I was on a long writer's block for this story, unsure how to continue it without complication, and finally figured it out as I wanted to do originally.

So, here's a 13 pages for all of you! :D

Warning: Violent, rape, cuss (strong), and sensitive


In apparition took place and Severus was surprised. He had no idea that Harry could transport himself now, did he miss out on so much? For now, he had to go along with whatever Harry had plans-

"Harry, I'm glad you're here. I was-" A young Malfoy walked up to him and froze at the sight of his godfather.

Draco gasped and Severus turned to see him. He realized they were in Draco's study room. The young man wore his study outfit, white polo shirt with dark tight jeans, and his studying glasses, mostly squared type. His hair remained the same short and blond like his father.

"Severus!" Draco called, "You're back!" He was pleased to see everything alright, "My, you're huge!" He chuckled, "I'm glad they kept feeding you. Harry had a fit if anything had actually happened. I just wished I knew the beginning of the relationship sort."

The potion master shook his head, "We barely begun and almost to third week, I was kidnapped as soon as found out on a day before." He scoffed, "Now, master is up to something and he brought us here."

The pale blue eyes turned to the Gryffindor, "Well, now something has come to your mind, Potter?"

Severus and Draco were waiting to hear and this was something had come up in Harry's thoughts he had to question towards directly.

"The headmistress was telling me something very interesting. Then, after some things cleared us with Severus and me, I realized something. Draco, you said you're a Slytherin Heir, right?"

The young Malfoy smirked, "Yes, one of the best you can get." However, his eyes diverted on Harry, "Why?"

"The kidnapper claims to be one of the Slytherin Heirs and believes I am the Gryffindor Heir." Harry crossed his arms, "The whole purpose of kidnapping my Severus is to trap me into marriage."

Severus kept quiet, knowing that Draco is one of these 'heirs' and he has to learn this from behind scene. He was pleased to see Harry claims him and he missed this. If he was not in love, he would have felt confused and uncomfortable. Of course, he refused to admit this to anyone and it was his thoughts alone.

"Hm," Draco nodded, "So he is claiming you to be his mate." His head shook, "You may be a Gryffindor Heir, but you are the Mardauder's Heir. That rules you over above all to claim a mate, no one else should be able to. However, there may have been amiss ceremonies to mark you as a Mardauder's like the sword makes you a Gryffindor heir."

The emerald eyes blinked, "I haven't yet, but Sirius or Remus hasn't said anything about that before."

"Hello? Who would in their right mind during the war?" He scoffed, "Let's sit in the study lounge. I am not letting a pregnant man stand on his feet all day and that isn't considerate of us to be doing."

Harry agreed and Severus followed along. Draco sat in the recliner chair where the lovers sat on the couch.

"So, who is the other Slytherin Heir? It is rare to find more than one per class year. So, there has to be between three years, the class year before us, the class a year ahead of us, or the class two years ahead of us."

"Laird Masters," Harry gritted his teeth, "The class a year ahead of us, Draco."

Draco almost flew out of his seat. He was hoping it was the class the year before them, not a year ahead of them!

"What?" Draco shook his head, "Laird is the family of Masters, Potter! There is no telling what with him."

The savior frowned, "But I'm not a Gryffindor Heir anymore. Neville is!"

The young Malfoy shook his head, "Potter, you are the official Gryffindor. That sword did not make it an official with Longbottom due to the fact you gave permission to use the sword."

"Even Ron too?"

"Weasely too. However, a Slytherin heir is common. For a Gryffindor heir is rare, but you're rarer when you are a Mardauder's heir. That is a bigger bonus for a Slytherin heir. Mind you, I'd be happy to have the rarest, but we just started our friendship. The chances are, I can still pick other mate to have for life."

Severus agreed, "True. However, is there a way for Master to no longer be claimed by Laird?"

Draco sighed, "Yes, there are two ways to do it. One, Harry must prove to the heir that he does not obey to his power. I tried in the first through fourth years, he is able to resist my power. The second choice is to get Harry up in the duff."

Harry blinked and considered the last part the most. Severus knew Draco too well and his eyes narrowed at his godson.

"Specifically, who would be the one to be…making him up in the duff, if he were to go with such plan?" The brow rose.

Draco did not deter his eyes, "Any Slytherin heir…however, I will not. You can find any other Heir to impregnate you and it should keep you away from anyone else to claim you."

Harry frowned, "So basically, I have to find another heir to get me pregnant?" He groaned.

Severus shook his head and Draco merely chuckled. He knew too well for himself.

"Godfather, I cannot believe you are not commenting on this." Draco playfully teased.

Harry blinked, "Huh," He turned to his pet, "Am I missing something?"

"I am not certain if slaves have the privilege to do for their masters."

The young Malfoy rolled his pale blue eyes, "If given permission, then it is allowed. Besides, I believe Harry deserves to know." He smirked.

"Know what?" His head exchanged back and forth to understand any of this conversation.

Severus knew Harry would demand to know and Draco had cleared the air for him a bit.

"I am…what you would claim as one of them. A Slytherin Heir. I was the outstanding and the house chose me to be the heir. Your father wanted me to use such power, but I held no use for it."

Harry grinned, "So that means you can get me pregnant?"

"Yes…but I would require your permission since I am a slave by law."

Draco clapped his hands, "There. Problem solved."

Severus sighed, "You know too very well that is never always the answer, Draco."

This had left him tilting his head at his godfather, "Am I missing something?"

He nodded, "Most may not know, so I do not blame you. Once an heir is turn into a slave, they lose the privilege. This would leave us straight to the power resistance suggestion."

Harry frowned and could not believe it himself. His eyes checked down to their growing baby in the elder and he hummed.

"Severus, what if we wait until after you give birth?"

Severus thought out briefly, "Why?"

Harry set his hand onto the man's shoulder, "I'm sure Ms. Hungle-betle hasn't forgotten her promises."

The black iris expanded, "Of course! Then I shall gain my rights as an heir!"

Draco was watching their conversation and seeing something good, but he wasn't too sure of the ministry woman. He tried to understand the positive situation and why Severus can claim his Slytherin heir title back so soon after giving birth.

"Do you think that will get Laird to leave me alone?" Harry pondered towards his situation, "I doubt Laird went this far to know enough between how to keep me in line and threats, but how does an heir knows their mate for life?"

"Through power of ours, we have the right to test it on someone we think may be our mate. If our suspect mate does not respond, then we leave them alone and move onto the next mate suspect until we see our mate responds to our power. However, Potter," Draco lifted his chin, "You are the top wanted for mate. People do not know of your relationship status aside from people you already told and trusted. Believe me, I thought to claim you as well, but as soon as father told me about the Mardauder's heir may interfere my chances."

Severus nodded, knowing what Draco had meant specifically, and the power of Heir can do. He knew too well of himself, yet, Harry does not know much of these things due to the war. So much had flown by in their time, there were never a chance to physically sit down and relax without a worry. There were something creeping around the corner no matter what could be happening.

"So, I basically need to see my resistance with Laird?" Harry was not liking this one bit, "If he gets what he wants, wouldn't Severus and our unborn daughter still be at risk?"

Draco sighed, "Look, I can hold and protect Severus and the baby into protection. Although, I am confused who is Ms. Hungle-betle? What promise does this woman owe Severus?" His arms crossed.

Severus smiled, "She is going to reverse the slavery spell that is casted on me. She cannot do it now because it may risk the baby. So, she plans to see me immediately after the child is born and I will be free again."

The blond smirked, "Ah, that would make sense. I do wonder, have you ever tested your power on Potter before, godfather?"

Severus looked away, not bothering to answer him, and Harry furiously blushed. He had thought something about that day alone. It had made sense why he had felt to come forward so easily during the battle or whenever the man finds him chatting with his best friend during his homework time. It had clicked onto him and he furiously blushed not to question. His head jerked at his pet.

"You mean you knew all those times and you did not tell me?" The man-who-lived was shocked.

The potion master sighed, "Yes, however, I was rather confused. At first, I thought you were doing this to avoid detention. Now it made sense, I did feel something that day you were on auction and how hopeless you were and it canceled out by the time the spell happened." He turned to look at his master, "If I had known, things would have been different."

These lovers stared into each other's eyes to understand what they had gone through. Draco knew better of the situation this time, but Laird was another story.

"Perhaps neither of you go anywhere until the baby is born," Draco's hand gestured to the ground, "You know I have plenty of bedroom in this mansion and my parents are on vacation in another country for a couple of months. Father wanted to provide slave protection on to you, Severus."

Harry bitten his lip and looked at Severus, who is almost eight months. He thought about it and his place as well. He knew the wards weren't powerful as the Malfoy's and he needed to keep Severus in the best protection. His pet was the most important person in the world and their baby will be coming in anytime soon. Plus, Malfoy has excellent House Elves that would love to help Harry out like food or clothes or anything else.

"I guess we're staying until Severus gives birth. After that, Ms. Hungle-betle would restore Severus back to Wizard privilege." Harry smiled, "He can claim me and Laird will never get what he wants."

Draco nodded and Severus was relieved to see his master going for something wise to do. For now, the young Malfoy showed them all of the guest rooms' and Severus picked the room that had a welcoming sense of decoration and Harry liked the choice. They were requesting – mainly Harry since his pet cannot order people what to do – the house elves to gather their clothes and some things they needed. Harry wrote to Percy about the situation in decipher description and he owled them out.

Draco arranged a proper meal schedule and provided meals for them immediately. Severus was at joy for food. While the lunch was going on, Poppy came here herself by apparition, and checked on the baby to measure out the possibility due dates based on the development, hormone level, food intake level, and behavior showing. Of course, it took her about twenty minutes to gather all of that because Severus refused to take a potion.

Harry had to demand his pet to take it and that was something he didn't like to do. To control people, especially his lover and his pet cannot go against him. He knew he was only doing this to help him and the baby in a smooth process. Once Poppy left them alone, Harry walked up to Severus to wrap his arms around him.

"Sorry, Severus. I don't want anything to go wrong and I came too far to get you back." The savior explained.

The potion masters nodded, "It's…alright, master. I have mistrust issue for anyone. I will not drink potions, unless it is made by me."

The young man smiled, "I know, but for now, make it easier for Poppy. She said the baby will be here a month early." His hands soothed the man's arms, "You can't throw a fit when you're giving birth, I want both of you to make it through alive and stable."

He frowned, "You won't be there?"

Harry head shook his head, "Severus, I'm going to be there every step of the way." He kissed the man's head.

Severus sighed. He struggled to feel safe, the memories were a nightmare to his hands, and how they had treated him. Each of the 'babysitter' chose to use him personally to take out on their sexual frustration or feel like giving themselves a good use. One would purposely warm him up, comfort him, and forced him into a position. Severus was nerved by such behavior…however, he did not like his victim. Harry saw how quiet the man is and he hated to see him like this.

"Do you want to talk about it," He hummed, "You don't have to, though."

His head shook, "No. Please, not right now."

"Alright. Do you mind if I leave you with Draco? I need to organize our room a bit and talk to Percy on the updates on everything." He smiled.

The onyx eyes met the emerald eyes, "I do not mind."

Harry accepted that for now, yet, in the back of his mind was bothering him. How can he help his pet from this psychological emotional and physical messed up man? The only thing he knew is to be patience and be there for him every step of the way. Severus slowly got up from his seat, but Harry immediately helps him out to make it easier. The elder had almost reacted and mentally reminded himself that it was his lover helping him, not the kidnappers abusing him. Those monsters will never laid their hands on him ever again.

Harry held no clue of what his mate is going through or understands his actions has consequences. He had no idea that his pet struggled through those months for alone other than what Minerva had told him. It had almost felt like he had failed, but he's determined to make it up for everything.

"Harry?" The woman's voice caught his attention.

The savior held onto his pet as tightly as he could, "What was the first gift you gave me?" His emerald eyes focused on the headmistress entering.

Her chin held high, "I never gave you a gift."

Harry sighed, "Precautious about everything, I'm never repeating the mistake again."

She nodded, "Yes…of course, there is something that I am afraid I cannot do much about this time."

Severus gripped onto his master without a second thought to know the truth and he mentally cursed the Slytherin. He has not once feared anyone aside from the Dark Lord…another lord repeat might not be pleasant as one wish.

Harry scowled, "I'm not going to be his mate, I belong to Severus Snape and that's it."

Minerva sighed, "Unfortunately, there is a minister of magic law about the circumstances of avoiding the possible claims to mating. Mr. Masters is stating his rights to test his heir power to see if you are his definite mate."

"Forget it," His chin held up and snuggled with his pet some more.

The green grass eyes closed and opened up after a few seconds, "Believe me, Harry, I could not convince them to deny him to that law. The Aurors were about to barge in and I suggested them otherwise not to, due to your guards are on task strongly. They sent me as a warning to come within an hour."

The emerald eyes popped out and found the trouble hasn't seemed to ease at all. What could the savior do at this situation of his'.

"Get Draco, I need him before I can leave."

Severus frowned, "Master, don't leave…you know-"

The Gryffindor soothed his pet's arms, "I know, but right now, I can't argue with the laws and I have no powers. But, I'll request aurors to be within the same room and demand them to keep me separated from him. You will stay here and within Draco's sight."

"And why am I having him in my sight?" The godson entered into the room with a navy blue book with gold trim.

The headmistress turned to him, "Mr. Masters brought up his Heir power testing rights of law, which leaves Harry no choice."

Draco hummed, "I would not advise being alone, but resisting such mating power isn't easy." He shrugged, "Good thinking, Potter, about Severus in my care. He might pull something or would have, if you bring him with you."

The savior frowned, "What do you mean?"

"He might have more than three or four followers. If anything, if a Slytherin heir is an heir themselves, they must have some followers." He sighed, "However, there is no exact amount. He might have planned ahead, in case the first plan did not follow through."

Severus' master was no longer pleased to listen about a particular risk. The emerald eyes glanced at his pet and knowing seven to eight months truly strained a lot on him. If he wished to stay together, he knew one thing for sure and that meant business directly.

"Neither of you dare to leave each other's sight, not for one second. If he's willing to go this far, then he's going to attempt it again." He held onto Severus closely and took a deep breathe.

The blond agreed and walked over to their side, "We'll remain here, depending on the hours, but I'll look after him, Potter."

Harry kissed the man's head of the crown, "Mind link me, if anything goes wrong."

The pet understood and the need to hang onto his master was desperate for his own safety. Minevra stood by the floo network, while her eyes remained on them, and her thoughts on the former Slytherin student. If anything, she knew how Mr. Masters tended to be around others and no doubt Harry would not be fooled by his act.

"Minerva," He sighed, "Let's go." He hated having to remove his arms from his lover and stepping away.

The whimpering came and continued nonstop. Harry hated hearing that and smiled his pet to the best effort he could give him.

"Ah, Harry, before you go," The young Malfoy lifted his wand swirled and brought down his wand, as a slight invisible glow came over to Harry.

Harry turned as the spell hits him, yet, nothing happened. His head tilted and eyebrows formed together at the former enemy of his'.

"What was that, Malfoy," He was beginning to regret not questioning Draco, in case of an imposter.

He hummed, "I'll tell you later."

The savior was uncertain, but he suspected that his pet would have made comment. For now, he needed to sort things out himself and headed over to the ministry before anything gets out of hands. Minerva followed up behind him and they rushed over to sector. If anything, the memories were too fresh in his mind, but he picked up some improvement to the place. There wasn't any discomforting designs or sickening in the place, so he supposed it was improving.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, good, good." Minister Fudge walked up to him, walking with a wand prepared in his hold, and greeting smile to the savior, "Let's get you to Mr. Masters, before he starts to assume we are denying his rights."

Harry shook his head, "I'm not going in there without some aurors."

The minister knew better than to argue with the man-who-lived-twice-and-killed-you-know-who. His fingers snapped and four aurors came without questioning why. He gestured them the way to the interrogating room. Minerva tried to stay calm, but the war showed that she could not care much of this ridiculous law on 'forced relationship' to save their wizarding population.

"Aurors, your job to protect Mr. Potter and provide safety. I expect nothing less and over with smoothly." The minister stated.

They nodded without uttering a word to the matter. Harry eyed them towards the door and the aurors walked in silently, uncertain to what might rise in this very room, and prepared with their wands immediately. The savior walked through and masked on his face carefully. The dark blond man was sitting in the middle of the room, with a table in front of him with another empty chair. Harry recognized the way muggle designed their interrogating room and this was the same style. He dismiss that silly thought and focused on the graduated Slytherin.

"Ah, you have come to me yourself, my dear. That's a good loyalty start for us," His sickly sweet voice spoken.

The eyes narrowed, "No, this is strictly business and-"

"-you will come to me, dear. You are my mate I wish to claim."

For one thing, Harry's body forwarded himself over to the heir enemy and growled once they were within an inch of each other. Laird stood up, not caring for the chain on his wrist, and hands flickered to vanish the useless trap. The aurors jerked their heads and picked up their wand for the readily action-

"Of course, privacy, we can't have interruptions," Laird smirked and one finger snaps caused a wall to block anyone coming to them, "There. Finally, I have you, my sweet, sweet submissive mate."

The savior's lips twitched and found his magical core fighting against this. He pulled back and ran over to the door-

"Someone's shy for a first kiss," He hummed.

A growling escaped the man's lips, "Merlin, hell no. If you dare coming close, you won't know what's coming to you, Laird," He spitted.

Laird hummed delightfully, "So cute, but unfortunately, I will not tolerate you shielding me out or defending yourself."

The Slytherin Heir walked up and the Gryffindor backed up against the door. His hand gripped immediately onto his wand and observed every single move. Laird ranged in closely than ever, not caring for the lack of wand or his wand, and his dark brown eyes lusting dangerously over the young man. His hand flipped and vanished the valuable source of the savior's.

The emerald eyes widened, "Where the hell did you put my wand, Laird? This isn't fucking funny." Oh, wait…he can, "Accio Wand!"

Nothing…Laird chuckled darkly and moved in much closer between the space. If one thing, Harry wasn't going down without a fight, and lifted quickly enough-

Unfortunately, Laird's hand clasped around Harry's wrist and pulled him closely to his chest.

"So nervous, dear, but you'll love it and will learn to love it." The insisting tone nerved Harry even more.

He spit at the Slytherin, "No."

His large hands held the chosen one's head and smashed their lips together. Harry pulled sideway, sealed his eyes tightly, and felt the surging power running too much. With a knee pinning between his legs, Harry couldn't move and felt desperate to punch him.

The tongue slipped right into the hero's mouth and ruled over his tongue. The young man tried to push his tongue out, puzzled by this action, and felt…scared.

Finally, Laird gave him a break with their 'kiss'. He smiled and admired what has come out so well and held Harry tightly by the arms rather than his head now.

"Mine." He whispered.

Harry shook his head and feet scattering, yet, held in one place because of this insane Slytherin heir! Laird leaned closely and kissed the young man's neck. Harry bitten his lips and pretended this was a nightmare. A bloody and horrible nightmare he experienced.

Wait…why was he expecting magic to save him? He got other things he grew up with! His knee lifted up and stomped onto the older man's foot. Which, caused Mr. Masters to slam the savior against the wall as he gasped. He growled and snared at the Gryffindor as he jerked one arm up high. The aching pain shot up in the savior's shoulder and tried to help himself taller to ease the pain.

"You're mine, Harry Potter. You can't ignore the power I have over you and you know it." Laird jerked Harry over to the middle of the room.

The savior stumbled over his feet, but the heir seeker held onto him tightly before a fall could happen. His free hand forced the man to the table and bend over.

He moved closely to the ear and hot breath felt so easily, "You will thank me one day," He whispered.

Harry turned his head and tilted his head immediately, "I'll never be yours. I've already been claimed."

He smirked, "By me, of course, the slave has absolute no rights to claim you."

Harry moved his feet, but pinned down against the cold metal table. His body felt the heat of another body, easing onto him, and his hands were held together above his head-

"A spell to tie your hands up, useful for submissive mate and sex." Laird rested his hands onto the savior's navel, "You're all mine for the taking."

A growling came heavily, "You're fucked up, Laird." A spit landed onto the obsessive man's face.

The Slytherin heir pulled back and wiped his face from the disgrace behavior. Laird was not pleased with the way he had it turned out and decided to turn around for this. His hands jerked the young man and wandlessly disappeared the clothes. His fingers pierced into the hero's skin.

"Fine. If it took five months to make the slave to become extremely submissive, I will have no qualms with you, my dear mate." The Slytherin picked up his member and soothed it over on Harry's bottom, "He was a fun fuck toy and merlin," His voice gradually lowered and leaned over to the savior's ear, "His crying was a joy to my ears. Perhaps, your cry will make my heart sing."

The shivered crept up and he did not like where this had been going. If anything, he was in trouble since an heir can impregnate anyone and marks them permanently once pregnancy occurs…

Harry's heart raced to the point of breaking out so hard and his breathing grew rapidly and uncontrollably. His wrists constantly tugged, but the binding spell wasn't budging! Laird-

"No!" The man-who-lived-twice cried desperately, "Please, don't-"

The smug appeared, "-Nervous, dear? I'll make it easier for you," He set down his member and brought up his fingers, but allowed one finger to the entrance of the savior's anal.

The Gryffindor shook his head and moving around was difficult due to bind, pushed, and lack of space. The emerald eyes sealed shut and whimpered softly. Laird's free hand soothed the cheek bottom of the savior's.

"Already submissive," He hummed, "Do keep It up," His finger probed into the enterance smoothly.

Harry gasped with the invasion coming through and eyes popping out huge. It didn't seem to be over for him, the finger thrust in slowly, even adding another finger until he reached to four. The pain was stretching too much, causing Harry to feel like he was ripping, and gasped for each time…

There wasn't anything good out of this and beyond too much to handle.

'Severus…talk to me…ugh, please.' He needed a desperate escape, a distraction until it was over.

'Harry, is everything alright? Is the aurors looking after you?' The concern helped him to stay strong.

Suddenly, the cold and emptiness rose the chillness striking up in his spine. Both hands soothed on the young man's back and closeness was barely any space among themselves.

"Easy or rough?" His voice spoke quietly.

Harry shook his head and tried to see Laird himself, as much as he could see…he could see the dangerous lust in the man and determination set in those eyes.

"Please…don't." His lips quivered.

Laird sighed and leaned in to press their lips, "I love this side of you, Harry, and one day, you will no longer be a Potter."

Harry couldn't comprehend the psychotic behavior of this man particularly, but he was unable to free himself. Laird held up his member and began slip into the anal of Harry's. The screaming was struggling to hold back, merely moaning, and the dryness of his wall burns deeply. It was so much for Harry to take in and gasped desperately to move out of this.

'…he's raping me…I can't move or anything. Tell Draco to contact Hermione and Ron, they know what to do. Don't even think about-'

'I'm coming.'

'No! I demand you to stay at the mansion. I'm not risking both of the people I love too much. Just get Hermione and Ron!' Harry immediately interrupted Severus' thought, before anything could happen.

'Now, I hate it when you use slave power over me…'

Harry mentally sighed, 'I'm only protecting you…just until the baby is born and you're free again.'

The pounding was so much to handle and nothing was good as he felt with his pet. Everything felt so foreign and unusual. His magical core found things distressful and desperate for the topping power. He couldn't stand it!

A burst of sickly hot up in his spine and caused him to moan deeply. His knees gave in, but the arm's wrapped around his naval from falling. The Slytherin removed his member and the binding released instantly to allow his hands dropped. Harry was pulled into a hug…despite of the nakedness situation.

"Good job. If you keep it up more often, we can both enjoy this." The sweet tone hit Harry's ego…

The emerald eyes widened and couldn't stand this type of treatment. No…he couldn't…he had to escape. And NOW!


Harry suddenly dropped onto the rugged floor and gasped for air.

"Master!" His pet's voice called out worriedly.

Harry glanced up and saw his pet rushing over to him, while everything fading away into darkness. The footsteps were easy to tell that Severus and Draco were assisting him immediately.

"I got him, Severus. Let's take him to the med-wing, I know what to do from there."

"Well, put a blanket on him before we do. We mustn't have my master shivering or catch a cold." His pet commented.

Before he was out, he was glad to escape once the bind spell was remove. One of the things that Laird did not know was he was illegally appariating. Illegal apparition meant no one could prevent it with a spell that was meant to prevent licensed apparition.

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