Loren looked in the mirror and sighed. Would she ever be as pretty as Chloe Carter? Would she ever be able to grab the attention of Eddie Duran? How could she ever compete with Chloe's perfect blonde hair and body? Not to mention she was a model. It's no wonder Eddie loves her so much. Loren finally stopped looking at her reflection and focused her sights on her laptop. She was looking at a picture she found of Eddie and Chloe. If it only it could be her next to Eddie, instead of that twig. She closed her laptop, opened and notebook, and wrote until her hand hurt. All of a sudden her phone made a noise. It was a new text message from Melissa, telling her to check this gossip site. She opened her laptop again and went to the website, and she couldn't believe her eyes.


She had to re-read the sentence over and over, until she finally decided it was real. Eddie was done with Chloe Carter. She immediatly closed her laptop and ran out of the room to look for her mother, who was in the kitchen.

"Mom! You're never going to believe this! Eddie and Chloe are finally over!"

Nora turned around, startled by her daughter's running and screaming. After hearing what Loren had to say, she understood why Loren was so excited. Loren had been crushing on Eddie Duran for years, and now he was finally free.

"Great! Theres just one problem. He has no idea who you are. What are you planning to do about that?" Nora curiously asked.

Loren thought about that for a second. It was true, Eddie Duran had no idea Loren Tate existed. Finally getting to meet him and talk to him was easier said than done. How exactly was she going to do that? How was a girl from Tarzana going to meet an international superstar in Hollywood? Her smile slowly began to fade as she took in a big dose of reality. She'd never get to meet Eddie Duran.

"I don't think I can do anything about it. Maybe I'll get lucky one day." Loren finally said, while looking at the text message Mel sent her.

Nora walked up to her daughter and gave her a hug. "I'm sure one day you guys will finally officially meet." She said, trying to be optimistic about the situation. Loren simply smiled and pulled away.

"One day." She said softly as she walked back into her room.

Before finally climbing into bed for the night, she took a look at her notebook. She was in the middle of writing a song. After carefully looking through the lyrics, she decided the name the song "Mars". She wrote the title at the top of the page and went to bed. She had school tomorrow, and she didn't want to oversleep.

"One day." She said to herself before finally falling asleep.