless scrap" said Diesel. He then picked up a stone with his metal hand, and crushed it. He hopped into his diesel and it rolled away.

"What a big bully" said James. "Ya, I mean, our engines are really useful" said Thomas as he climbed into his engine. "He won't dominate Sodor, and he won't destroy her. We won't let him, neither will Mr. Conductor, I'm off to fetch him now" said Thomas as his engine rolled toward the line that would lead to his branchline.
But then, a question popped into James' head. "What lost Lady" he asked.

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