Several months pass, and Dark and I stay at Zelda's castle until the little house is built. After careful consideration on Zelda's behalf, the house is actually just an add on to the castle, but I make sure it's not big or extravagant. She is upset by this fact so I let her decorate and have fun with how it looks in general. It has a cute livingroom with a balcony that faces the fields and Din's Volcano. The living room has a beautiful large couch and faces a large shelf full of books, games, and other entertainment. Next to the livingroom is an open kitchen, though the castle's chef usually cooks and brings food over. Large windows are spread throughout the addition but are covered with heavy red drapes for protection and privacy. A long and steep staircase swirls around to the top level. In this level is another balcony and master bathroom, connected to a beautiful room. Zelda enjoys decorating and made the room amazing for Dark and I. The polished stone floors with a deep red carpet that traced the room like a sidewalk. The bed was fairly large with a tall canopy, and a sheer white material was draped on top to counter the red covers, matching the carpet. Silver components were painted on to the bed frame, as well as sewn into the pillows, covers, and the carpet. She placed several flowers and cute trinkets around the room, including treasure chests, hearts, and music boxed. The first time I saw the room I was in complete shock and fought the urge to yell at her. She seemed extremely happy to be a part of this strange new life and I let her keep this happiness, even if I was a little embarrassed. The little home is adorned in special paintings, and even more flowers. A special Silver Petal statue was crafted and painted, placed in the center of each room. I often stare at it, remembering the love that I have for Dark and how far we've come in our relationship. I sit there just admiring the pretty petals and get flooded with a million memories.

I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and jump, stolen from my trance. I look up and see Dark standing next to me with his eyebrow raised.

"Whatcha staring at princess?" he lets out a soft laugh and sits down next to me. I move so he has more room, but he snakes his arm around my waist and pulls me back over. His treatment and attitude towards me changed a lot after everything had happened. He teases me often about my love for him, and brags about how lucky he is to have a hero as a monster's lover. I usually get upset over him calling himself a monster, but I don't bring anything up.

"Mmh.. I'm always staring at this sculpture aren't I? It's just a lot of memories…" I mumble and rest my head on his shoulder. He lets his hand travel from my hip to my thigh, and he squeezes it sweetly. His spare hand tilts my head up and we meet for a sweet kiss. I haven't gotten used to his kisses really… I'm not used to this stuff in general. I jumped from being a kid to being an adult in one night, so relationships and romance just aren't in my book. He has been extremely kind though, and doesn't push me farther than I let him. Since the first time I met him, he has been fairly sexual and I'm extremely grateful that he restrains himself for me. At times he gets upset, and even leaves me for several hours to blow off steam, but apologizes all the time for his behaviour. I feel guilty but the whole idea of being completely nude with someone confuses me, and how in general love making between guys goes on. I haven't had time to research… since the time of exploration I've been chasing down Ganon.

I get pulled from my thoughts as I feel a soft bite at my lip. I look over at him, who smirks softly and moves his hand from my thigh to back to my face, cupping my cheek.

"Hey darling, I should be all your focus right now…" he laughs and presses his lips back to mine. This is actually as far as we go… usually. Passionate kissing I finally got used to, touching my thighs and hips… he got to touch my butt and even my nipples once… I slapped him pretty hard. I snicker to myself and Dark pulls away with a childish pout.

"Stop thinking about other stuff when I'm trying to turn you on!" He whines and I let out a laugh. His hands start to roam again to try and get the mood serious again, but I feel ticklish and laugh.

"You're not getting anything tonight either" I say as the doorbell rings, and food is slid into the room through a little door for the chef's assistants. I push Dark off of me and walk off to pick it up. My eyes sparkle at the fresh looking pasta and salad, bringing it into the kitchen. I set it carefully on the beautifully carved wooden table and watch as Dark walks in ,still a little pouty. I smile and bring him a plate, kissing his cheek as I do so. He smiles then we begin to eat, his sour mood seeming to past somewhat quickly. Our conversation goes on for a while, even after we finish eating. I finally get up and put the plates away, planning to wash them later. I feel Dark wrap his arms around me from behind and bite my lip. I turn my head and we meet in a sweet kiss, while he turns me around so we face each other. I blink as he seems to lift me so I'm sitting on the counter, but don't fight back as he continues to kiss me. He seems to be getting really impatient recently..I wrap my arms around his neck, and pull away with a smile. I touch my forehead to his and whisper, "I love you."

"I'm so lucky that the almighty hero has fallen for a monster like me" he whispers back to me and leans in for more kisses.

There it is again

"You're not a monster." I say sternly and refuse the kiss. He stares at me in shock, not expecting me to reply that way.

"You know I am Link" He laughs gently, " But It's okay becau-"

"You're not a monster," I repeat and glare. He slowly pulls away and raises an eyebrow.

"I physically am… Why are you saying it so spitefully.. I'm actually a demon.. And monster… are you just.. Trying to ignore that part of me?" He asks confused, staying calm.

"You couldn't help it, you were forced to-"

"I couldn't help it but that doesn't mean I'm not a monster.."

"I would never love a monster.. Monsters are evil.. And you're not evil… you were forced in your position" I try explaining, him never even seeming like a monster to me. He isn't a monster.. He's a human who was forced to fight against me.. It wasn't his fault.

"...Well for your information, I am. I may not act like it, but I am. I may not look like it… But I am. And I guess you don't like me if I am?"

"Well I.. I do love you.. You're not a-"

"I am! Idiot!" he stands and starts to yell, "You know it really hurts when you say that? It's like saying… you would never date a princess, but you would date Zelda because she's kind to you. You say that she's not a princes-"

"She is a princess, not matter how she acts…"

"Yes and I'm a monster, no matter how I act," He glares and leaves the kitchen. I stare at him in shock not sure why he reacted like that. I think over everything and sigh stubbornly. I go to clean the dishes, letting him ,and myself, cool off and bite my lip. A couple hours pass and he still hasn't spoken to me. He was the one that exploded on me.. Well.. I exploded too.. But I was just protecting him.. He's not a monster at all. I see him laying on the living room couch and touch his shoulder quietly.

"Hey.. let's go to bed.." I whisper and he pushes me away.

"I don't sleep with heros. I'm a monster"

"Dark I…"

"Leave me alone."

"Please I really didn't mean to.."

"I said leave me alone." He sends a cold glare in my direction and turns around. I feel tears well up in my eyes and go upstairs slowly. I try not caring too much and shower, crying a bit while I'm in there.. I change into some shorts and a T shirt that's laced up at the top. I tie and untie it in a bow out of nervousness and curl up, missing his warmth. I stay up for a bit thinking about why you got so offended. I shake my head not understanding your explanation, and force myself to fall asleep.

I wake up around 2 in the morning with my cheeks wet. I blink confused, and touch my swollen eyes. I sigh and sit up, pulling my knees to my chest. Goddess… I'm an idiot.. I think and touch the empty spot next to me. I lay down and stay up for about an hour, feeling extremely alone. We fought a few times but it was never very bad. We've been living as a couple for.. About a year now and I guess we never did talk about these things, so it makes sense they blew up now.

Yes… he's a monster… I guess he really is.. But I still love him.. So much..No matter what he is..He is a monster

He just doesn't seem like a monster.. Monsters are evil and would do anything to hurt you.. Dark just protects me.. Everywhere I go he protects me.. He loves me and..

I look over to the silver plant next to our bed and touch the painted fake leaves. I tear up and wrap myself in a blanket, starting to walk downstairs. I shake a little going down the now seemingly endless stare case. I reach the bottom and see him laying on the couch, looking up at the ceiling. He makes eye contact with me and turns his head away.

"Go back to sleep Hero." I wince at his words but ignore him and continue slowly walking towards him. He looks confused and raises an eyebrow, but when he sees my face clearly his face softens a little upon seeing my swollen eyes. He seems to flick back to being angry.

"What? Came to slay me and save the d-" I cut him off by straddling his hips and lean down, pressing a kiss onto his lips. He stares up at me in shock, and winces as I lick his lip. He curiously opens his mouth, not sure what I'm planning, and I press my tongue into his mouth. I start to kiss him passionately and he moans softly, not expecting it at al. I feel his hands on my shoulders as he pushes me away.

"What the hell are yo-"

"I'm sorry… Dark. You are.. You were born a monster. Me trying to disprove that was incredibly stupid.. No matter what I really do love you…" I tear up and cover my face, sobbing softly, "Please I really didn't mean to offend you Ijust.. I don't see you as a demon you're my boyfriend and my lover and a great friend and I love you so much and I really miss you and miss your cuddling and I want you back in bed with me not here on the couch and -" I blubber as I'm cut off with another kiss. I see his deep red eyes looking at me and I close my watery one. A tear slips down my cheek and he leans up to lick it away. I blush deeply and sniff, looking at his face.

"It's okay.. Please don't cry.. I overreacted.. I was actually going to go apologize.. Well i wanted to.. But.. I felt embarrassed.. I just acted so stupid.." he whispers to me in the dark and I smile through my tears. I wrap my arms around him and he squeezes me back. We stay hugging for a bit and I lull my head on his shoulder.

"You may be physically a monster or a demon or whatever… but to me you're the kindest person I know. I'm sorry I upset you.."

"I was more upset because… I am a monster and you said you would never love a monster. It was a big blow for me, you know? Just because you don't see me as the stereotype.. It's still me…"

"I know.. And I'm sorry I exploded on you…" I whisper

"I love you.." he whispers to me and I sniff again, calming down, " I love you… I love you.." he continues to repeatedly whisper into my ear and I blush deeply. I pull away from his shoulder and kiss him deeply. He kisses me back with the same amount of passion and smiles into the kiss.

"I love you, and you're all mine.." He entangled his fingers into my hair and tugs my head back, whispering into my skin. I gasp as he presses his lips on to my neck and starts to suck roughly. I feel his tongue trace up and down my neck, leaving kisses all over the area. I look up more in confusion as to how the situation seemed to switch. I'm taken from my thoughts and feel him nip the skin, pulling away with a sneaky grin.

"Now everyone will know.." he pokes one hickey on my neck that he apparently just did now. I look down and touch the spot, not being able to see it, it being fairly high on my neck. I smile lightly to myself at the idea and notice have pleased you seem to look.

"I want more…" I whisper and look at you sweetly. I notice as his eye sparkles and he quickly pounces onto my neck. I yelp at how quickly he moved to continue, and starts to leave more all over my neck and jaw. He hovers over me and places one hand on my hip, the other is slipping into my hair, tilting my head to make his actions easier for himself. I feel his lips travel down and up all over my skin. I peek down at him curiously as he seems to travel lower ,and he makes eye contact with me. I feel my heart race and watch as he bites the string at the top of my pajama shirt, and slowly pulls it with his teeth, untying it. I let him lick and suck at my chest, teasing my nipples and leaving hickies around the small buds. I grind my body against him and he grabs a hold of my hips, pulling me more against him, so we're rubbing against each other. I shut my eyes tightly as my head seems to get clouded with dirty thoughts. His hands explore my body and work me slightly out of my pajamas, before I pull him away with small pants.

"Bedroom… please.." I whisper with a moan and I see his eyes glowing, never seeing them like this.

3rd Person

Dark picks up a hot and bothered young blond hero and carries him up the stairs excitedly. I can finally do it? Have sex? I've been trying for so long, it's finally happening? Fuck he's so hot.. Dark thinks as he rushes the two of them up to the bedroom. Link is flushed red and is resting his head on Dark's shoulder, extremely turned on. He tosses Link on top of the bed a bit recklessly and crawls on top of him. Link sits up slightly and starts to pull of Dark's shirt. He growls excitedly and tugs at Link's shirt as well. Link moves up a bit so his lover can slide it off and is shocked when Dark slides it up keeps the shirt on his arms so his elbows are together, bound. He quickly undoes his belt and ties Link's wrists together. Link's eyes widen and he looks up at Dark who looks hungrily over his form.

"Dark… I.. I'm a virgin.. Can't we keep sex… vanilla..?" He laughs a little nervously and looks up at his tied up wrists.

"Just for now.. I'll take it off.." Dark growled and leaned down, excitedly sucking on a nipple. Link cries out at the sensitivity, normally smacking him about now to stop. I guess that's why he tied me up Link thinks to himself and lets out a small confused moan. He rocks his body as Dark starts to leave more hickies around his nipples and chest and down to his stomach. Link moves his body with his, and Dark cautiously runs his hands over his inner thighs. He looks up at Link who is flushed red, covered in all the beautiful markings.

"Can I touch you more?" He asks Link curiously, not wanting to push any boundaries. Darks hands continue to trace his thighs and his hips, enjoying the sweet curved that the blond has.

"Please…" Link moans shyly, "Please just touch me.. However… wherever you want…" He gives Dark an aroused look and shivers run down his back. Dark's heart starts to race as his mind flies to all the strange sexual fantasies he's had about this. He reaches down and rubs roughly between Link's legs. Link lets out a gasp and tugs at the belt around his wrists, not sure what he was expecting when he said that. Dark leans back down and sucks at his already abused and sore nipples, as he strokes him through the pants. Link's cock was already hard before Dark even started to touch him there, and that excited Dark even more. He leans down and goes straight to using his mouth, sucking at his member through the cloth. Link holds back noises and rocks his body.

"Dark wait.. I.. I'm so embarrassed already..You're moving fast.." He whimpers a little and balls his hands into fists.

"Link… I've wanted this since the first day I met a good boy.. You're being so good.. You're so beautiful… so sexy…don't be shy" He whispers and tugs down Link's pants slightly, looking up for a sign of approval. Link doesn't sat know and Dark slips the pants off of him completely. Link looks away in completely embarrassment and bites his lip. Dark's eyes gloss over his body, seeing Link fully exposed for the first time.

"Don't just stare… idiot.." Link mumbles and Dark smirks.

"Why … you want me to suck you off already?" Dark bemuses and lifts Link's leg up slightly so he gets a full view of everything, " Wow… I should take a picture of how.. Appetizing you look… this demon is going to eat you up…" he says seductivly and leans down, licking a long trail up Link's aching cock. Link lets out a shocked gasp, never doing this before and finding it very strange. Dark smirks and takes his member into his mouth starting to suck roughly, his cock being hard enough. Link squirms at the foreign feeling and cries out loudly. Dark grabs a hold of his hips, and keeps them still as he rolls his tongue around the tip. He moans and the vibrations circle around Link's member, starting to bob his head. Link moves his head back and tugs at the belt, wanting to hold on to Dark's hair but Dark doesn't listen. He sucks for a short while and starts to deepthroat Link, wanting to taste every inch of him. This goes on for a bit and drives Link insane, as he stumbles over small noises. Dark pulls off of his dick, licking his tongue down his shaft, between his balls, and finally to his asshole. Link gasps in shock and tries squirming away, not even knowing this is a thing; But, Dark keeps him firmly in place with his hands on his hips. Dark licks at his entrance and sucks on it sweetly. He growls softly as Link lets out a confused noise and flips him over quickly and excitedly, untying his hands. Link rubs his wrists gladly and shivers as Dark presses against him and sucks on his ears for a bit. He then traces kisses down his spine and shoves Link's head down into the pillows, somewhat roughly, but being more playful. Dark grinds against Link's bare ass with his clothed lower half, letting out a frustrated noise.

"Ah fuck…. You're so amazing.." Dark groans and spanks Link's right cheek, getting Link to gasp in shock. Link is flushed red from arousal and embarrassment as he listens and feels Dark exploring every inch of him. He secretly enjoys the dominant nature of Dark and wiggles his hips to tease the darker boy. Dark moans at the sight and spanks him some more.

"You want more..? You like that? Good boy… you're so amazing…" He hums causing Link to shyly look away. Link feels Dark move away a bit and kiss down his spine again, reaching his lower back. Link gasps as Dark hooks his arms between Link's thigh and around his hips, grabbing a hold of both of his cheeks, one of them more red than the other. Link moans out as Dark spreads his cheeks with his hands and shoves his tongue as deep as he can into his ass. Link cries out in shock and pleasure, burying his face into the pillows . Dark moves his tongue around a bit teasingly and happily licks his cute virgin hole. With each whimper, Dark starts to move a bit more roughly, getting enticed by all of Link's cute noises. Dark starts to tongue fuck him, spitting and licking all over his ass, spanking him here and there. Link squirms at how wet he got there from all the licking and sucking, moaning in shock as Dark starts to stroke him from underneath as well. Link starts to pant heavily, in shock at all the pleasures he is feeling. He mewls and without warning, cums into Dark's hand. He arches his back as he does so, finally releasing all the pleasures. After he's done, he realizes what he has done and hides his face in embarrassment in the pillow as he feels Dark stop.

"Did you really.. Just.. cum..?" Dark stares in shock and looks at his hand.

"I.. I'm sorry! It just.. I.. I'm sorry I should have.." Link blubbers a little into his pillow.

"Mh.. It's okay.. It means you liked it," He purrs and tugs Link up so his back is pressed against Dark's chest, "I'll just make you cum again so we can do it together~". He grins and slips his tight pants off.

"You know what I would like..?" Dark whispers as he rocks his hard dick against Link's ass, "seeing your beautiful blond hair down at my crotch… your striking blue eyes looking up at me.. Your incredibly soft pink lips wrapped around my cock… sucking me off… ". Link winces a little and shakes his head at the words and Dark tilts his head.

"I'm sorry I really… I can't and.. Don't.." He starts to mutter and Dark can sense a bit of shame in his voice. He smiles and kisses his cheek.

"It's okay.. Don't worry.. We have all the time in the world to try some really fun things… only when you're comfortable.. We can start the main part of the show though…" he smiles sweetly and presses his dick against against Link's wet entrance. Dark remembers something and goes to the pouch that laying next to the bed and pulls out the condom and lube the hotel manager gave Link forever ago.

"Funny we still have this...put it on me.." Dark smirks and moves Link is leaning in front of him. Link shakily opens the wrapper and struggles a bit to figure out how it works. He finally gets it open and awkwardly tries slipping it on. Dark leads him and he eventually slips it on Dark's cock. Dark moans from the contact, and Link strokes him a bit shyly while Dark coats his fingers in the lube and presses one inside of Link. He lets out a gasp and Dark shushes him lightly.

"You need this or it'll hurt a bit.. You trust me right?" Dark whispers and thrusts the finger in and out of Link for a bit and then pushes in a second one. Link shakes and is pulled up for a small kiss so he can calm down a bit. He is then slowly pushed onto his back and his legs get spread. Link blushes and closes his legs but Dark kisses his knee and spreads them apart. He stares hungrily and moves between Link's legs, continuing to stroke himself as he moves some more fingers inside of Link. Link squirms a bit at the foreign feeling but Dark moves at a pace most comfortable for Link.

Dark leans up and leads Link into a passionate kiss while continuing to prep his ass. He impatiently pushes a third finger inside Link, wanting to be inside of him already but controlling his thoughts. Link squirms a bit nervously but the kiss calms him down and he eventually relaxes into Dark's touch. Dark pulls away slowly and gives up, starting to press his dick inside of Link, who quickly grabs his shoulders out of nervousness. Dark moves slowly and his cock inches inside of Link. The dark male lets out a low groan as Link's hot insides envelope his hard dick.

"You feel so good… it feels so good knowing it's you.. You're so hot and tight…" Dark continues to mutter sweet nothings into Link's ear and moans as he pushes all the way in. He waits for Link to get used to the feeling and starts to slowly thrust. Link's face turns bright red and his toes curl a bit, as it starts to settle in his brain what they're actually doing. Dark leans down and kisses him, starting a slow but nice pace. Link wraps his arms around him and mewls at the strange feeling of having Dark inside of him. Link refuses to make eye contact with Dark, and Dark accepts it and focuses on just giving him as much pleasure as he can. He rocks his hips and starts to pick up his pace as the kiss intensifies. His free hand teases a nipple and the other keeps Link's hips in place.

Playing with his tongue, Dark sucks roughly on Link's lower lip until he whimpers from the sore feeling they give off. Dark goes a little harder and makes out with him happily as he feels his body tighten. Link moans loudly and pulls away from the kiss as one thrust hits a certain spot. Dark smirks and pins Link's arms to his side and presses further into the spot as Link writhed underneath him in pleasure.

"F..Fuck Dark what is.. That..?!" he cries out in shock and pleasure as he wraps his legs around Dark's waist.

"That… my darling boyfriend… is the male G spot… feels good huh?" He whispers and bites at Links earlobe, sucking on it and the skin behind his ear. Link shivers at the feeling and mewls at the feelings. Dark growls happily at that and pushes further into him and starts to slam into that spot roughly. Dark pulls away slightly and looks down at the amazing sight of them finally being 'one'. Dark's eyes glaze over Link's sweaty body as it arches from the pleasures he is giving him. Dark hungrily lets go of Link's hands and starts to stroke him with the same paze as the rough and quick thrusting. Link cries out Dark's name and claws at the sheets, gripping them tightly and pulling to try and ease the tension he is feeling in his abdomen.

Their sweaty bodies move with each other creating lewd and arousing noises. The two boys cling to each other as both of their bodies yearn for more pleasure. Dark's thumb rubs against Link's tip as it leaks precum and the blond whimpers at the feeling. He lets go of the covers and latches onto Dark's shoulders. With every thrust his hands crawl down Dark's back and he starts digging his nails into his back and clawing at it. The strange mix of mainly pleasure with a little pain turns Dark on even more and he slams into Link roughly, the whole bed moving with them.

"Dark please… more .." He moans and Dark quickly leans down to suck on his nipples again. Link moves one hand into Dark's hair and grips it tightly as the other hand continues to hold on to Dark's back

Link rolls his head back as his ass, dick, and nipples all are being pleasured at the same time. Dark leaves his chest and kisses him sweetly before just hanging his head over Link's face. He rocks his body to Dark's last few thrusts, and starts to cum roughly again. The face Link makes of pure pleasure drives Dark to his last thrusts and he ends up cumming a few seconds after Link. They continue to rock their bodies to the movements as they finish and slow down. Link leans up and kisses Dark passionately as their bodies both feel heavy from lack of sleep and the exhaustion from the sex. They continue this make out and hug each other as tightly as they can, still wanting to feel each other as much as they can. Dark pulls out slowly and untangles Link's leg, taking the condom off and slipping it into the trashcan before laying down on top of Link, resting his head on his chest. Link tiredly watches and feels his face turn bright red at the realization of what they just did. He bites his lip and pets Dark on his back as the demon listens to Link's quick but slowing down heart. They both pant and close their eyes for a bit, just resting before Link reaches over to pull the messed up covers over them.

"I'm dirty.. Do you really wanna be laying there"

"Yes." Dark says simply and Link blushes at the blunt answer. He smiles a bit and just pets Dark's head, playing with his hair soothingly.

"I love you, my hero…" Dark whispers and kisses his chest sweetly. Link smiles and nods.

"I love you too… my demon.." he smiles and closes his eyes. Dark leans up and pets his cheek sweetly before burying his face into the blondes bruised up neck and falls asleep.