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Danny, Meet Your New Sister!

I look out the window and suddenly miss the rolling hills and fields. I miss my Mom. I miss my house... I miss the countryside. I liked the way things were before. For the first time since the Divorce, I was happy. Sure, money was tight and our house was smaller than most, but I was happy. But of course, fate just HAD to put a drunk driver in the same lane as us. Fate just HAD to kill my Mom. Fate just HAD to make me the only survivor. So now, it's just me. I'm all alone.

The car I'm riding in pulls up to the Fenton's driveway and I'm asked to get out of the car. I nod, not really in the mood for talking. My guardian, rings the doorbell and waits. Five seconds later the door bursts open and we're squirted with some type of glowing green goo.

"Ghost!" Yells a man's voice. Then he sees us. "Oh. Your not a piece of Ectoplasmic-Scum."

"Hardly." The women I was entrusted to temporarily replies. Then a woman in a teal-colored jumpsuit appears next to the man in neon orange.

"Sorry about that." She said sheepishly. "Jack can get a little, excited."

"I see." Mara (My Guardian) replied irritated.

As they talked about me, I learned that the Man in the neon orange was really my Uncle, Jack. I didn't recognize him from the pictures that I had been shown. The women in the Teal Jumpsuit was my Aunt, Maddie. She got a haircut or... something. Anyway, as the were on the subject of the 'poor orphaned girl', I snorted. Poor orphaned girl my foot. She talked about a lot of things I didn't understand nor care about. They were then suddenly by a voice that was much younger than their own.

"Mom? Dad? What's going on here?" A girl's voice interrupted.

"Jazz, right now were discussing a car accident that killed you Aunt, Susan. Her daughter, Bethany miraculously survived. She needs to be under the guardianship of one of her relatives. It states this pacifically in Susan's will. Apparently we are her only relatives. You might have to get used to the idea of a new Fenton child. Would you mind taking Bethany to your room?" Maddie replied

"Sure." I was then taken by the hand and lead into their living room and down the hall. Jazz, I think took me to her room. She sat me down on her bed and wrapped her arms around me.

"What. Happened." She demanded. I explain the story of the drunk driver, getting tired of repeating myself. Her eyes instantly softened, showing sympathy, the last thing I wanted. I was getting pretty sleepy by that time and the last thing I heard before falling asleep in Jazz's arms was,

"I'm Sorry."

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