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Harry managed to get Severus to hold his hand during the apparition to Potter Manor. Severus did not comply immediately. Severus chose to stand behind Harry, but the Gryffindor hasn't understood what the man has gone through. Other than masking the feelings up, he had no idea how else to direct it.

"Is there anything you'd like to do, Severus?" Harry offered.

Severus was shocked to be asked what to do. Yet, he hid it all too well for others to see and Harry was not fooled. He could understand the given freedom is something not to be taken for granted. A freedom to fight for and live for a purpose. Of course, the freedom was viewed differently. He wondered how the man was able to cope emotionally by his mentality.

"A book, please?" He requested.

Harry nodded and guided him to the bookshelves in the living room, "Help you to any books you would like to read, Severus." He smiled.

Severus blinked once, "Is there any forbidden ones?"

"No, you are freely to read anything." The Gryffindor explained.

The potion master considered the words and checked thoroughly on the options. He found some wizard fictional novel will change his interests. He went over to the couch and sat down on the floor. He was not leaning against it and Harry wanted to speak something about it, but then he had realized he would get up without help. Severus began reading. He figured the man will make comforts –

Flashes of green lights appeared and Harry wasted no time to pull out his wand to defend or to attack. The green grass eyes widened and stood in her surrender. Harry sighed and realized he was being to rush about things.

"Sorry Minerva, I refuse to repeat another kidnap." Harry puts his wand away.

She nodded, "Understood." Her eyes checked over to her former student, "However, there is something I must talk to you privately." She sighed.

Harry blinked, "I can't leave Severus alone. Do you want me to cast the spell?"

She smiled and Harry took that as a yes. He pulled out a spell and casted silencio. He sat down on the couch, gestured the seats for his guest, and he remained close by to Severus.

"What do you want to talk about?" Harry tilted his head.

She sighed, "After Hermione informed me of his rescued return, I immediately went to the ministry and they wasted no time to interrogate them. The leader," She was not pleased, "Was a student a year ahead of you. Apparently, this leader has imposed himself as Alastor and placed the imperius curse upon the former deatheaters." Her head shook, "I…the stories they have told were not pleasant for Severus. Harry," She knew she had to mask on her Gryffindor, "He was raped several times, molested during bath time, treated him like an actual creature on four legs, and doing things that were not comforting to him."

Harry suspected a few, but he did not know much. His emerald eyes checked over to his lover, seeing the man finally at peace to read, and away from harm or danger.

"Who is the leader?" He wondered, "Why did this leader impersonate someone is extremely paranoid? That is going to make Mad Eye Moody worse!" Harry groaned, shook his head miserably, "Please tell me the Ministry have a plan to have some sort of specialize map to know who is nearby Moody."

The headmistress was impressed, "Excellent idea, I shall run that down by them. However, Severus should be taken to the St. Mungo immediately and get him evaluated as soon as possible."

Harry frowned, "You know better than that, they hate him!" He scoffed, "I do not trust anyone, I don't care if they had forgiven him or he's suddenly popular. Only the people I trust will get trusted to be with my pet."

Minerva understood, "Very well, can I at least send Poppy to check? He is pregnant and judging the circumstances, he might end up giving birth early."

Harry accepted, "Yes, that's fine. Now, why does this leader went through so much trouble? Do I know this person?"

This was not something Professor McGonagall should speak of, even if they were her best students…she knew how Albus went through in his time. She knew truth had to be given out one way or another.

"This leader, Laird Masters, wanted to keep a hold of Severus until he has given birth. Then, Laird had planned to lure you into a trap, claim the baby as his' and demands you to marry him to be his mate for life. He was planning to kill Severus in front of you if you were not kept in line or on his order." Minerva hated to speak such thing, but this was between Harry and the kidnapper.

Harry began to make sense of things and he had realized the conversation had made sense to him. Severus knew what was going to happen and he was rather glad he had made the contact through the mind link.

"How come Severus does not realize he is rescued?" Harry had to know…in case of anything.

The woman nodded, "He…was manipulated. They used a muggle device that copies a sound and must have copied yours and worded it all around in their sequences. They had fooled him into thinking you were there but they have threatened you. That made you seem like you did whatever it took to keep both of you alive, yet, made it seems like both of you so weak. The leader claimed to be Severus next master, he tried to give commands, and punishment and Severus took a great long time to break him down. Laird claimed domination over Severus and mentioned he gained total access of him." She shuddered at such idea, for anyone using Severus as a toy to their power.

Harry gritted his teeth and shook his head. Now, he understood how Severus turned out to be. He wanted that damn leader to suffer!

"Why didn't Laird come to me himself!? Why did he not kidnap me instead?" He sneered.

Minerva shook his head, "Why? You are constantly used to defend yourself and fight back. You did not step down when you-know-who has threated to kill you over your head. Laird is not an ordinary Slytherin, Harry. He is the Heir of Slytherin and you are the Heir of Gryffindor. Each Slytherin Heir will require a mate and you are the heir he seeks."

Harry was stricken ill by thoughts of it. However, something else has drawn to his attention.

"How is one defined an heir of Gryffindor?" He had to know, the emerald eyes meet the grass eyes on focus.

Minerva straightened up her shoulders, "The Gryffindor Sword. The sword has claimed you as the heir."

Harry knew too well why this Slytherin trying to claim his mate. He laughed his head off, knowing too well of the truth, and the woman had no clue how to react. She merely had thought he was turning insane, even though she had no idea what to expect from her former student.

"I am no longer connected to the sword. Ron was the heir, but it got passed down to Neville…erm."

"No one had known he is the heir of Gryffindor?"

Harry shook his head, "I felt that he had too much attention."

She puckered her lips, "Mr. Longbottom is not certain going to handle this too well."

Harry sighed, "Why don't you send him here, and you can go explain to Laird about this?"

"How about let me discuss with Laird first before he learns of Neville? He may be brave, but he still is frightened of Severus during his class." She hummed quickly.

Harry agreed, but he hoped that Laird would get off his back. No one gets away with it and he doesn't care if being an heir is required to have a mate. He checked over to Severus, sees him reading, and out of everything. The man was not aware of anything, yet, he only knows the truth now. He muttered how ridiculous he had gone through to get his Severus. He should have begged to do anything, trick these kidnappers, and might have gotten close to Severus. He just did not think he was being watched.

"Why don't you go? I'm going to get Severus back to himself again." He softly smiled, "I hadn't had the chance to be alone with him in such a long time. Send Poppy in tomorrow morning, but in the early morning."

Minerva nodded once, "Of course. I shall get through with Laird on this, however, you do realize he needs a mate?"

Harry frowned, "I don't care, but I will not be his damn mate. I already have a lover and that's my Severus. He can very well forget me!" He scoffed.

Minerva knew she had stayed to long for her own good. Harry wanted to be alone for at least a day. He knows the story and the truth, so he is going to work this out on the best of his effort. The headmistress stood up and walked over to the fireplace. Harry removed the silent spell to ensure some normality conversation for Severus to get used to.

"I wish you luck, Harry. I would highly recommend that you avoid places for a little while, people are still uninformed of his return." She whispered quickly.

His ears picked her voice up, "Thank you," He said quickly, "We will visit you after everything is taken care of."

She smiled and stepped inside the fireplace. She announced her office in Hogwarts and the green flame devoured her to the location safely. The emerald eyes checked over the long curtain dark hair in his reading.

"Severus…I'm going to feel your hair," He couldn't say it right now until he is relaxed.

Severus nodded and Harry's fingers slipped through after the soft and thick hair. It no longer seems breakable or oily. The shine represents its healthiness and he knew how to tell between the differences. Severus was still reading and on his guards.

Harry thought some words to say and thought of millions of way to put it. He knew he could not let Severus sit down on the floor like this.

"I…am sorry, Severus. I have had failed you." Harry said it clearly, finally picking something to say.

Severus stopped reading, pulled back his head, and he did not move an inch. The potion master took in some words slowly.

"Why do you apologize? This is what the master wants me to be. Have I displeased him?" Severus almost gulped down, fearing punishment or harms in either way.

Harry shook his head, "Severus, I know what they did to you." He briefly waited to find an understanding between each other, "They tricked you to think I was there. The entire time I was…" He sighed, "At the vacation cabin and at the Hogwarts' office. If they have said that master claims me, he never got a hold of me." He explained, "He kidnapped you, Severus and I bought you home away from them."

Severus sunk into some words slowly and learned the truth of everything. His mind flashed back:

The dark energy was easily sensed within the room. Severus was pushed down to kneel immediately and the leader walked up to the slave, who is emptied handed. He was three months pregnant currently and refused to behave.

"Severus, you should not disobey your master. I am not happy with your stealing food once more. Your other master might change your behavior." The man smirked and stared down at the man before him, "He is doing anything to keep you safe."

"SEVERUS! SEVERUS!" The voice of Harry's screeching, "SEVER-!" Suddenly, the voice was cut off so soon.

Severus gulped and shook his head. He could hear the hint of worried.

"One of my loyal followers will punish you, Severus. Harry cannot save you this time. Next time I see another food is stolen, you are punish. You know the rules, you must earn them first." Laird held his chin up high, "Now, do you understand?"

Severus narrowed his eyes at the Slytherin Heir. He knew Harry is here…could not save him. If Harry could not save him or escape, then what chances could he have as well?

"Yes, master." He said, knowing the risk now.

That first day when he claimed Harry was there in that building. He had not yet to think of the reasons why he could not see Harry all those times.

"He…tricked me?" Severus moved his head to see the emerald eyes.

Harry nodded, "Yes. So he could set a trap on me, one for our daughter and two for you."

The black iris had wasted no time to read the young man's face and the mask slowly broken away. He struggled to get back onto his feet, using the couch to support his muscles, and sat down next to his owner. He was so astounded to hear something he seeks for months.

"I'm…free?" He whispered.

Harry smiled, "Yes, completely free, Severus."

The hope had grown in the potion master's eyes and Harry recognized them. His pet leaned in and hugged him instantly.

"Thank you!" He said quietly.

Harry's hands cupped the man's face, "Severus, I never gave up on you." His lips quivered, "I'm sorry I didn't get you any sooner than I could. Please, forgive me." His lips pressed against the man's temple.

The elder grabbed Harry's wrists and whimpered. He was finally free. There were no more nightmares, no more raped, and strict rules. The dream he thought to be free was nothing more or less than he had expected. Harry leaned in closer and hushed him softly.

"It's over, Severus, you're home now." Harry smiled, "You're home."

The man knew that, but he could not forget what has been done to him. Yet, he dragged Harry's wrists and placed the hands onto the baby bump.

"She is kicking, master. I did whatever it took to keep both of us alive, but I knew I would die in birth." Severus spoken so quietly, "You would have done anything to save our child."

Harry was ecstatic to feel the baby kick and frowned when his pet said that, "Don't ever say that, Severus. I would have done anything to save both of you."

"The other master said he was planning on to kill me if he does not keep you in line." His head shook, "I rather die and be sure you would be the one raising our child. I knew you would have more chances to escape with her."

Harry leaned in and kissed his temple, "Did you forget? As a slave – by law, a slave has a right access to protect their master in any mean necessary within physical, mental, or emotional. I know you can defend yourself without a wand, Severus. I have never took that away."

Severus muttered they had restricted his magic, including wandless act. Harry was shocked and furious! Yet, he could not go anywhere unless there is someone he could trust and he knew the right person.

"Let's get you something to eat and then, we're going somewhere." Harry stated.

"We ate no more than half an hour ago?" Severus did not understand a thing, "Why eat again?"

"Aren't you hungry?" The brow rose on Harry.

Severus shook his head, "No. Mind if I ask…where are we going?"

Harry held onto Severus tightly and apparate elsewhere. He knew Severus would not like it if he has done it illegally. For now, he needed this matter to be important before anything else.

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