Dark Link's POV

Tree. Dead Tree. Black, Dead Tree. Has it ever lived?

Water. Boring Water. Gray Boring Water. Wasn't water suppose to be blue?

Sand. Soft Sand. Yellow, Soft Sand. Is anything else yellow?

That's what I did for fun. Describe everything around me. Ask random questions. Is that really fun though? I will never know.

I was in this room for 7 years. I have memories of past life but Master Ganondorf told me it was fake. I saw green. A lot of Green. I like Green. It's a wonderful color. Reminded me of what I saw outside. Life, Freedom.

But, is there really freedom? We are all made for a specific purpose. We are all bound to it. Everything we do , everything we are was created specifically so we fulfill that purpose.

I, for example, am a shadow. As a shadow, I can blend and hide from others waiting for the right moment to strike. My purpose is to kill a hero.

The Hero of Time.

I don't know WHAT the hero looks like, or how he fights.

But being chosen by the goddess, he must be somewhat powerful.

I don't know what would happen if I left here. What my life would be if I defeated the Hero... If the Hero defeated me?

Who is the Hero? Is he nice? What if I don't want to kill him?


What am I thinking?! I have to kill the hero. It's the only reason I'm here. Sigh

I can't wait to leave. I can't wait to kill him. I want to see another human being. I think I'm human...

This is the only thing I look forward to.

I hit the tree. Chips of wood fell off and floated on the water. My hand started bleeding.

Not important... I felt worse. Master hurt me more.

I'm surprised this tree didn't break. It's strong. It's a little like me once you think about it.

I mean, I'm strong and powerful. It's hard to break me. I'm dark... and stuck in this room.


I froze. What was that? The door? No! No one can open this door. Only Ganondorf and the Hero.

Master would have already hurt me.

I heard light tapping behind me. I quickly moved my back on the tree.

The Hero.

It has to be the Hero. It can't be anyone else.

I Still stood. Scared. I have never seen another human before. Nor have I talked to one.

But why talk? All I need to do is kill.

I still stood there.


Why am I so scared? The footsteps got louder.

I turned into a shadow to blend into the tree behind me.

I watched as a young man clad in green jogged past me.


The Hero walked up to the barred doors blocking the hook shot that I must protect. He put his hands on the bars are started pulling.

A blue orb of light flew around his head.

"Hey! Silly, you can't open those bars with just your bare hands!" The blue orb sang. Her voice was annoying and high pitched. I got a minor headache from listening to her. I brought my attention back towards the man.

From behind, I saw he wore a green tunic with a matching green hat. He wore white tights and brown boots. I looked at him puzzled then down at myself.

I wore a black tunic and a matching black hat. I also wore black tights and black boots of the same style. Why did we have the same clothing? I was drifted out of my thoughts when I saw the blue orb of light fly to the Hero's ear.

"Hey! Listen! Watch Out!"

He continued to stare at the door with his hands on the bars.

"HEY! Listen! I feel a presence! Watch out! Be Caref-"

"Yeah yeah, I get it. I feel it too."

His voice sounded like mine yet a bit higher.

"Well... I'M SO SORRY! I just want to help! If you want to die then go ahead!"

"Navi... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I just... I just.."

"You just what?" the light huffed.

"I'm tired. This place is horrible..."

Ha... spend 7 years in here.

"This is weird," The Man turned around eying the area around him.

I actually got a good look at his face.

His face looked like me too. I noticed because being stuck in a room for 7 years... I saw myself a lot since the water underneath me had a reflection.

My eyes were a dark crimson; The color of blood. His eyes were a cyan hue. They shone brightly and made the water loose it's color.

His hair was gold. It was combed and styled just like mine, yet my hair was black.

Gold. Yellow. just like the sand beneath my feet. I wonder if his hair is soft just like it.

My hair used to be pale white, but got darker and darker. Once I got here... I was happy. I was in a room alone where I can play and play until the sunset.

Then, I found out that there is no sunset... nor is there a sunrise. It was fun for the first week or something. I don't know because It's not like I know when morning or night is. It went on like that for years. Master came in here to see how much progress I made ever year and that's all I knew.

I was very muscular. That's what happens when I am forced to train for 7 years. You get pretty buff.

I wonder if he was as strong as I. I shall find out after the fight. Problem is... I don't want to kill him.

My mind is telling me... "kill him" while my heart is saying, "Make a friend."

I started loosing focus and slowly began to drift back to reality. In other words, I became more visible.

He eyed the tree more. It felt weird... him staring at me. I got a weird feeling in my stomach.

He came closer but cautiously put his hand on his sword and shielded his body with a shield as blue as his eyes.

I smiled at how protective he was.

His eyes widened. Maybe he noticed my sharp, white fangs.

He took out his sword and charged at me. I sighed and took out mine. Our sword clashed, and sparks flew.

"Aw, do you REALLY attack everyone you see?" I laugh as I push against his sword with my own.

I notice are blades are the same except mine is black.

"Only those who are threats," he said through gritted teeth.

"And what makes you think I am a threat? We haven't even gotten to know each other." I pout.

He stops pushing against my sword and stares me right in the eyes. He jumps back a couple feet and gently lowers his sword but his shield still stays up.

I roll my eyes. What can't he trust me?

"Alright, if you truly are no threat, I would appreciate it if you opened the door behind me," He still kept his eyes locked with mine.

I let out a blood curdling laugh.

"And what makes you think I will just... open the damn door?" I put one hand on my hip and tap my foot.

"Do tell what I must do to open the door then," His eye brows scrunch in annoyance.

I stared at him. This is my chance. I can leave here with a friend and stay alive. I have to choose my words carefully.

"You have 2 options: 1, You fight me and win 2, I open the door now, we BOTH leave unharmed and I stay with you," I smiled showing off my fangs.

He stood there confused. I let out a sigh and stared at him intently. I noticed how beautiful he was.

This may be because I have never seen anyone else in my life, but he is very attractive. I wouldn't mind ravishing his body...

As my mind is drifting off, I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. I look down and see he hit me.

I jump back and unsheathe my sword. He swung and missed then thrust the sword at me.

I gracefully jumped and landed on his sword. His face was just priceless.

"What? Don't like the idea of leaving here unharmed?" I said squatting down on his sword. I poked his nose and laughed.

His cheeks turned a light pink as he swung his sword. I jumped down and dodged as he leaped at me.

"No, that part is great. Just the idea of you coming with me." We clashed swords again. This time I hit him on his side.

I ripped his shirt and left a cut on his side. I stared in awe as I saw his body. Our blades collided again. I felt a sharp pain in my side but I ignored it.

His hip bone stuck out on his fair tan skin. I wanted to see more.

He charged at me again.

I quickly jumped around him and pinned him to the tree which luckily was behind us. He let out a gasp of surprise.

His back was pinned to the dark tree. His hair, eyes and tunic standing out even more on the black. I ripped his sword out of his hand and threw it far from us.

He struggled yet couldn't get away.

"Stop moving. Damn, You're strong kid!" I yelled at him, "What's your problem?"

He quickly glanced at my sword and back at my eyes. He tried to intimidate me, but it failed. I was taller then him and glaring UP at someone is kinda stupid.

Then I threw my sword to the side. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea but now I had a free arm. One of my hands pinned the Hero's above his head, while the other pinned his chest to the tree.

I saw a flash of relief when I threw my sword away but he struggled against me.

I leaned in close and kissed his nose. He froze and closed his eyes.

His cheeks flushed and he looked away.

I chuckled. I need to see him. I need to see his body. I need somebody. No, I need... Him.

I snapped my fingers and a shadow formed around the tree. It went around both of the Hero's hands above his head, both legs and around his waist. I stepped back and looked at him.

"I never caught your name." I kept eying his body. His was getting flustered and tried to move.

"That's because I never told you" He spat.

"You know... you have a nice voice, but it doesn't sound that nice when you're sassing me. Now what's your name?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"Well I can't join you on your... 'Quest' if I don't know your name," I sighed a little annoyed, "Here, I'll start. I'm Dark Link." I smiled showing off my fangs.

He looked at me for a second then closed his eyes and began struggling against his binds. He bared his teeth.

"I never said you can come with!" He sighed after giving up against the shadows.

"Well, If you loose this fight then I count that as if you chose option 2" I chuckle and lean in close again. I feel him suck in his breath a little when our noses touch.

"Link! I'm coming to help!"

He let out a defeated sigh. Link? I'm Dark Link. Wow this is getting a little too weird.

All of a sudden a blue orb smacked me in the face. I growled and looked around. It flew slightly away. I grabbed my hat and caught the annoying thing. I tied a knot and threw it on the ground near our swords.

"Wow... that's annoying. How can you live with that Link?" Goddess, "Aw... now we aren't matching. Here let me fix this tiny dilemma."

I walked over to him and yanked his hat off and threw it on the ground. I brought his head up to my face and inhaled his scent. I buried my nose in his hair and just stood there inhaling his scent until he wiggled uncomfortably. His hair is soft.

"My, my, Link. You smell great." I wonder if I smell that good. Probably not since I haven't bathed. Unless you call spending all day in this dirty water bathing.

"I wonder if our bodies are similar like our face and clothing." His eyes widened and he kept trying to wiggle out of the unbreakable shadow binds.

"I-If you dare touch me... I swear I-I'll.." I came up to his face and put a single finger on his lips. I take my other hand and tilt his head towards my face. I leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

"Shh..." I felt him shiver, "I won't hurt you. I just want to see something." As I said that I started to unbuckle his belt and pushed his shirt up. I put it over his head so it wouldn't fall down.

I left his ear and stared at his face. He was flushed and nervous. I smiled and passionately kissed him. I felt him kiss me back. I stared at him. Oh goddess, he so so beautiful.

Then his eyes snapped open and he bit my lip. I stopped kissing him and licked the blood off my lips.

He grimaced and shut his eyes, his cheeks turning another shade darker.

I laughed a little buried my face in his neck. His skin was so soft. I kissed the crook of his neck and slowly moved my lips down his body.

I reached his soft nub and started sucking on it. He let out a small moan. I giggled and kept moving down.

I stopped when I was on my knees and kissed just below his navel. I opened my eyes and smiled.

His body was muscular and toned. I ran my finger down his stomach and stopped just above where his pants were. I kissed just below his belly button and felt his body shiver again.

I have never been so close to someone. Someone so beautiful and warm.

I felt my eyes water at the fact that I have never had a real friend.

My lips stayed on his body while I took my arms and wrapped them around his waist. I began to cry.

Links POV

I felt strong hands wrap around waist. The man buried his face in my stomach.

This is weird. Too weird. You aren't suppose to be this close to someone.

You don't touch someone there, or anywhere near!

And here I am tied to a tree with a man I have just met 2 minutes ago.

What surprised me was that I felt something wet. And it wasn't from his tongue...

I tried to wiggle from his grasp.

Is he crying? Why?

I'm probably going to regret this. But I was born with a need to help. I can't just walk away from a problem.

"What are you... why are you crying?" I choked out. Looking down at his dark cluster of hair.

"Are you my friend?" His face left my stomach. He looked so innocent... and serious.

"You don't just ask that Dark Link, You have to earn my friendship."

"How do I do that?" His red eyes seemed to glow. I didn't know if I could trust him. One minute he wanted to kill me, the next he wanted to rape me and now he wants to be friends?

"Well first off you can get the hell off of me..." I said that with just enough hatred to get him to let go but not too much to drive him away.

"I'm sorry. I'm just not good with this."

I wonder why?Everyone wants to be sexually abused!

Dark Link snapped his fingers and the shadow binds released me. I scrambled away from the tree and Dark Link's grasp.

"May hap because you attack someone you just met?"

I slip down the shirt he put up and try to get the feeling of saliva off my chest.

"Hey! You were the first to raise your sword!" He shot back with a sly grin on his face.

"I meant sexually. I had all rights to attack you. You are a threat and I must dispose of any threat to Hyrule and her people." I fixed my hair uncomfortably.

Dark Link took a step closer to me. I took a step back.

"Don't act like you didn't like it." Dark Link winked and stepped closer.

I stood there staring at him. Usually I can come up with a remark but I didn't know what to say.

"I-I didn't! That was d-disgusting and..."

"Then were those moans of anger?" He took another step closer. I didn't move back. I didn't want to show any weakness. I had to show fake trust.

"because, those sounded like moans of pleasure to me," a huge smile came upon Dark Link's face, his sharp white fangs glistened.

"You are quite bad at making friends you know." I said without expression. I wanted to know his weak spot. Where to hit when he gets me angry.

The smile on his face disappeared in a second and he frowned. His eyes stung with tears but he bit them back. He took a step back and put his head down.

We were quiet. I looked down at my reflection and saw it wasn't there.

Stop, Link. That was too far. Apologize.

"Uh... Dark Link I'm... sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings but you should really watch your manners. I don't want to go all "Mom" on you but seriously get your act together." It hurts to say those words but I had to weaken him so I can kill him. I know this was an act and I couldn't let myself fall for it.

"I just never had anyone to teach me manners. I had master Ganondorf and he couldn't care less," He smiled but it was a sad smile. I felt a pang of guilt.

He's serious. This isn't an act.

We stood there. It was silent. The air became hot and I stared down at the water beneath my feet. This was awkward. What do I do now? I can't kill him, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.

I quickly glanced up and saw he was staring right at me. A blush formed upon my cheeks and looked down again changing my weight from foot to foot. I put my left arm over my right and exhaled. I haven't noticed that I was holding my breath.

I never noticed how attractive he was. I never noticed how different we are... yet we look the same. His red eyes on his pale skin surrounded by black hair made him look dangerous. A good dangerous. A thrill. Unlike myself.

Yet the way he acted a moment ago showed he is weak... emotionally.

A small smile appeared on his face and he walked toward me. He stopped just about a foot in front of me.

"Lets make a deal. I will help you through what ever puzzle you come across. I will have your back when fighting dangerous monsters. I will give away any information about Ganondorf making the defeat easier.

"But, in exchange for my help, I have to come with you. You get me the fuck away from this horrid place. Teach me about Hyrule and show me around. Once I got the hang of all this I will leave you forever until our paths cross." He stares at me intently. I'm not sure I like this plan.

What if he tells me false information, what if he doesn't watch my back and kills me instead. But for some odd reason I trust him. The way he talks, his body language... I sense no harm.

"So, is it a deal?" He was about a foot away from me and extended his arm toward me.

I stared at his hand still unsure of this deal. There is no harm. Oh! And the more help the better right?

If something happens I can always just kill him. Hopefully I won't need to though. This "monster" is as close to a human as any other and it would feel as though I'm killing a civilian.

I reach for his hand and hesitate for a moment.

Just do it Link. What could go wrong?

I grab his hand a shake it.

He smiles and looks at me seductively. Many Hyrulian girls give me the same look.

Sometimes even men. I shudder at a memory. I was in the presence of Princess Zelda when a knight walks by and slaps my... um... behind. Zelda just giggled and told me it was a guy thing. More like a gay thing.

"Oh, And Hero?" He chuckles his eyes still glued to mine.

"Yes, Shadow?" I reply. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"There is but 1 more thing I want from you."

I looked at him questioningly when I felt a tug on my hand.

He pulled me up to him and snaked an arm around my waist. He let go of my hand and grabbed my chin.

The hold was strong but not painful.

A surprised gasp leaves my mouth. Dark Link pushed his tongue into my mouth.

He kissed me.

I felt as though the whole world was spinning. It was just Dark Link and I. This was my first kiss.

It was long and passionate. I kissed back. I knew this was bad. Kissing another man, I mean.

I tried picturing Zelda there instead. I closed my eyes and imagined her beautiful blond hair released from the head garb she wears. Her blue eyes staring back at me, her cherry chap stick tinting my own lips, the smell of her rose perfume filling my nose.

But when I opened my eyes I didn't see blond, but black. I saw red instead of blue and I didn't smell like roses.

I was okay with that.

He broke off the kiss and snapped his fingers. I was still staring at him when I heard metal grinding against each other. I tore my gaze from his red eyes, and looked behind Dark Link to see the closed doors for the Long Shot were open.

He winked at me and walked towards the door. He rocked his hips with every step. I gazed at his bottom and bit my lip. Shit.

He reached our hats laying on the water and looked back at me. My cheeks felt really hot. He chuckled and bent over making the bend slow and sensual.

He was teasing me. I felt a weird sensation in my abdomen but pushed it away. He got back up and untied his own hat releasing Navi.


"Link! Are you okay! I heard weird noises and expected the worst, but you seem fine!"

I wasn't listening to her. My attention was drawn to Dark Link who now leaned on a pillar putting his hat on. He smile and stared at me and crossed his arms, angling one of his legs.

Navi followed my gaze and shrieked.

"Link! Watch Out! He's still alive!"

I kept staring at him, my face contorted. I felt as though I was searching for answers. But what questions was I trying to answer?

Navi drew me out of my trance when she flew in front of my face.

"Link! Listen!"

"He his coming with us." I said abruptly and walked towards my hat.


"I know what I'm doing."

I kneel down to pick up my hat. I didn't bend like he did... I put it on and walked past him. I put my hand on the door.

"Let's go Dark Link"

"Dark" He replied casually.


"Call me Dark. Dark Link's a mouthful." A devious grin came upon his face. "Well... Dark is too" He laughed and pushed the door open for me.

I was too innocent to get the innuendo.

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