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Warning: Cuss

Harry was more than eager to spend time with Severus to make it up for the past five days. Severus enjoyed being spoiled with love, but sometimes, he wondered why Harry hasn't demand him to do any cooking. It was often made him feel helpless…he couldn't get around to this unusual feeling about it. He watched his lover cooking their breakfast on their tenth day of their vacation, knowing they will have to go back to the school in four days. Harry has been ecstatic to be the father, but he insisted that Severus be the mother.

Right now, he watched his lover make breakfast and concerned about the cooking.

"Isn't there something I can do while you're cooking?" Severus tried to hold back a whimper, but he can't help it.

Harry sighed, "…well, you could tell me a bit more about the…erm, pregnancy. I still don't understand…" He felt miserable on the fact he lacked one information that could have been a big difference in their life.

His pet accepted that idea, "Well, it is common among wizards to carry a bit. However, it's different from witches. Once you…have sex with your mate, your body is ready to form a life inside of you if there's no protection cast on." Harry nodded, "Our magic core forms an egg and easily accepts any sperms that comes through."

Harry turned the sausages, "Okay…that would make sense."

Severus shook his head, "I don't understand is that how did you not know? It's often that muggle born and half muggle born are aware of this by the time they are either third or fourth years."

Harry grumbled, wondering why everyone expects him to know everything by common sense.

"You do realize my mind was on the war?" His head shook, "And I was muggle raised, by the way. To them, I wasn't taught properly or told that I am a wizard. They think I'm a freak and don't even deserved to live." He shuddered.

Severus frowned, "Your mother's sister never appreciated your sister's witch standard. She called me freaks, but now, I'm surprised she let the bitter judgment get the better of her today." He scoffed, "But you shouldn't have been raised that way. At least your mother and I had an idea of ourselves or why things happens. Perhaps I should-"

Harry smirked, "-Sev, you don't have to worry about explaining more. I caught up fine, you silly bloke." He chuckled.

"Still, maybe I should inform you some things rather than let you realize. You never knew much of the wizard's capability of being pregnant, what are the odds of you not knowing about Merlin."

Harry froze and stared at his mate, "Are you going to tell me he's real and not an expression?"

Severus was rather amused to his reaction. Harry shook his head, mentally regretting not asking Hermione about all of this stuff he never knew, and he knew they would want to be the first one to know.

"He's real, quite alright. Perhaps I will find that book at Hogwarts and you can read it."

Harry sighed, "I feel like I'm not a professor anymore."

Severus chuckled lightly, "Sorry, master, I did not mean to."

Harry rolled his eyes and finished cooking, "Well, it's alright. I want you to be comfortable during this…whole pregna-"

A thunderbolt cracked in the echoes of their ears and directed their attention to an unwanted guest. Harry was quick to pull out his wand to defend and saw an auror…the one who chanted the charm of slavery on Severus. He walked up quickly and held onto the man's shoulder carefully. The woman smiled and looked at the slave for observation.

"Hello Mr. Potter, it's time for a yearly evaluation for your slave." She smiled kindly.

Harry sighed, "Is it just questions you're going to be asking me?" He did not want to jump conclusion more than necessary.

The woman nodded, "Yes, basic things to run over by to make sure."

The savior knew he had to do something sooner, "Fine," He glanced down at Severus, "Go to our room, I'll get you when this is over." He patted his shoulder.

His pet nodded, not daring to speak towards someone who held powers over them, and left them alone. He wondered what Harry would do to save them from this sort of trouble from separations or new masters for each of them. It would not be pleasant to be forced into someone's abusive hands. He mentally shuddered at such possibilities of their lives. For now, he trusted the former student to remain intact of their status.

The woman sat down on the available couch across from Harry. He sat down to…keep appropriate citizens relationship with her. He did not want to cause any distress for his pet here, especially on their vacation.

"Mr. Potter, I apologize for not address my name. I am Miss Hungle-betle, I am assigned to check in at least twice a year unexpected to your slave."

Harry nodded, "It is okay. I found out about the whole unexpected visit…" He shrugged, "…so, what are your questions?"

She smiled, "Basic questions for the start. Have you demand rules for your slaves?"

Harry knew better to answer it anyway, but he has to remember about the pet book situation.

"In a way, yes. I have held expectation for him to follow his routines and he follows them."

The orange hair nodded, "Good. Any punishment has been met properly?"

Harry wanted to demand for the counter curse on the slavery spell, but he knew there was no chance of happening. He couldn't find another way to make it work. He had to do whatever it takes.

"Yes, he receives punishments when he crosses the line or disobeys or something goes wrong." He held his bitterness, wished to free his pet, and see how things turn out.

"Care to list a couple of punishments, Mr. Potter? So, we know you are dealing this how it is done."

Harry nodded, "I have taken his wand away for certain amount of time, leashed him, and left him isolated in his room for two days."

Ms. Hungle-betle heard him out and saw where this was going. She writing things down and Harry mentally gulped. He couldn't imagine being a part from his slave.

"A-and he's forced to carry my heir." Harry had to add that.

She glanced up, "As a punishment?"

Harry nodded, "Yes. He hates to be bottom and carrying the baby, so I punished him-"

"I am aware that those punishments are for pet. If that is what you intended to treat him as, I see no issue with that. Pregnancy is not considered as a punishment since it would have turn out differently than you wanted it to be."

The savior blinked, "You're not going to separate us for what I chose to treat him as?"

Her head shook, "No, you have already punished him properly and put him in place. I have received messages of your slave not being treated as one. My boss wanted me to check it out and I told him I would check in by the tenth months to see if anything has changed."

The young man was gratefully happy to see there wouldn't be an Auror taking this as an impossible act. Everything they have done was enough to put through and he can't bear the thought of losing Severus all over again.

"Oh, good."

Her teal eyes met up at him, "Ministry do follow the slave laws' rights and cases. However, you must be careful. The baby of yours will be born as a free wizard or witch, but this will keep your slave as the same status role. There will be limits to what slave can do with your baby."

He accepted this, "Good. We recently started having this baby, so I'm working on the family plan thing."

She grinned, "For Mr. Potter who killed Voldemort surely keeps it to his heart…be careful, Mr. Snape was a deatheater." She stood up.

Harry tensed at her comments and she saw his reaction. She sat down in her seat once more and looked at him carefully.

"Mr. Potter, is everything alright? Has your slave abused you or caused drastic trouble for you?"

Her voice echoed in his mind, but he was too shocked to think anyone would ever see Severus anything differently. It was constantly one thing that keeps him apart and it was opposite than anyone could ever know.

"He's…not. A. deatheater." He hissed, "He's not one of them! He acted a part to protect us and all you're telling me it was all because he pretended to be a deatheater?" He couldn't take it anymore.

Ms. Hungle-betler was startled at his words, "Mr. Potter, is…is everything alright?" She was prepared to grab her wand.

His head shook, "Is it always the assumption or because you never look into what really happened to Dumbledore?"

She frowned, "No, it was because of his history involved with the dark lord and Dumbledore defended him to innocence. However, we have reviewed that it was the fact he was covering the job for Draco Malfoy, who was supposed to kill Albus. Severus stepped in and killed the man to his death."

Harry narrowed his green eyes at her, "So you saw it as you fit." He scoffed, "Dumbledore told him to kill him! He has been loyal on our side! He protected us all! He stalled Voldemort to spare time for me and I saved him!" He marched up, his voice grew furious at the woman.

She was white as a sheet to see how upset he was. His truth has brought her attention to the most and realized what the Ministry has done.

"I was the one who was capable of killing Voldemort because he was going to kill Severus! Severus does not deserve any of this and none of you bothered to think different! It was always, 'think of the fucking kid who'd stop him.' 'This kid is the savior'!" He scoffed, "All of you are such a fucking idiot! All of you lot damned yourself to judge others and look at the mess you have made!" He hissed.

She was afraid to move, allowed him to rant at his words, and learning everything from his view. She had no idea this has had been happening almost a year ago. No one knew what had gone on.

"Master!" His voice caught his master's attention.

His head jerked back and saw him worried, "Yes?"

"You are not respectful to the woman." 'Apologize to her, Harry, this is not the kind of person they see.'

'No. I've had enough when people thinks you're a deatheater…I'm tired of playing along. You don't deserve this, Severus.'

Severus nodded, 'I know, Harry. You have to understand they do not understand why I was a spy during the war.'

'You deserve better, Severus. It needs to stop!'

'You do not need to.' His pet thought to him.

Ms. Hungle-betle watched them have their private conversation, but she did not test against their conversation or anything beyond that. She observed their expression, seeing how hurt Mr. Potter is, and how expressionless the slave was. However, she could see that Severus kept his attention towards his master and communicating without a doubt in himself.

'And what will protect you? I need to protect you and have help. I can't leave you alone entirely!'

'Harry, you have to understand we can only protect ourselves.'

Harry shook his head, 'It needs to stop. At least clean a small part, people need to see I am not the only person who saved everyone. You did too, you're a hero for being the bravest spy.'

'I do not wish to hear them call me something I am not…' His eyes turned watery on him.

The Gryffindor came up to him and wrapped his arms around him to comfort him. Severus melted into his arms and felt safe with him. The woman watched these two bonds closely at an emotional state. She awed at their relationship, not realizing how much in love they truly are, and she understood the boy's protectiveness around his slave. She understood why treat him as a pet.

"Ms. Hungle-betle, you have to understand…" Harry gulped, "He never been on Voldemort's side. He has fooled him thinking that way. Severus is really innocent."

She nodded and accepted his reasonable answer. She understood why he chose to save Severus as she smiled.

"You could have told me why, Mr. Potter, before I casted the spell. I would have freed him." She made sure to look at both of them.

"And you are saying…" Harry was trying to get her point.

"Since Severus Snape is actually innocent and not a deatheater, I can reverse the spell."

The men lit up at the news they heard. To discover a spell to remove the slavery spell for good was something to lessen their trouble!

"Y-y-you can do that? Ri-right now?"

She brushed back her orange hair, "Yes, however," They waited carefully, "I have to wait until the baby is born. If I cast it now, it may cause deformed or health problem for the baby. Therefore, I will be here after the baby is born."

Harry and Severus blinked at her. They were rather surprised to learn the truth of a help, finding out that slavery thing wasn't permanent or cruel as others wanted it to be.

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