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Warning: Stubborn, sarcasm, silliness, romance, and revelation

Severus blinked, "How in the name of Merlin's could those be a warning?"

Harry rolled his eyes, "Come on, Severus, you know she can very much warn her readers...besides, we better hope into her story before her readers can wait any longer."

Severus sighed, "Fine, fine! At least she doesn't own us...or we would be in Voldemort's trouble."

"I doubt that, besides, it could be worse."

"I'm afraid you haven't read her mind, have you?"

"Should I," Harry tilted his head and gulped.

"Best not to," His head shook.

I'm glaring at the two, "And thank you very much for the kindly interruptions." I groaned, "Don't scare my readers with the likes of my thoughts or I'll cruico you!"

Severus rolled his eyes and leaves with Harry.

Hehe, enjoy!

Unfortunately, the next four days seemed a bit too odd for Harry. He noticed Severus would get sick in the early morning and once he eats, he was practically fine. Severus has gotten annoyed being put on the couch for the entire day with just reading. He insisted on getting fresh air as if he has burst of energy somewhere in him.

By the fifth day arrives, Harry woke up and found his pet being sick repeatedly. He frowned and did not like where this was going.

"That's it! You're going to St. Mungo! Something is clearly wrong!" Harry declared.

Severus frowned, "No! I am not going to some hospital for a mere flu!"

"This isn't your typical flu, Severus. You can't be sick in the morning and-"

"-sick in the morning…" He interrupted, "…what are the other symptoms I were having?"

Harry blinked and looked at him as if he has gone insane. He wasn't a med-wizard! If this was one of the ways for Severus to go to the hospital, then so be it!

"Um, your temperature is normal. You complained you're feeling cold or hot." Harry tried to remember what the signs that seem unusual are.

Severus muttered something, "I don't know, this isn't a symptom of having a flu."

The savior sighed, "Well, of course! You'd be miserable being sick with the flu, having high fever, coughing, sneezing, sick to the stomach, and sleepier than usual. The only thing there is sick to the stomach!" He huffed.

Severus glared at him, refused to go to the hospital, and Harry knew he's stubborn. He just didn't think the stubbornness would be during the illness time. He walked over to the fireplace and arranged the fire call by contacting the headmistress. She respectfully answered with a typical hello.

"Hello Harry, is everything alright?" She softly smiled.

Harry shook his head, "No, Severus is being stubborn because I know something is wrong and it's not the flu. He won't go to the hospital." He frowned.

"Of course not, people there hate him and refused to treat him unless Dumbledore was with him. With you as his master and him being a slave, the St. Mungo will deny care for him unless someone there finds a good reason to give him care." She explained.

Harry glared back at Severus, "Well, he did not mention that to me." He rubbed his forehead, "So, what do I do now?"

"I'll send Madame Pomfrey, she's good as your med-witch and healer to rely on. Plus, she knows how to handle Severus."

"She's better than nothing. Send her over, but I won't keep her too long."

"She'll be sent in five minutes. Where are you, Harry?"

"Heimbach, Germany cabin."

"Wizard or muggle side?"


She nodded, "Five minutes." She stated.

Professor McGonagall ended the call and left. Harry joined back to his pet and seeing him sitting patiently. He never exactly saw him the patient type, then again, this man waited seventeen years for the war to end.

"Madame Pomfrey is coming," He pointed out.

He huffed, "I'm telling you, it's not a big of a deal."

"You're going to have to take her or go to the hospital, your choice."

He groaned, "Fine, she'd do, but I will not be kind-"

"-Oh, you will be more than kind to her." Harry crossed his arms.

"Or what?"

Harry smirked, "Or I'll leash you for a month." He warned.

"I'm beginning to hate being a slave."

Harry rolled his eyes, knowing he would never abuse their status, and only went by the law to prevent either of their separation.

"But you love being my pet," Harry smirked.

"Oh, yes," Severus sarcastically admitted, "Being rotten spoiled with love."

Harry chuckled and kissed his temple, "I better spoil you rotten with love."

"What…what if it's something very wrong with me?" He whimpered.

Harry wrapped his arms around him, "Then, I will put out all my money out for you to be cure for good. You know I have my parents' money that can last me three times for life."

His head shook, "No, what if it's incurable or killing me?"

Harry sat down and pulled his pet onto his lap to cuddle up with him.

"I won't let you die, I promise. You want a life you can live and I'm giving you that." He sheepishly smiled, "I know it's not that serious, so let me do the worrying."

"Then," Severus shook his head, "Why do you insist on going to St. Mungo?" He frowned.

"I need to know why you're getting sick and how you're not getting any better. I have followed the proper nursing you back to health and you should have been healthy two days ago. I want to make sure it's not that serious," He kissed his cheek, "Will you behave when Madame Pomfrey comes?"

Severus did not like the idea of a medical attention towards his illnesses, but he has to put up with his master's demand sooner or later.

"I will try, but I make no promises." He huffed.

He patted his neck, "That's all I ask. She will be here soon."

Severus nodded and leaned on his lover's chest during their wait. It was like being put in a waiting room or in the doctor's office, panicking to find out something was very wrong, and wishing the edgy feeling would leave him alone. Yet, he wasn't alone this time. Harry held him in a safe sense of security and wanted to believe his words on keeping him alive.

A sudden flash of green glow appeared at the corner of their eyes and a familiar woman walked into the living room. She smiled and Harry pulled Severus off his lap.

"Madame Pomfrey, thank you for coming. I'm concern about Severus's health being and he's been sick with a flu, but it doesn't look like a flu." Harry pointed out.

Severus rolled his eyes, "I think it's the flu, but a different type. There isn't need to worry about my health being."

Harry scowled at him, "You have been sick for five days! You should have been better by now!"

Madame Pomfrey took this as her amusement since she rarely sees professors dating, other than students dating each other. This relationship was much different from others, but still common to see.

"Very well, Mr. Potter. Please step aside," She warned.

His brow went up and decided not go against her, considering his experiences dealing with her for the past seven years, and he stepped over to the other side of the room. Madame Promfrey looked at Severus and he wasn't making it any easier. He crossed his arms and looked away. She pulled her wand out and tapped his shoulder.

"Come on, Severus. It's either the easy way or the hard way." She warned.

He grumbled, "I am not going to have you stick that thing in me, Pomfrey."

"Really," She hummed curiously, "If you do not, I will force an obedient potion."

"I doubt you have that on you," He sniped.

She smirked, "I see you have forgotten how to read between the lines."

Harry tilted his head, watching the two debates in willingness obedience between each other, and he noticed how much Severus hates medical attention.

"You have something up your sleeves?" He wondered.

She nodded, "Yes," She removed the wand off his shoulder, "Diagnostic spell can do wondrous help for someone like you." She read something on her wand.

He frowned, "I hate you." He declared.

Harry chuckled, "Severus, be nice." He reminded, "Clever trick there, Madame Pomfrey."

She nodded once, "Thank you, Mr. Potter. I have to distract him otherwise, I won't get the results."

Severus nodded, "Unfortunately," He muttered.

She rotated her wand to gather good reading and her expression held back very well. He was too curious what the results were and he joined his Snape once more.

"The good news is that he isn't ill with anything. I must say, it has been quite a while to say congratulations." She smiled, "You're having a baby."

…baby? Harry thought. He stared at this woman who treat other people well and she admitted they were having a baby. Well, Severus is having a baby.

"Excuse me, what?" Harry blankly stated.

Poppy chuckled, "I see you're not aware that wizards are capable of carrying a baby, but it's rare to see twins or triplet, but that isn't a worry. Harry, your slave is pregnant. Hence, his flu is merely a morning sicknesses."

"…pregnant? Severus Snape is pregnant?"

She frowned, "Is something the matter?"

Harry stopped relying back and trapped in his mind. Severus looked up at Pomfrey and found himself…surprised. Well, it was a first time for him to actually have a family. He noticed his master sinking in the whole idea since he was completely unaware of this. Now, he began to realize they did not use protection during their love mating and it was natural to happen. They have done it closely about two to three weeks. Commonly, if he were a female, this wouldn't be happening for another two weeks.

"Uh, um, sorry. He's pregnant?" Harry tried to grasp the whole meaning of this.

Poppy nodded, "Yes. I will expect to arrange a sonogram scan within a month to see the baby's progress. If you feel best to abort this one, then we will arrange it."

Harry was grossed out on such suggest idea, "NO! Absolutely no abortion!" His head shook, "Is that all? I mean, is there anything he can do to stop having morning sickness?" It seemed like everything has rushed so quickly.

"Yes, as long he provides himself proper vitamins and proteins in his body. He shouldn't feel nausea anymore. He should get at least eight to nine hours of sleep and plenty of exercise. If he does feel nausea, then use the vigoratus spell as you point to the location to prevent it. It should last at least two days." She pointed out.

Harry nodded and she left knowing her job was done. Severus sat still quietly when the adults chatted and ended the conversation.

"Master?" His petrified voice caught his attention.

Harry turned his head over to him, "Y-y-you're okay…with the baby thing, right?" He wanted to smile, but he wasn't too sure.

Severus blinked, "Of course. I-I'm surprised I'll be able to have a family I always wanted…" He gulped, "How do you feel about this," He asked.

Harry sighed, "Shocked, but happy…confused. Wizards…can have babies?""

The young man pulled Severus closed to him and they snuggled up a bit.

"Yes…but you do realize I will not go to the hospital to give birth, right?"

Harry bit his lips, "We'll figure this out," He sheepishly smiled, "But, I can say the good news is that we can go for a walk in the forest."

Severus agreed, "It's best to gather all the fresh air we can get to breathe in." He smiled.

Harry chuckled and figured it might not be so bad. Although, he wasn't too sure how this might turn out. However, he knew better to hide this from someone particularly.

"And we might want to talk about this…since we're going to have a family of our own." Harry pointed.

The man agreed, "Which is important, but I really don't like being cooped up in this cabin."

Harry tugged him and they started to head out the door. During their quiet walk on their follow-me trial, his pet curled around to his master's arm and the master smiled happily. He could imagine a little girl or a little boy happily walking with their hands being hold by them. He wondered what this child may look like, but he wasn't too sure if when or how to tell the baby's gender. It was too soon to think of it right now.

Harry rested his head against Severus' and neither of them wished to rush a thing. The sun managed to peek through the trees' shade, the magical creatures purring and growling lightly, and no strangers in sight within their area. Severus wanted to walk around in the forest for the past few days, but Harry was too afraid to worsen his flu-symptom like.

"Ah, um," Harry blushed awkwardly, "Since we're going through your pregnancy and accepting the baby," He sighed to calm down a bit, "Are you comfortable with telling people about this?" Harry bit his lip.

Severus shoulders eased down a bit, "Possibly not everyone, but a few will be exceptional. I know Minerva will like to know and my mother…although, this will surprise her the most."

Harry agreed, "Of course, they will have to know and my family will want to know and be a part of this."

Snape glanced up curiously, "Your parents?"

Harry shook his head, "No, but I have a feeling they already know." He muttered, "Anyway, I meant the Weasely family and Hermione."

"What of Draco?"

Harry chuckled, "That's up to you, but he is your godson…" His hand danced off.

"You do realize I may want him as a godfather to our child, right?" Severus tested him.

Harry smirked, "If I let you have him as a godfather, then I'll want Hermione as a godmother to our child."

He smacked his lips and saw how…manipulating Harry can be. He knew there wouldn't be an issue to address the godparents' situation. He had no problem with that at all.

"I suppose this baby will need a good influence on education, but I don't want him to be worse than a spoil brat." He stated.

Harry nodded, "True, but I don't want to give this one a high expectation, and it would be too much pres-"

"-I know," He interrupted, "But, we will encourage this one and be proud. However, we're getting a little ahead of ourselves."

Harry chuckled and saw his point. He kissed his lover's temple slowly and stared into his black eyes.

"Since we are having a baby, we might need to rearrange the Potter Manor for the baby and get you…um, if you don't mind, move into my room to be our room?" He sheepishly smiled.

His eyes rolled, "My, one lovely dovey night of knocked up means an automatic relationship."

He smirked, "Hey, you consented it. You better not be complaining," He playfully narrowed his eyes.

He snorted, "I'm not. This is our only chance of having a family-"

Harry frowned, "You don't want to have a big family?" He knew he should ask how many instead, but numbers can change in often.

They still walked through their relaxing trail through the nature of a forest. Severus did not bother to answer, allowed himself to think before rushing something personal, and the question echoed in his mind. Harry chose not to push it, but in his state, he could easily demand Severus to have more children. However, this would increase risk of their relationship and trusts. He refused to lose it over something they would have difficulty regaining back.

"Master, after fighting the war and being a spy, I thought my life would be killed and gave me…" He struggled to find the proper word, "…hopelessness chance to have a family. It continued when I was forced to be into slave auction and I did not bother to regain my hope." He sighed, "However, with our relationship on the beginning…I rather see how it goes. I do want a family, but I never justified the size of a family." He stated.

The savior grinned, "So you're saying that our relationship gave you hope on having a family."

Severus shook his head and found it to be unbelievable with his lover. Yet, he chose to be silence along the way to see how his first pregnancy goes. For now, Severus enjoyed his quality time with Harry throughout the long walk. Nature seemed to be doing a favor to ease his morning sicknesses like nothing.

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