This is a first time I write in this type of a story.

Now, I want to mention a few things before sharing the story:

Fred, Remus, Tonks, and Sirius are not dead.

I am following by the book AND movie, to where Voldemort wanted the Elder Wand to accept him as a master of the wand, yet, it won't give him the power because Snape is the owner of Elder Wand. Harry arrives to this scene with his invisible cloak on him.

WARNING: Slave, cuss, violence, yaoi, hetro, lemon, and mpreg - If they do not strike your interests, I suggest you'd leave. Oh, one final warning to mention and that's my grammar structure. I am aware that my writing has/have errors/improper structure/too wordy/past tense and present tense mixed. Therefore, please bear it and enjoy reading it.

Onward with the story - most of my story isn't usually short, but it will not be forever. It is simply difficult to get the whole plot flowing since this is the first time I wrote it in this type of style.


The battle was not a pleasant sight and several witches and wizards fighting for their lives. No one gave up, protected each other, and fought as much as their heart could pour out. The dark haired ran through and kept himself hidden at the sight of Voldemort and Snape. He caught himself into a situation…Snape was begging to stall his time for his life being. It was the first time he had witness some humanity in the professor for so long. Voldemort denied him, uncaring for the man's desire to keep on living because of the wand refused to be its owner.

The raven sensed the vile creature lurking around and he saw what would be happening. His hand whipped to jerk away the creature's attack and the red eyes widened to their unwanted guest.

"You want me, Voldemort?" Harry jerked the cloak off to reveal his visible presence.

Snape gulped and did not understand how Harry arrived beforehand of his life and death situation. Voldemort failed snatching the hero's throat and the boy wouldn't let him. He was beyond furious to let another fallen death in his hands when he can prevent them.

"You will die tonight, Potter!" The dark lord hissed.

He hissed back, "You'll never be the man you once were!" He lifted up his wand immediately, "Avada Keavra!" He viciously spoke against the enemy.

The cruel crimson eyes filled with horrid and tried to flee for his immortal life, yet, the hit broke him down. The dark lord screamed out of tortured, not once begging for mercy or pleading for his precious life, and allowing fear to consume him. Harry did not stop at his strength and watched the man dissolved into ashes. The ashes collapsed onto the ground and the wind whipped away.

Harry's hand wand dropped to his side…the worse was over for him. The victory of a light has won and knowing Voldemort was gone for good. Snape stared at the boy, expressionless to find anything to reveal, and saw him walked away.

"H-how?" Snape whispered.

The dark hair blinked and turned over to his former professor. He looked at the man he had known for almost seven years. Snape did not repeat his question and observed Harry from his sight, seeing that he wasn't upset or stressed out anymore. It is as seem the world has lifted off his shoulders. Harry did not speak a single word and bored at Snape.

Harry spent time alone after two days of their victory celebration of their freely lifestyle without fear. For once, he wanted some time alone and he decided to visit an abandon home that he had inherited since he turned seventeen. Yet, he couldn't have used it until after the war and now, it was over.

He spent time and money into the Potter Manor. Most of his magic were remained to fix the damages or to remove the unnecessary materials. He spent his time cleaning, painting, and giving the place a new look. He found pictures that somehow survived during the ugly start of the war. He collected them and kept them in a box for safekeeping.

He bought himself new furniture for the home, found himself setting the library room back up, and restored the place like it never been destroyed.

Here he is, in his kitchen to have his morning breakfast and completely relaxed for the day. He simply read the muggle's newspaper while eating his scramble eggs. He noticed how the muggle have been in a smooth running course in their world and how luck seems to be on their side.

His ears picked up the fluttering wings and he looked by his window. He recognizes the Weasely's owl and he decided to accept the wizards' newspaper and letters. He handed the owl some food and the bird was gratefully accepting it in return while waiting. He set down the newspaper and began to read his letters from his best friends. Apparently, Hermione was stating that Ron and her are currently dating. She said they're happy together and willing to visit him by Saturday around noon. Harry didn't mind and figured they didn't need his permission to visit. He trusted them the most out of others. He got a letter from Ginny and apparently, she was telling him that she wasn't interested in carrying on their relationship because Dean asked her out once more. Harry was rather shocked, but relieved to see she's happy. He didn't mind and he wasn't stopping her. They never made it official before his hunt and that's how it was.

He picked up the newspaper and a glass of water. As he sipped, he saw Snape, along with a few other men on the newspapers for advertisement. He reads into it…

Former Deatheaters for Sale!

Snape: He served you-know-who and partaken in murdering Albus Dumbledore. He is up for sale for slavery.

Harry choked and startled at the fact they were selling these deatheaters as a mere toy! He didn't care for the others, but Snape didn't deserve this. He kept reading to find out where they were held kept at and apparently, it was held at the auror's office party. Harry muttered on the fact it had to be done by the snobbish people at work. He snatched his wallet and grabbed a green powder as he headed into the fireplace. He stepped inside and announced the location without wasting a mere second.

He ran as fast as his firebolt could fly, not caring about anyone's bitterness or upset with the paper load work falling to the floor. No one knew he was here, but he was sort of in a bit of rush.

Then…he spotted the deatheaters on stage, a crowd of people in their favoring, and his heart raced to no ends. He knew Snape was next and he clenched his heart. People were bidding their sickles as high as they could give out to win.

"Sold! Mr. Kekelle, please meet your slave in the office and arrange your payment and slave spell performance." The bid seller announced.

Once that person was gone, Snape was shoved into the limelight and Harry couldn't reach out for the man's attention due to the murmuring among the crowd. He feared the man would get kill if he gets into the wrong owner or master or something. He couldn't risk it at all. He had to get Snape one way or another. The man still wore his familiar robe, but it was his professor robe.

The bidding began, chanted from a thousand sickles, and Harry listened carefully to see how high and eagerly hope no one would challenge him. So far, they only made it to twenty thousand sickles…no one added on after that.

"Thirty thousand sickles!" Harry raised his wand high.

"Fifty thousand sickles!" The last person spoke.

"Eighty thousand sickles!" Harry hoped he'd win, he couldn't bear the thought of losing one life.

"Eighty-one thousand sickles!"

"Eighty-five thousand sickles!" Harry increased a little more.

After that, no more raising the bidding and no one announced against his bid.

"Sold! Mr. Potter, please meet your slave in the office to arrange your payment and slave spell performance." The bid seller commented.

Harry was relieved and he was glad he managed to win…at least it was worth it, he hoped. He followed into the room he was asked to head into and he tried to find Snape. He wasn't insight yet, but the woman was accepting his wizard bank card to charge the money and the amount was easily arranged. She smiled and handed it back to him. Then, she handed the contract for him to read and sign. He reads what it is expected of him as a 'master' towards a 'slave'. He nodded and noticed some of the rules that comes with the spell. He accepted this and signed it anyway. He handed it back to the woman and waited impatiently for someone to show up.

"Your slave will be coming. He is being collared at the moment." She explained.

He nodded, "Good. Thank you, miss."

"If you don't mind, sir, that I ask something?" She tilted her head.

His head shook, "No, not at all."

"Why would you be here out of all places? Why this particular slave?"

Harry stared at her, "I saw his picture," In his mind was telling to lie to keep him safe, "I felt it was time I give him what he deserves." No, he doesn't deserve to be a slave.

"All because of what reason?"

"Because." He didn't wish to push it.

She nodded and his ears picked up someone's walking by. He jerked his head and saw Snape, he was dragged by on a leash with a collar around his neck and the man tried to keep up with the pace. Harry was relieved to see he's here and the worker shoved Snape onto his knees. The man did not shake, not look up at him, or dared to be brave. Harry didn't understand why he wasn't showing any emotions. The witch performed the slavery spell, while announcing their names of who's the master and the slave in this part, and Harry noticed it was a powerful sense to fill in the role for. As the witch finishes her spell and she knelt down to hold the man's chin.

"Who is your master?" She questioned.

"Harry Potter is my master." He answered.

She nodded and stood up to face the hero. She smiled and handed him the leash.

"He's all yours, Mr. Potter."

Harry nodded, "Thank you, miss." He glanced down and realized he has to allow Snape to know his command, "Come on, Snape. We'd better go."

Snape nodded, not speaking without permission, and they left the horrid place. Harry couldn't believe the society, but he knew how things worked around in the wizard world. He took Snape through the fireplace to his Potter manor. Harry felt strange with the whole dog collar situation and decided to remove that off the man. He tossed it aside and felt better now.

"You can speak, Snape." Harry told him.

Snape stared at the boy who had bought him at the slave auction and took him here. Someone who saved his life from Voldemort and he could not understand. Harry figured this might make things a bit awkward for a short while…he did acted differently since he destroyed the dark lord once and for all.

"This does not make sense…" He was fighting something to say, "…master."

Harry nodded, "I understand…but the others don't. With last week, I saved you because you were afraid to die in his hands. I figured it out when you were trying to stall him and that you're really on the light's side." He shrugged, "When I saw the newspaper, I knew it wasn't fair for someone who has been on the right side. Besides, I don't see the mark on you and you're not a deatheater." Harry sat down on the couch and Snape didn't move.

Snape watched him and heard those words truthfully. Out of everyone else, Harry knew there was a reason for his behavior and saw him differently.

"There is a reason for truth, m-master." Snape wanted to call him by his surname, but he can't.

"I doubt they'd listen to me. Maybe Dumbledore, but not me." His hand gestured, "You can ask questions too and help yourself. It's your home too."

Snape nodded and helped himself on one of the couches, "I appreciated it, but why?"

Harry shrugged, "It wasn't fair for you, Snape. Sure, we weren't good on each other's term in the previous, but I knew better. Dumbledore trusted you for a good reason and I wanted to understand why." He scratched his chin, "Since we're both here and all, this is your home too. Feel free to make yourself comfortable. I do have a couple of spare bedrooms and you can pick whichever you'd like. I do have a library if you'd like to read, go ahead. If you're hungry, help yourself in the kitchen."

Snape stammered, "A-a-are you sure?"

Harry nodded and decided to leave the man alone. He wanted to let Snape to adjust his new home, but he wasn't too sure if he did the right thing. At least he did was a decent action and allowing freedom that most ill minded people wouldn't do.

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