A/N: Hey, guys! Here's chapter four. This chapter takes place at the Battle of Monmouth during the American Revolution. I tried to add some historical details, but I took a couple of liberties concerning the geography of the land. Hope you guys don't mind. Happy reading, and don't forget to follow and review!

Joey retreats to her designated room in the TARDIS. The blue box, to her surprise, has provided her a room fit to her tastes and interests. The room is painted a deep red, her favorite color. Next to Joey's bed, there's a bookshelf filled with dozens upon dozens of sheet music and books on classical music. There's also a closet filled with musical instruments and a baby grand in the opposite corner. Joey plays a scale on the piano. Perfectly tuned, too, she observes. She cracks open her door to see if anyone's in the hallway outside her room; the coast is clear. She picks a folder of sheet music from the bookshelf labeled "Chopin." Frederic, my friend, it's been too long. Good to see you. Joey eagerly sits at the baby grand and picks a random song out of the folder, the heading of the song reading: "Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2." Ah, one of my favorites. Joey smiles to herself and begins to play the song. She really doesn't need the sheet music - she's got this piece memorized down to every last chord and trill. Joey's confident that no one can hear her playing. After all, she's within the confines of her own room. However, she is completely unaware that the TARDIS decides to project her playing outside of her room, echoing through the corridors all the way to the control room. Derek and Clara stay fast asleep; however, the Doctor and River can hear her loud and clear.

"You hear that? Where's it coming from?" The Doctor wonders. Sexy projects a video on the control panel's monitor - it's Joey! "Well, well, well. You learn something every day."

"Should we go see her?" River asks.

"I don't think she'd appreciate us barging in on her. Remember, she hides everything about herself my dear."

"Not unlike someone I know." River replies. The Doctor frowns.

"I don't hide everything. Maybe most things."

"Of course you don't, sweetie."

After about fifteen minutes of playing various pieces, Joey decides to get some shuteye. Apparently, they were to visit the Revolutionary War in the morning - the Battle of Monmouth, to be exact. What could happen there? They were just following a set of coordinates. For all they know, it could be a trap. Stay on your toes, Joey, she reminds herself. Joey lies in bed and drifts off to sleep, having a strange dream involving the day's events at Paris. She's lost in a rioting crowd, and a hooded figure gets a little bit too close for comfort. The hooded figure whispers, "Prepare for the invasion."

"Prepare? For what invasion?" Joey asks, grabbing the stranger's shoulder as they attempt to walk away. The stranger shrugs her off and turns to face her. Joey still can't see their face, but she can guess that they're female. Is it Clara or River? Not likely. The voice doesn't match up. The crowd disappears to the barricades. Now only Joey and the stranger are left, standing in the middle of the deserted town square. The stranger turns around with a click of their heels and flees into the alleyways of Paris, with Joey chasing after them. Their wild goose chase leads them through the side streets and somehow into the sewers. Joey pursues the stranger through the rancid, dark tunnels under Paris, until they emerge into the streets, covered in sewage. Joey manages to catch up to her target and grabs her by the collar.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" She shrieks.

"The eye." The figure replies, pushing Joey off of her with ease. She's strong - stronger than me! Impressive.

"The what?" Joey asks. The stranger begins to take off her hood, but just then, Joey wakes up.

She sits up in bed, running her hands through her messy, shoulder length hair. Did that actually happen in Paris? I don't remember a thing, she wonders. She runs through the dream in her head, raking her memories of Paris for the dream's events. Nothing rings a bell. Don't get too ahead of yourself, Joey. It was just a dream, she reminds herself. But something at the back of her mind gnaws at her thoughts; something tells her that her dream was more than just a dream. Joey quickly heads to the control room in her pajamas and sees that the Doctor, River, Derek, and Clara are already awake, waiting for her.

"Morning, Josephine." Derek greets. He inspects her face a little bit. "You alright? You look a little bit shaken. You're pale."

"I'm fine. Just had a... weird dream." Joey replies, pulling herself away. Derek shrugs and takes her injured, bandaged hand.

"I gotta re-bandage your hand before we go today. Take it easy out there, okay?" A pause.

"Fine." Joey sighs. Derek smirks and joins the Doctor's side. "So what's the plan today, Doc?"

"Ah, yes! The plan for today! The plan... the plan... We don't have one." The Doctor replies. Silence fills the room as Joey and Derek stare at him in disbelief.

"You mean we're going into a war zone with no idea as to what we're doing?" Joey asks.

"Get used to it." River whispers in her ear. Joey frowns and decides to just go along with the Doctor for now. She's too busy trying to interpret her dream; it would be best to save her insults for later. She crosses over to Derek, who's waiting with some fresh bandages and disinfectant. He gently takes Joey's hand into his and carefully unwraps the old bandages, making sure not to hurt her. He examines the cut cautiously, applies disinfectant, and wraps her hand with new bandages.

"It's healing nicely. Keep it nice and disinfected and don't aggravate it. And Joey?"


"Don't cross dress this time." Derek takes Joey's uninjured hand and squeezes it. "I can take care of myself perfectly."

"Huh. I'll try not to." Joey replies, unable to stop herself from grinning a little bit. Derek chuckles and retreats to his room, leaving Joey still wearing a stupid, crooked grin on her face. She catches the Doctor, Clara, and River staring at her with similar stupid grins on their faces, and she quickly straightens up and clears her throat. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." The Doctor says, bouncing on his heels and smirking.

Joey rolls her eyes and runs to her room. She digs through the closet the TARDIS had graciously provided for her for something that would be acceptable for 18th century women, with little luck. Can't I just wear shorts and a t-shirt? Dresses are so uncomfortable. But no, "no cross dressing today," Derek said. He's such an asshole. Why am I even listening to him? Christ, I'm getting soft for him. This needs to end immediately. But he's just so - Her inner turmoil is interrupted by a knocking at her door. Joey opens the door to see that it's River holding a dress for her and smiling.

"You forgot your outfit." The older woman says.

"Yeah, I figured." Joey mutters. River enters Joey's room and looks around.

"She gave you a nice place here." River observes.

"'She?' Who's 'she?'" Joey asks.

"The TARDIS, of course."

"It has a gender?"

"Long story." River replies curtly. Annoyed by the woman's lack of explanation, Joey frowns and pouts, making River laugh. This annoys Joey further, but she contains her frustration just barely. "Working on our temper, now, are we?"

"Humph." Joey huffs in reply. There's a moment of silence. "River?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Why do you people care about me so much? There's nothing special about me. I'm nobody." A pause. River takes the younger girl's shoulders and looks her straight in the eye. Joey can tell that there's a fire behind those green pupils of River's; there's a passion hidden within this woman, the Doctor's wife.

"Listen to me, Josephine." River growls. Oh snap, she's using my full name... "You are not a 'nobody.' Don't ever believe otherwise. We care about you because you have so much potential - potential to do great things. I don't know how your life was before the Doctor and Clara picked you up, but it's been two days and you've already grown so much. We care about you so much. You said you don't have a family anymore, yes?"

"Yes." Joey replies. Dammit, Joey, don't cry. Don't cry. She better not say something wishy washy like "We're your family now."

"If you want, we could be your family now." River says. Shit.

"I'll, uh, think about it." Joey manages to croak. C'mon Joey, change the subject. "Hey, River? I have a question."

"What is it?"

"What exactly were you and the Doctor doing last night?" Joey winks and manages to put on her best smirk. River lets out a laugh and ruffles Joey's hair.

"I'll tell you when you're older. Let's just say I treated the Doctor last night." She replies. Joey snickers at the thought of the Doctor doing anything remotely sexual. He acts as if he's two! Her repressed snickers turn into giggles, and her giggles turn into laughter. River joins in, and the two of them stand there for a while giggling like two schoolgirls.

"You know what, River?" Joey says, after she has controlled her laughter.


"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like you. You're alright."

"I'm glad you feel that way, sweetie."

"Yeah..." Joey sighs. This River lady, she kind of reminds me of Mom - No, no, NO, don't say that, Joey. These people aren't your family. You've only just met them.

"I'm going to leave. Be a good girl for me, okay, sweetie?" River says sweetly. Funny, Mom used to say that all the time.

"Okay, Mom." Joey absently replies. Dammit! DAMMIT!

"What did you say?" River gasps.

"What? I didn't say anything. Um, I'm gonna change now, River, have a nice day! I'll see you outside!" Joey talks as quickly as she can and nudges River out the door. She sighs and leans against the door, unaware that River is doing the same thing on the other side. "You're getting soft." Joey mumbles under her breath. She then changes into the dress River had provided her, to Joey's own dismay. The dress is white and obnoxiously puffy, and it's unbearably tight near the torso area. It's itchy and hot, and she hasn't even gone outside yet. This is going to be miserable, Joey groans in her head. She exits her room and heads to the control room with a frown and a pout on he face. She steps in the control room, firmly planting her feet on the ground and folding her arms.

"I hate dressing up." She grumbles, earning from a laugh from the rest of the TARDIS crew. Joey shoots them a sharp glare, silencing the other time travelers quickly. She scratches at one of the many itchy parts of her body at the moment, and her temper rises with every itch. River and Clara are dressed similarly, yet they do not seem to be bothered - as if they've done this multiple times before. The Doctor and Derek are dressed in Continental Army uniforms. They don't seem to be very comfortable either. "The average temperature at the Battle of Monmouth averaged at 100 degrees. Do we absolutely have to wear these outfits?"

"Quite the history buff, are we now?" Clara remarks.

"Well...yeah." Joey blushes. She snaps back to attention and clears her throat. "So anyway, have we figured out a plan yet?"

"Sort of. You, River, and Clara are going to do some reconnaissance in a nearby town. Search for clues and strange happenings. Derek and I..." The Doctor gulps. "We're going to the battlefield with the Americans."

"Are you sure you can handle that?" River asks, placing a hand of her husband's shoulder.

"Yeah... I'm fine. I just don't like guns. Or war, for that matter."

"You like guns when I'm holding one." River purrs,

"I like the woman holding the gun, not the gun itself." The Doctor seductively growls in reply, making Joey, Derek, and Clara groan in disgust.

"Can we save the flirting for later? We kind of have a task to do today." Derek moans.

"Says you, Mr. Flirt.'" Clara says, smiling and nudging Derek on the shoulder. Derek opens his mouth to retort, but can't come up with a backlash. He keeps his mouth shut.

"Anyway, enough with the small talk. Shall we go?" The Doctor clears his throat. His fellow time travelers compose themselves and nod. They step out of the TARDIS to find that they are in a forest of some sort. In one direction is Washington's army and in the other is a nearby town. The men and women exchange goodbyes and "be careful"s to each other and part ways. Joey doesn't want to admit it, but she's very worried for the Doctor and Derek. What were they thinking, going into a war zone without having the faintest idea as to even fire a gun? She had made sure that they were well prepared for the hot weather, making sure that they had full canteens of water on their person. Since when am I actually worried for other people? Joey wonders. Whatever happened to "it's a dog eat dog world?" Surely I haven't given up my life's mantra in a matter of two days. As she's lost in thought, River and Clara walk ahead, leaving her behind a little bit.

"Come on, Joey, let's go!" Clara calls.

"Coming!" Joey replies, looking behind her shoulder. She could still see Derek and the Doctor walking away in the distance, as their figures get farther and farther away. Be safe, you idiots. Joey runs up to join River and Clara as they approach the small New Jersey town in the distance. As they enter the town, they can sense a strong Patriot presence there. Joey advises the two older women to put on their best American accents - the townspeople could mistake them for British spies and the outcome would have been very, very bad. Joey's proving to be a great asset to the team. I'm impressed. Clara muses. Perhaps this arrogant, disgruntled girl is growing into something else.

It's a very small town, and that makes investigation easier. The three women search for strange happenings (maybe alien) or perhaps a clue of some sort. They interview a few of the townspeople. Apparently, there's a phantom of some sort who wanders the town. It doesn't do anything nor does it bother anyone; it just wanders. The superstitious citizens of the tightly knit New Jersey town are growing anxious with every night it appears - they believe that one day, it's going to do something terrible unless they drive the ghost out of the town. Apparently, the phantom is always hooded and never says a word. Unlike traditional ghosts, the phantom also appears at daytime, too, usually in secluded, hidden places like alleyways. It can't be the hooded figure from my dream. It's just a coincidence. Or maybe it's too much of a coincidence... Joey contemplates. Perhaps that weird dream last night really did mean something.

"Joey, are you okay? You seem dazed." River asks. Joey blinks and tears herself away from her thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm fine. C'mon, let's go find out more about this phantom." Joey replies.

Meanwhile, Derek and the Doctor manage to find the Continental Army - well, at least part of it. They aren't with the main army; that they can tell. General Washington is nowhere in sight. The Doctor figures that they've joined up with another section of the army. From what Derek and the Doctor have heard, they're going to try and attack the rear guard of the British army, in order to make the battle easier for Washington's troops. They pass themselves off as medical doctors, tending to the wounded. Thankfully, no one seems to think anything of it. They spot the officers having a meeting with the general about the day's plans, the meeting looking rushed and disorganized.

"Uh oh. This can't end well." Derek gulps.

"Let me see who the general is..." The Doctor takes a closer look. "Uh oh..."

"What is it?" Derek asks.

"See the general? That's General Charles Lee."

"Wait, I've heard the name before - I think in this one video game I've played. I'm not too good at history, but wasn't he that one general who wanted Washington's job?"

"That's him." The Doctor replies. "He doesn't have the brightest military mind. In fact, he's going to get fired later on. This army's going to get routed and we're going to join up with Washington later."

"Oy vey." Derek groans. "Well, I guess we've got a long day ahead of us." The two men head to join their fellow soldiers, preparing for their impending attack. They've supplied themselves with medical supplies: bandages and whiskey, not unlike Derek's endeavors at Paris. "Do all of the coordinates lead to times where medicine sucked? I'm tired of using whiskey for disinfectant and being handed a musket with no idea as to how to use it."

"No. They seem to lead to different points in history. Our destinations have two things in common: the themes of revolution and war. Our next stop after this is World War II. Frankly, something about these coordinates leads to something ominous, and I don't like where we're heading. Not a big fan of war in general. I have a... bad history with war." The Doctor replies, shifting uncomfortably. The two of them sit on a nearby tree trunk and drink some water. The hot weather is becoming unbearable, and in their wool uniforms, the heat is sweltering. They constantly remind themselves of the need to stay hydrated and they manage to remain relatively healthy throughout the day. Eventually, the army marches to the point where they're supposed to attack the British rear guard. Even on the way there, Derek and the Doctor have to treat some of the troops for heat stroke.

The attack, as expected by the Doctor and Derek, does not go well. Lee and the troops attempt to retreat, but the British rout them. The men flee and the Cornwallis' troops are hot on their tail. Lee's forces eventually meet up with Washington, who reprimands Lee and sends him to the rear. Washington manages to rally Derek and the Doctor's army and positions some of his troops so that they can fight off Cornwallis' forces in the west.

"Being smack dab in the middle of history itself -" Derek tries to say, but is interrupted by the fires of muskets and cannons. After the firing has ceased for a bit and the men reload their weapons, he finishes his sentence. "- is pretty surreal. You say you experience this on a regular basis?"

"Yes." The Doctor answers, looking for wounded soldiers the two of them could treat. "Just another day in the life of a time traveler." They drag a couple of soldiers to a hopefully safe place under some trees and treat their heat stroke and/or bullet wounds. There's a small creek nearby, so they use water from there to treat the heat stroke victims. The Doctor avoids using his sonic screwdriver to scan the victims - he's learned time and time again that many people in the 18th century don't respond well to alien technology. They're quite the superstitious bunch. The two men manage to treat a substantial amount of soldiers, and have a short moment to themselves to catch their breath and talk to each other.

"For not having any ice packs, proper disinfectant or any other modern medical amenities, I say, we're doing well, Doc." Derek proudly states as he takes a swig of water from his canteen. "Are you actually a medical doctor?"

"No, but I have some medical training." The Doctor replies, also drinking some of his water.

"Then why are you called, 'the Doctor?'"

"You're not allowed to know my true name. It's an alias." The Doctor answers.

"Why not? Is your name that embarrassing? Is it 'Leslie' or something?" Derek asks. The Doctor chuckles and pats the boy on the back.

"No. It's a long story. Basically, there are very, very few people in this universe who know my true name. River is one of them, since she's my wife. Time Lords tell their spouses their true name at their wedding. It's part of the ceremony."

"What exactly is a Time Lord? What was your wedding like? Was it in the TARDIS?"

"My, my. Full of questions, are we?" The Doctor laughs. Their conversation is interrupted by cannons firing dangerously close to the two time travelers. "I'll explain everything after we take care of everyone here. Come on, we have a job to do, Derek."

The day drags on for Clara, River, and Joey, and for hours, they aren't getting any more leads on the mysterious phantom haunting the small town. The townspeople are too fearful of the so-called "ghost" to confront it or to even go near it. Hot and exhausted, the three women decide to rest on a bench in the center of town and gather their thoughts.

"So the phantom can appear in the daytime. I'm guessing that this 'ghost' isn't a ghost at all." Clara says. "Something alien, as usual?"

"Possibly." River replies. She's writing about the day's events so far in a little blue diary, making sure to capture all the details.

"'As usual?'" Joey asks nervously. "If it really is an 'alien,' do you think it's friendly? Does it come in peace?"

"Probably, seeing as it hasn't attacked anyone yet." Clara answers. She sits pondering, resting her head on her hand. Joey unconsciously mirrors her pose, resulting in a laugh from River. "The townspeople have described it with a human figure, so that rules out multiple species of aliens. Could it be a certain Silurian we know? No, it's probably not Vastra - she'd be with Jenny and Strax. Hmm..."

"We have quite the mystery to solve. But us ladies can crack this puzzle, am I right?" River says as she finishes her current diary entry for now. Joey stares into the distance, thinking about her dream. Should I tell them about my dream? It might be just a coincidence, though. I don't want them to think I'm crazy. What the hell - we time travel in a blue police box. If anything, we're all crazy here.

"Um, River? Clara?" Joey timidly squeaks.

"What is it, sweetie?' River asks.

"I had a dream last night, and I think it connects to our mystery here." Joey says. She explains the dream in full detail, remembering everything she could - from the phantom's appearance to what it said to her. Together, the ladies of the TARDIS piece together the new information and relate it to their current situation.

"I think there's a definite connection. You say it didn't happen in Paris in real life?" Clara asks. Joey nods her head in reply. "Well, maybe it did. Maybe it did happen, but you don't remember it."

"I think I would remember something like that." Joey states.

"You would think so, wouldn't you? But you said you woke up in the middle of the encounter in your dream. So maybe, as the stranger lifted her hood, she did something to your memory..."

"...But the memory remained in your subconscious, so that's why you dreamed about it." River continued for Clara.

"You guys are smart. I would've never figured that out." Joey observes in amazement. They have deduction skills to rival Sherlock Holmes himself. And where does that put me? Watson?

"The Doctor only takes the clever ones." River states. "You're smart in a different way, sweetie." She rubs the top of Joey's head sweetly.

"Hmph. Let's go hunting for this phantom. I need some answers from this so-called 'ghost.'" Joey runs off, leaving Clara and River to attempt to catch up to her, but to no avail - Joey's too fast. Impressive, for 100 degree weather and for wearing a big, puffy dress, Clara remarks to herself.

"Don't wander too far! Stay safe!" River calls after the girl. Joey looks over her shoulder and flashes her fellow time travelers a thumbs up, disappearing into an alleyway. River sighs as Clara places a hand on her shoulder. Since Clara had started traveling with the Doctor, the two women have become very close, despite Clara's initial flirtiness with River's own husband. They had their differences at first, but they have grown to share a mutual respect for each other. After all a friend of the Doctor's is a friend of River's, and River is grateful to Clara for bringing the Doctor out of his post-Pond depression.

"River, what's going on? You're treating this girl as if she's your daughter, and you've only just met her." Clara observes. River simply smiles at her colleague.

"Long story." She replies. There's a hint of sadness in her voice, but Clara decides to ignore it. For now, it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Joey runs through the streets of the town, in hopes of finding the mysterious phantom. If this is truly the phantom of her dream, they will have the answers Joey seeks. After running for a while, she stops to catch her breath in an alleyway, grabbing her knees and panting. Running around in this weather was not a good idea, she chides herself. Suddenly, Joey hears footsteps coming from the end of the alleyway. She lifts her head to see it's the phantom. She runs after it, but to her surprise, it doesn't run away. Rather, it's waiting for her to come to it.

"What do you want with me? Huh?!" Joey growls. No reply. "Answer me!"

"Go find Derek. He's about to be in serious trouble." The phantom says. Again, the voice is familiar and feminine, but Joey can't place her finger on who it belongs to.

"Why should I trust you?"

"Just go. You'll thank me later." The phantom hisses. She begins to walk away, and disappears in a puff of smoke. Wh-What is going on?! Joey finds that the stranger left behind a satchel in her wake. Inside the bag, there's a Continental Army uniform. The stranger had conveniently left Joey a disguise. The uniform's a bit tattered, and there are patches sewn all over it, but it will have to do.

"Sorry, Derek, but I'm going to have to cross dress again. Not my fault your ass needs saving."

On the battlefield, Derek and the Doctor are starting to get overwhelmed by the amount of people they have to treat. From heat stroke to blown off limbs, the stress is becoming unbearable. Though they aren't able to save most of the men they treat, they are proud of themselves for saving at least some lives. The Doctor tells Derek stories of his travels throughout the day, making their task a little bit more tolerable.

"So you got married on top of a pyramid to save time from collapsing? Talk about a wedding." Derek remarks as he fans one of their patients dying of heat stroke. The men are too exhausted to hear Derek and the Doctor's conversation. They're barely conscious, after all.

"Yes. It was quite the event." The Doctor replies. He scans the nearby area. No nearby bodies. Looks like we've earned ourselves a break. Derek leans against a tree and takes a much need gulp of water.

"So did you marry River just for the sake of saving time? Or do you actually love her?" Derek asks curiously.

"What? Of course I love River. But sometimes..." The Doctor pauses.

"'But sometimes' what?" Derek presses. The Doctor sighs.

"Sometimes I think - I know - she loves me more than I love her. Remember, our relationship is back to front. Her past is my future, and vice versa. Our timelines have been lining up recently, so that's good. I just want to let her know that I love her too, and I want my love for her to equal her love for me. Make sense?"

"Wow. That's tough. I don't know what to say." Derek responds. He sighs and stares into the distance.

"What about you? What's going on in the love life of Derek Matthews?"

"Not much. Just Joey." Derek breathes.

"Do mind if I ask something, Derek?" The Doctor asks.

"Not at all, Doc. You've been telling me your life story; might as well tell mine." Derek replies.

"Why do you like her?" Derek pauses for a moment. Why do I like her? She keeps pushing me away, but there's something that pulls me back to her every time. It's a vicious cycle. Well, better list everything to start with. Here goes nothing.

"Hm. I love her strength, her intelligence, and her talent for music. I love her eyes, her flowing hair, and her smile. She rarely smiles, but I think it's the most beautiful thing in the universe. She has so much potential to do great things, and I want to help her realize that. She's so much more valuable than she thinks she is, and I want her to know that. I know she's lived a hard life, but I have too. I want to show that she can move on from that and that she can do great things with her life, even if she didn't grow up in the best of circumstances. I want to protect her from anything that will ever try to hurt her, including her father. I'll do anything to keep her safe. I guess..." Derek stops for a moment to sigh and look at the Doctor straight in the eye. "I love her."

"That's tough, kiddo." The Doctor replies. An awkward silence falls between the two men as they stare off into the distance, observing the battlefield. They spot a couple of bodies nearby - they're close, but they're right in the middle of the gunfire. Without a second thought, Derek sprints into the battlefield, the Doctor unable to stop him. "Derek, wait! You're going to get killed!" he cries.

"I'll be quick, Doc! Don't worry about me!" Derek calls back. The firing has ceased for now because the soldiers have to reload, but that won't last for long. He'll have to take the body and run. Derek runs up to the man, and checks his pulse - he's still alive, but barely. He's not sweating, but he has a heightened pulse. Yet another case of heat stroke, Derek figures. He attempts to sling the man over his shoulder, but he's too heavy. This is what I get for not working out in a while, he gripes. He takes the man by the ankles and drags him quickly, running as fast as he can. The soldiers from both sides ready their guns and Derek isn't even halfway there. He sees the Doctor frantically calling for him to drop the patient and get out of there, but he won't have it. He refuses to abandon a person in need. He hears the cocks of rifles and time is quickly running out.

"Ready..." A British officer calls. Derek doesn't hear this, and continues to run.

"DEREK! GET OUT OF THERE! DROP HIM AND RUN!" The Doctor screams. He's about to run onto the battlefield to get Derek, but then the British officer commands his troops to fire. He can't see anything within the heavy gunfire smoke, but Derek is nowhere in sight. "No..." He gasps in defeat. The smoke clears to see that Derek lying on the ground, perfectly safe, and that someone in a Continental Army uniform is crouched over him. Derek's patient has taken a gunshot wound to the forehead; he's dead. If it's not the patient who saved Derek, then who did? The Doctor wonders. Derek's savior clutches his side - he's hit. The soldier's hat falls off to reveal a head of strangely familiar messy, shoulder length hair. No... That can't be!

"Joey...?" Derek gasps. Tears flow out of the girl's eyes and she chokes out a sob in pain.

"That's me." She manages to croak. She coughs up some blood, much to Derek's horror.

"Oh God... You got shot in the lungs, didn't you? We have to get you out of here right away. Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck..." Derek sobs. He gathers the strength to carry Joey bridal style and run towards the Doctor. Over Derek's shoulder, Joey spots a cannon aimed right for them.

"Derek... cannon." Joey manages to wheeze. Derek looks over his shoulder and sprints faster. Thank God for those years of being put on running back... Remind me to thank Coach.

"I'll get us out of here, don't worry." He gently kisses Joey's forehead as he runs. He hears the Doctor yell, "DEREK!" as he holds his hand out. However, the cannon fires and the ground explodes directly behind Derek and Joey. They're both knocked to the ground and everything goes black.