Eddie looked at the picture of him and Chloe on his laptop. Where did that man with the camera come from? Later, he heard a knock at the door, so he went to answer it. It was Max. Eddie had a pretty good idea about why Max here. Those pictures of him and Chloe were blasted everywhere. Max walked in with a dissapointed look on his face.

"Why did you go to see her? What were you thinking? You need to stay away from her!"

"I just wanted to see if she was okay. I wasn't thinking. The paparazzi came out of nowhere. But I'm good now. I'm done." Eddie still didn't understand why he went to see Chloe.

"Good. Now stay away from her. I have to go meet Daphne at Rumor. I'll see you later." Max finished as he walked out.

Soon after Max left, Eddie got ready to leave. He needed to clear his head. He regretted going to the hospital to visit Chloe. Why did he do that? He didn't care anymore. Or maybe he did. He wasn't sure. He needed to think about things, so he went to that special spot in the hills.

Loren woke up to Melissa sitting beside her. It was Saturday. There was no school today. Last night started on a good note, but ended badly. Melissa saw the picture too, and if she saw it, she was positive Loren saw it too. She felt bad for Loren. She was so excited because of what almost happened, and then a few hours later a picture of Eddie and Chloe are on the internet for everyone to see. Judging by the look on Loren's face, Melissa knew she was still upset.

"Don't be upset Lo. Chloe probably just faked the whole thing just to get Eddie to forgive her. Don't worry about it. He's done with her."

Loren wanted to believe Mel. But she couldn't help but think that Eddie was getting back together with Chloe. For what other reason would he rush to the hospital to see her? After a few seconds, Loren finally responded.

"I hope you're right." Was all she said. She had too many thoughts running through her head to say anything more. She needed to think. Alone. With no distractions. After about 30 minutes, Loren was ready to leave to her spot in the hills.

"I'll see you later Mel. I have to go think about things."

"Alright. I'll call you later."

Loren got in her car and drove.

Tyler sat in his house, frusrated. He needed to stop thinking about Chloe. She didn't care about him. The only thing she cared about was herself, and getting Eddie back.. To help herself. He needed to focus on getting his career off the ground. He needed to throw Chloe out of his mind for good. He had an audition for a lead role in a movie in a few hours, so that was all he thought about right now. It took a lot of persuading to get that audition. He wasn't going to pass up this chance.

"Chloe, he's not coming back."

"Yes he is. Just give him time."

"Chloe, do you realize all your actions cost you both Eddie, and Tyler?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm sure both of them still love me. I'm kind of hard to forget. I mean, look at me."

"Life isn't all about looks, Chloe. And the only reason you'd be hard to forget to them is because you hurt them so much. I wouldn't be surprised if neither of them wanted to see you ever again."

"Excuse me?"

"Chloe just come back to Fresno. You've got nothing else here, anyway."

"I will never go back to Fresno ever again. Me and Eddie are getting back together, I just need more time. I belong here. Why don't you go back to Fresno. I'm tired of seeing you anyway."

Those words hurt Jackie more than Chloe thought it would. Without another word, Jackie got up and left. Chloe sat in her hospital bed, alone. Even her mom gave up on her.

Mel and Adam sat in Mel's room, talking about what they were going to do after school ended. That's when Adam finally told her the news.

"I got into NYU."

Mel wasn't sure she heard him right. Did he really just say he got into the school of his dreams? Why didn't he look happy? She threw her arms around him and congradulated him. He simply pulled away.

"Adam what's wrong?" Mel's smile began to fade.

"Well, as you know, NYU is in New York, which means I won't be able to hang out with you anymore."

That was true. They'd be far away from eachother.

".. Which is why I think we should break up." Adam stated.

Mel was shocked.


"I don't think we should see each other anymore. I don't want to get too close to you, just to move away from you. I'm really sorry Mel. It's probably best if we separate from each other now before we get too attached." He said sadly as he walked out of Mels house, leaving a surprised and hurt Melissa behind. How could he just leave like that?

Loren was surprised to see a figure standing on her spot on the hill. The figure noticed her and turned around.

"Eddie?" She was surprised to see him here. Eddie could only think of one reason she was up here. He skipped right to his explanation. At this point, he was over Chloe completely. The only girl he wanted to be with right now was the brunette in front of him. He started to explain everything.

"That picture of me and Chloe only made it look like we were getting back together. I am over her, believe me." As he spoke, he walked closer to Loren. Loren was confused.

"Where'd the pictures come from?"

"I was playing at the piano, thinking.. About you.. And that's when I got the call."

Eddie was thinking about me?

"When I found out Chloe was in the hospital, I didn't know what to think. My first impulse was to go check on her and see how she's doing, and next thing I knew, I was on my way to the hospital. It wasn't until I saw Tyler that I realized I didn't want to be there. I had no idea what I was doing there. But by that time, Chloe had already saw me, and she threw her arms around me, and thats when he took the pictures."

"Oh." Loren was relieved.

"Listen. If I had the chance to relive that moment a thousand times, every single time, I would've stayed at the piano." Eddie assured as he took hold of her hands. Loren couldn't help the smile that grew on her face.

"Thanks." She said.

And there they were, alone on their spot, ever so close to eachother, holding hands. They both found themselves leaning in closer to eachother. There was no way Nora was going to catch them now. Just as their lips were about to touch, Loren's phone rang.

"Are you kidding me." She said, annoyed. Eddie laughed as they both pulled away from eachother. She checked the caller ID, and then answered it.

"Hey Mel."

"Hi Loren. Can you move over? Like, right now?"

"Uh, sure, why?"

"I don't want to tell you over the phone. Just come as soon as you can, okay? Thanks. Bye" Mel hung up the phone. She really needed her best friend right now.

"I gotta go. Mel sounded really weird on the phone. I think something important came up." Loren said as she turned to Eddie.

"Oh, alright. I'll see you later then."

Loren smiled and nodded, then went to her car to drive to Mel's. She didn't notice that the scarf she was wearing fell off, but Eddie did. He picked it up. He'd give it to her later.

Adriana had been laying in her bed for the entire day. It was almost 3. She needed to get up and eat something before the procedure. After a huge fight between her and Phil, she decided to break off the relationship. Phil said that if she kept the child, he would leave her. He didn't want to be a father yet. When Adriana heard that, she was shocked. How dare he say something like that? Didn't he care about her? She got so enraged that she stormed out the door, but not without a "Don't ever call me again. We're done." She knew in her heart she made the right decision. She couldn't be with a man who ran off as soon as things got tough. And on top of that, he was a criminal in trouble with both sides of the law. But her head kept telling her to go back to Phil. She couldn't just erase her feelings for him overnight. But she kept telling herself that going back to Phil was a bad idea. But she was sure of one thing. She had to get rid of this baby. She made an appointment at the clinic a few minutes after she got home from Phil's last night. The procedure would be at 8 pm. She got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen. By this time, Don was already at work. After grabbing something to eat, she sat down and started to contemplate her life. She was 18 and pregnant, she went through a tough breakup with the man she thought loved her just as much as she loved him, and all her friends were immature divas, so she couldn't share her feelings with anyone. She thought about Loren. The super smart, talented nice girl that Adriana was always compared to. She never really thought that Loren could actually be a good friend. But could Loren ever forgive her for the things she had done in the past? There was only one way to find out. She would talk to Loren the next time she got a chance. Maybe she'd make friends with Mel on the way too. She wanted to change her life around. No more lying, no more drama, no more of this spoiled brat act she had been pulling for as long as she could remember. This was going to be a new start, if people could give her a chance. But she'd have to get rid of this baby first. She couldn't keep it. It connected her to Phil.

Only five more hours,

she thought to herself.

"Wait, what?!" Loren couldn't believe her ears. How could Adam break up with Mel? She thought things were going great between the two of them.

"He said he didn't want to get too attached before he left. So he broke it off and left. Without so much as a 'goodbye'."

"Wow. I didn't think Adam would be the type of guy to do that."

"Me either, but he did, indeed, do that."

"Oh wow. I'm so sorry Mel. You'll find someone else."

"No, no. I'm fine. It's sure it's just this depressing because he was my first boyfriend. I'll get over it." Mel wasn't fine. It took all her strengh to keep from crying.

"Do you want me to spend the night?" Loren's heart was breaking for her. She knew Mel was going through a hard time right now.

"Yes please."

Loren went in and hugged are best friend, and Mel let all the tears she had been holding in come out. How could Adam do this to her. She quickly wiped her face and tried to change the subject.

"So how's you and Eddie?" She said with a smile, trying to signal Loren that she was okay.

Loren looked at her, puzzled. But she answered anyway. Maybe her news would brighten Mel's spirits.

"Before you called, we almost kissed."

Mel's red face started to brighten.

"Oh my god! What happened? Why didn't it happen?"

"Well, you called."

"Dammit! I'm sorry Lo. I just really wanted to talk to someone."

"Don't apologize. You really need a friend right now."

"Thanks." Mel said with a hug. What would we do without our best friends?

It was 7:45. Adriana sat in the waiting room, nervous as hell. What if something went wrong? What if her dad found out about this operation? What if the operation didn't work? She started to fidget in her seat.

Calm down, Adriana. You're gonna be fine, Adriana. It'll be over before you know it.

She kept telling herself she was going to be fine. She needed to stop worrying. After about 5 minutes, the doctor called her in. Her heart dropped to her stomach.

Here it comes. Stay strong.

She thought to herself before walking in. This was it. The last step she needed to take before she could attempt to turn her life around.

"Wait, you wanted me to invest in the clinic because you were having financial problems at home?" Nora was growing furious at Don. She was ready to walk right out of that office.

"Yes but I did it for Adriana. I'm sorry."

"Don. You were dishonest with me. It's sweet that you put your daughter first but I don't think we should continue this relationship. I'll see you at work tomorrow." She said as she was walking out. She closed the door behind her with a slam. She was hurt. She checked her phone. There was a message from Loren.

Spending the night at Mel's, if that's ok. She's had a rough day. See you tomorrow..

Nora put her phone away and got in her car. Maybe a night to herself was what she needed right now. She turned on the car and started on her way home.

Eddie was sitting at his piano, playing a song that he started. Loren has been a big inspiration for him lately. Then he remembered he still had her scarf. He should probably return it. He got up and grabbed the scarf. He was about to make his way out the door when he got a phone call.

"Hey dad."

"Hey Eddie, what are you doing right now? Do you wanna come by the club for a few?"

"Uh sure, I just need to stop by a friend's house first. Why? Did something happen?"

"Not really. I just wanted somebody to talk to and you came to mind. Grace isn't in today."

"Oh alright. I'll be there."

Eddie hung up and left with Loren's scarf in his hand. When he reached the lobby, he rolled his eyes at what he saw. Chloe was arguing with Jeffery, trying to get him to let her go up to Eddie's. When she saw Eddie, she smiled. But her smile soon fell when she saw that he had a scarf in his hand. It looked like it belonged to another girl. She just brushed it off.

"Hi Eddie! Who's scarf is that?"

"None of your business." He simply said as he left the building, leaving a rejected and shocked Chloe behind. He didn't feel like dealing with her drama right now. He went into his car and started for Loren's house.