Rin let out a low groan as he felt that skilled hand disappear between his legs, curling around his tail and bringing him ever-so close to completion..."Rin..." Came the voice of Yuukio, but Rin didn't open his eyes. He was so close...

"Rin, Your moaning in your sleep again." Yuukio said, reaching down to pull the blanket off of his sleeping brother. He got a surprise, however, as Rin came just as he pulled the blanket off, spraying semen all over Yuukio's face and chest.

Yuukio dropped the blanket. His eyebrow twitched in anger, yet his eyes...His eyes held lust. Rin opened his own eyes, staring up at Yuukio with a pleading look. "Yuukio...I'm so hot~" said, saliva dripping from his mouth as he talked, thick strings connecting his top and bottom lips. He rolled over, lifting his ass into the air and stretching his tail out, curling it around one of Yuukio's wrists. '"Yuuukkiiooooo...!" He groaned out, reaching a hand between his legs and palming his still-hard cock.

A strange scent filled the air, a mixture of sex and roses. It made Yuukio's head spin, all of his blood flowing down to his groin as the scent and sight of the moment forced lust to take over his mind. "Ahh fuck..." He muttered, leaning forward and climbing on top of Rin, all rational thought forgotten in his arousal. He dry humped his younger sibling like a horny dog, not even caring that his pants were still on in his mad rush for friction. Rin groaned, his tail unconsciously moving back to unbutton Yuukio's slacks.

In less than a minute, the pants were open, Yuukio's hard dick springing to attention. Suddenly realizing this, the older sibling thrust forward with all his might, burying himself to the hilt in the demon's tight ass. They both let out a groan, Yuukio beginning to thrust relentlessly at an almost in-human speed, not even stopping to think that he may be hurting his little brother.

But, strangely enough, All that Rin felt was pleasure. Pleasure so strong he couldn't even remember his own name. He was an animal, unable to think of anything but his need to mate...

"Hey, You wanted to try double stuffing, didn't you...?" Yuukio said suddenly, still pounding into Rin relentlessly. Not giving the boy a chance to answer(though he couldn't have anyway), Yuukio immediately grabbed the blue tail that had been twisting in the air in front of him, slurping the tip into his mouth. He wet it, then reached down and shoved it roughly into Rin's ass, alongside his own dick.

Rin was in heaven. Or, more accurately, hell. He came immediately, spraying his seed onto the bed with a low groan. Still, Yuukio kept pounding him.

Their fucking continued on for eight hours, until both fell asleep, Yuukio still buried inside of Rin's ass.

The morning, however, was not very pleasant. Nor was it expected by the teacher what would happen as he awoke..


Just wanted to let you know.

~ Your lovable pornographic angel, HolySinner