Well, here's chapter 3. Hope you enjoy it.


Back on Sodor, a large diesel was parked near the side of a small cliff side. The huge claw that was attached to it was up in the air, nearly touching the edge of the rock. Diesel 10 was using his metal hand to pound into the rock. "Almost done" he said, and he hit the rock three more times, and then it happened. He hit it one more time, and a rock at the top of the cliff fell off, it came down and hit Diesel 10's metal arm. "Ah man" he said as his hand started to spark. "Come on stupid thing" he said as he punched it. After that, it stopped sparking. "Good" said D10 as he looked at the cliff side he had been pounding. He pushed a button on a small control panel on his arm. This caused his diesels claw to lower back into place. Diesel 10 then jumped down onto the ground and looked at the cliff side. He was staring at a sculptor of his face. "I think I've captured the real me, and mean that's beautiful, I could cry" he said happily.

Then two Class 08 Shunter Diesels pulled up. Someone climbed out of the cab of each diesel. Then they walked up to Diesel 10. "Uh, Boss" said one. "Were here" said the other. D10 turned away from his sculptor and looked at the two, who were twins. "All right listen you two I, uh, I got a job for you Splodge" he said to them. But the twins looked confused. "Actually it's Splatter" said the on in the purple shirt. "And Dodge" said the one in the olive shirt.

But Diesel 10 wasn't happy "I ain't go time to say both names" he said angrily. "Oh, oh well" said Splatter and Dodge. "Now, the reason I called you here; I've come back to find a Lady" he said with an evil smile.
Splatter and Dodge grinned "Well that's easy, there everywhere" they said together. "No, a special lady" he said with the same expression. "Oh sir, you trying to find love Hu" asked Splatter. "No, not for love, but for revenge. You see, I found her once in the past, and I thought she was dead, but I learned a while ago that she was still alive. As long as she exists, so does Sodor, but if she can be killed" he said evilly. "K-kill" said Splatter. "Did you say kill" asked Dodge. "The K word" said Splatter. "Like no longer living" said Dodge? "Ya Kill" said Diesel 10 with an evil smile. "But there's one small problem there boss" said Dodge. "Ya, Mr. Conductors coming and he won't let you destroy her" said Dodge. But Now D10 was cross "I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, I'll get him to, with the help of this" he said as he help up his metal hand. But then it sparked, then flew down and hit D10 in the face. "Ouch, stupid mechanical hand" he said rubbing his face. Splatter and Dodge laughed silently.

Back at Shining Time, Mutt had just walked into the waiting room. Billy was sitting in a corner, looking over his tools. Then gold dust appeared around a small painting of a signal box on the wall. When the dust disappeared, there was a man standing there, but he was only ten inches tall.

"Well hello Mr. Conductor" said Billy. "Oh hello Billy" said Mr. C. He then turned around and locked the door to the signal box painting, all while humming a catchy toon.

(Rum Bum, Bum, Bum, Da ,Da, Da, Rum bum, bum, bum, rad da ,da dada, rudda dada da la la)

He then recited his check list. "Tool kit, check, ticket puncher, check check." He then clears his throat "ALL ABOARD" he called. "Just testing Billy, mustn't let my conductor skills get rusty" said Mr. Conductor. Billy smiled "Important day Mr. C" he asked.

Now Mr. C smiled "Oh, it is a very important day; I'm going to the island of Sodor. You know it's the only place in my universe where I really fit in size wise. STH has given me a big responsibility; Diesel 10 is back, and I have to make shure he behaves himself" he paused "excuse me" he said turning back to his notepad and writing down something.

Billy smiled "I hope your visit goes well Mr. C." "Thank you" said Mr. C as he quickly looked at Billy, then back down at his notepad. So Billy picked up his tools and left, Mutt soon followed him. Mr. Conductor looked up from his notepad "I must be responsible, reliable, and, oh, don't tell me, ah, really useful I knew that". Then he put his notepad away, and took out his whistle. He blew it, was the surrounded by gold dust, and then disappeared.

Mr. Conductor then appeared on the front desk. Stacy was taking a call, so he walked over to the fish that was in the bowl. "Well when did you get here" he asked. But the fish just kept swimming. Then Mr. C walked to a piece of paper that was lying on the desk. He stared at the drawing, then turned to Stacy, who had just ended the phone call.

"Stacy, where did you find this painting" he asked. "In an old locker, it was done by Burnett Stone when he was a child. I was told that he used to work on this railroad, but he never leaves the other side of the mountain now" she said as she looked at the painting. Then she looked at Mr. C "You look puzzled Mr. Conductor". "Well I am puzzled, this place looks like the island of Sodor, but how would Burnett Stone travel there without gold dust? Sparkles been the only way to make the trip sense the lost Lady disappeared. Anyway, I just came to say goodbye; I have to go now" he said as he grabbed his whistle.

But Stacy was surprised "right now" she asked. "Well yes Stacy, I have to make shure everything's running smoothly on the island of Sodor, just as I try to do here" he said, and he blew his whistle and disappeared.

'Meanwhile Billy was climbing into the cab of his big steam locomotive. Mutt was watching him, but he wasn't happy. You see, Mutt sensed danger; he didn't want either Billy or me to leave Shining Time. But Billy was already leaving, so Mutt rushed back into the station to find me.'

Back inside the station, Mr. C was back at his painted signal box. He was giving his checklist one last look. Then Mutt jumped onto the bench near the wall. Mr. C looked at him "aw, there you are. Is something wrong" he asked. Mutt barked. "Now what kind of an answer is that" said Mr. C, then he looked at his watch. "Aw, I'm going to be late. I'll get back as fast as I can. I have to concentrate now Mutt. I've suddenly been having problems with my sparkle" he said as he grabbed his whistle. But Mutt was looking away from him. "Mutt" said Mr. C as he looked at the dog. But Mutt still didn't look at him. "Goodbye Mutt" said Mr. C, then he looked forward. "Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle" he said, then he blew his whistle, and disappeared in a cloud of gold dust.

Back on Sodor, Thomas' engine was running along the lines of Thomas' Branchline. Thomas was leaning out of the cab, looking ahead. "Mr. Conductor, where are you. I know you live far away, but you always seem to get here on time" said Thomas. But then he saw something sparkling near the signal box. Thomas stopped his engine by the signal box, and jumped out of the cab just as Mr. Conductor appeared.

Thomas ran up to him "oh Mr. Conductor, are you alright" he asked. "Yes Thomas, but sometimes everything happens at once. I have to see STH to get my orders right away" he said pulling out his whistle. "The journey from Shining Time keeps getting bumpier and bumpier" he said in a curious voice. Thomas looked worried "does it" he asked. Then Mr. C blew his whistle, and disappeared, then reappeared in the cab of Thomas' engine. Thomas turned around, ran to his engine, and climbed into the cab. "Diesel 10 is back Mr. Conductor, you had better be careful" said Thomas as he shoveled coal into the firebox. "STH warned be about him, don't worry Thomas" said Mr. C. So Thomas opened the throttle and they set off. "I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle wherever he goes and keep him in order… I hope" he said nervously.

But Diesel 10 was already causing trouble. He had pulled his engine into a station, and had pretended to try and grab some of the passengers with its big claw. Soon the station was empty. "Ha, what wimps" he said as he pulled his diesel out of the station.