Spectral: Hello! I propose a challenge to ALL of you awesome artists. If you could draw what you think Bethany and friends look like, that would be great! I really like to see them from your perspective.

Danny Muse: I think you just want fanart...

Spectral: SHHH!







"Err... Guys?" I said. "I think it's twelve."

Carol and Cody turn to me and look shocked.

"OMIGOSH! She's right!" Carol exploded.

"Ohh... So we were both wrong?" Cody said, disappointed.

"Nooo..." I drawled. "You were both right!"

When their confused looks shoot at me like bullets, I continue. "Don't ya see? Seven plus five is twelve!"



"Yes!" I yelled. "School is over!" Carol and Cody glared at me. I shied away at their stares. "Not that doing this project with you guys wasn't enjoyable... It's just that even though you guys are fun, school is still not!"

Satisfied with my answer they let me go. So I pooled out of the stuffy classroom with everybody else.

As soon as I started walking down the street to the Fenton's house, Tristan runs up to me.

"I'm so sorry Bethany!" Tristan exclaimed "People just started running up to me and..."

I put my finger on his lips. "Shh..." I said. "You don't need to explain yourself..."

As I walked away, I never noticed the tomato red his face had become. Or the freezing blue of his lips where my fingers had touched them...

Spectral: So, anybody want to draw my dear Bethany? Anybody?