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Warning: Gore, sensitive, half nudity, cuss

Now, everyone was well aware that Snape is in their school and always with their new professor. By the time seventh period arrived, everyone was eager to learn and Harry introduced themselves like he did for all classes. Snape took comfort in talking to explain and demonstrating. Harry kept smiling back at the memory, but he hasn't bothered to talk to his slave about it. Actually, he preferred pet would be a better definition.

He knew this man loved his mother and he knew his mother was mostly innocent. He chose not to talk much of his dad since he wasn't entirely proud of his father and his mistakes. He knew his father was a bully, especially towards Snape.

For now, Harry rather be himself and decides to help out with the students to perform the charm spell.

"Please, it is not useless spell and you must participate in class, Mr. Chichi." Snape commented.

"It is a useless spell. It's not like I would use it for my professional career in hands."

Snape scowled, "It is not directed for a career, Mr. Chichi, it is known for greater protection of yourself. We are on the school ground with dementors. Who is going to protect you?"

"Obviously someone will."

Severus couldn't stand with this child's nerve, "Why you ungrateful child! You are such a disgrace to the wizard society and you are nothing but lazy so far in this class!"

Harry heard his voice raising in the room and saw the man's wagging his finger at the student. That was not right. He marched up and grabbed the pet's wrist.

"Enough. Meet me in the hallway, Snape."

"After class, please?"

"Now." Harry insisted.

Snape sighed and walked out of the classroom. Harry realized the students were waiting for next instruction.

"Keep practicing and remember what you are supposed to do. Do not leave the class unless each of you wish to lose a hundred point." He warned.

They were white as a sheet when he said that and decided to be distracted by practicing their spell. Harry went into the hallway and he crossed his arms.

"Mind telling me why you're being so negative with our student?" Harry held his breath.

Snape frowned, "He refused to participate in class and being a fuss. His word on the lesson made it seem like someone would protect him. I did not appreciate it when he's willing to sacrifice a human being's life."

"You should have given him detention, Snape. But, why would you say those discouraging words around him?"

"Because, he was not listening and acting like a brat!"

Harry gulped and saw that it won't be easy to deal with. If this student makes Snape become sour like, then there's no chances of another repeat. He needed to set up another standard.

"Then, send the student me from now on. If anyone is causing you problem, you tell me and I will handle it. I don't want you speaking like that."

"You know how I deal students, why does it matter to you, master?"

Harry wanted to treat him equally, but it wasn't working out as it seem to be.

"Just don't it again. I want students to learn willingly." Harry commented, "Now, let's go back inside to our classroom. I'll handle the student that was causing trouble for you."

Snape made no comments and walked inside the classroom. Harry spotted the student and walked up to him.

"I certainly did not appreciate it that you caused him to be upset. You have earned yourself a detention and you will write two feet about what you have done wrong to upset Professor Snape, explain what you will do, and explain what happened. Detention will happen after dinner in this classroom." Harry stated.

"Your dumb slave shouldn't be in the class. He should be locked up in a cage of his." Mr. Chichi snipped at his professor.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the student, "You just round yourself into another set of detention to write two feet about respect and its importance. If I were you, I'd keep my mouth shut."

The child snorted, "Yeah, to someone who'd rather fuck their slave."

"I can arrange suspension or expel, Mr. Chichi." He warned.

The student wasn't pleased, but he stopped talking. Harry did not want to cause any much trouble and he begins to see why Snape called him a brat. This kid does not have their manner or respect! At least, it was the last class for the day before the last two periods arrive. He noticed the time and released the class for them to head to their next class for the day. Harry checked around the classroom for anything else and see nothing is out of order.

"Chichi sure has a lot of nerves to speak like that." Harry commented.

Snape curiously looked at him, "What did he say? You sound upset, master?" The man wished to call him by his name, but there's no choice.

"Comments I am not pleased and I would never dare to do."

"I assume his hatred for slaves?"

He nodded, "Yes…but they don't know the story. I gave him another set of detention and warned a possible suspension or expel. Hopefully, he will not repeat it."

Snape agreed, but they had no idea what may come out for others and that's their consequences.

"We should start thinking of our lessons to prepare for a few weeks ahead." Snape suggested.

Harry nodded and went over to the bookshelf to gather the book that the previous professor wanted to use for this class.

"I'm not sure about you, but I doubt the students would want to get another book because of us teaching."

He nodded, "We should be able to figure something planned for next year, but I agree."

They both sat down at the professor's desk and looked through the book that may be useful for students. They discussed about the importance, warnings, and other risks. They even thought to prepare a test within a week and four assignments in a week. At first, Harry thought it was too much for the assignment until he recalled that he was able to do ten assignments without failing. So, it wasn't an issue.

Of course, the words played well in Harry's mind…

'…to someone who'd rather fuck their slave…' The voice commented.

Harry mentally shrugged it off and knew he wasn't like that. Whenever he meets the man's black eyes, he found himself drawn in. He wanted the man all to himself and he acted very protective of him when the child commented about being locked up in cage. He enjoyed allowing Snape to have his freedom, his happiness, and his respect. Severus hasn't betrayed him or caused any trouble at all. To the savior, he knew what Snape's like when it came to facing his death. He wondered…if Dumbledore knew or told Snape to kill him. Was it to protect Draco or to follow the headmaster's order?

He didn't want to think of that and recalled the doe patronus. He noticed Snape was writing the test out to make.

"Were…you there that day?" Harry asked.

Severus met his eyes, "You will have to be specific, master. What day?"

"In the forest, near a lake." He waited.

Snape set down his writing tool and realized where this was going. This means Harry recognized his doe more than anything did and there's no chance of hiding it anymore. He doesn't have control over that.

"Yes. As a spy, I had to help to protect you from the Dark Lord."

Harry understood, "Thank you for helping, but we did use the disillusion spell. How were you able to find us?"

"It's a very weak spell. I can break it easily, but I chose not to. I allow the Patronus doe to help me guide you to the sword."

The young man understood and he checked the time for the day.

"Let's get to the great hall before dinner start."

"Master, why are you in a rush?"

"So we can get this brat's detention over with."

He chuckled, "I take it that he really cross the line with you as well?"

Harry muttered what had changed besides the war between the two? He used to see Snape as an awful teacher, but now, he sees him as a spy hero. He can't help it when he has Snape around, he's seeing a side of Snape he never witnessed before, and he liked it this way. Was it wrong to make it all worth it? To see the man's happiness?

They spent most of their time dealing with students on their lessons, taking and giving points for whatever was necessary, and surviving the year. It hasn't been easy, as it seems for the past four months. Lately, some of the students did not take lightly or go along with the fact that Snape is in their school. A few like Taban Chichi turned to be a difficult and stubborn brat. He did not like much with Snape because he was a 'deatheater', but now a 'slave'. He wanted to dominate Snape into a 'truer' punishment. Severus tried to avoid this student, but Taban sometimes cornered him alone when the chances arrived.

Harry had no idea that a student bullied him, but he knows Taban does not take anything less lightly around his pet. He tried to see if Taban has done anything, but no luck yet. He hated that student and wished to expel him permanently. Snape feared this student due to the fact he does not hold much power as he used to have.

However, there were times Snape would be in their quarter before Harry returns. The savior would find the man falling asleep at their desk and he would take the man to his bedroom. He would change the man's clothes into pajamas and put him under the blanket cover. Severus hardly noticed, but he noticed his master has taken care of him well. He trusted Harry and taken comfort by his touch.

So far, he's used to Harry being there for him when his nightmares occur during their sleep. His master would tell him that he wouldn't let him die because he will always protect him. Those words made him feel safe and secured. From time to time, he would tell Harry what happened in the dream and Harry would listen.

Harry liked the owner and pet relationship between each other. He's able to make sure his pet in routine with responsibilities, rewarded when he's doing good, and only punished by taking his wand privilege away for a week. Snape didn't like it when he was wandless, so he avoids getting himself into trouble as much as possible. Other than that, they get along well and well-respected of each other. The savior would hug him to praise the man or ruffle lightly on the man's hair to show he cares about him.

The other professors did not have much problem with Harry's pet being around to help his class. The headmistress was pleased and she has observed his class during fourth period during his lesson of the history of Voldemort. Some people still fear his name, so they avoid speaking the name down the line. Harry has no issue to speak of his name, but others did not take comfort. It was easier to get some of the first year to say the name, but they learned too quickly not to say the name. Snape explained to him that it could be possible no one wants their child to accidentally naming after a dark lord. Of course, Taban's remark almost caused Snape to be angry and Harry took over immediately by sending Taban to the headmistress' office. He alerted her, the headmistress, what had happened and she considered to take care of the matter immediately.

Harry was working in the office in the quarter, grading sheets while Snape dealt detention with other students, and he knew who has detention with him. He doesn't mind that Snape handles late assignment students or late arrivers or out of line students, minus Taban. He trusts Snape to avoid getting in trouble.

"-ma-mas-master…" His shivering and stuttering voice caught the master's attention.

Harry glanced up and saw his pet all ruined. His hair was messy, his robe ripped up violently, bleeding nose, bruises on his bare skin, and his body shaking. The man collapsed after his master just looked up at him for less than two seconds. Harry raced up to him, "Snape!"

Something had happened to his pet and he couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to him. Who treated him like this? He picked up his pet and rushed into the fireplace to floo over to the school's medical wing. Madame Promptly noticed and immediately provides an open bed. The nurse tried to take off his shirt to see the damage, but she couldn't figure out where to start! Harry knew how the clothes work and he did it by unbuttoning his robe, unbuttoned his shirt, and the nurse helped to remove the upper chest clothes.

Harry gulped and shook his head, "Please, help him!" He insisted, "I want those bruises to be gone now!"

The nurse nodded and grabbed a few potions. Harry helped lift the man's head and move down his jaw to allow the nurse to make sure he drinks his potions. His body responded to drink and his eyes slowly opened to see his master by him. Once he drank five potion, his body was slowly restoring back to normal.

"He should stay in bed for the night, but please make sure he eats something before falling asleep and before leaving this bed." The nurse instructed him.

Harry nodded, "Thank you." His wearily smile worn on.

The med-witch left them alone with the privacy curtains around them. Harry's hands caressed the man's face, feeling him so warm, and that he wasn't bleeding anymore.

"Snape, who did this to you?" He patted the man's forehead.

He held onto his master's hand, "P-p-plea-please, do not make me answer that." The tears trailed down to his cheeks.

"You're scared to death, Snape." He gripped back Snape's hand to hold, "Let me protect you so it won't happen again."

"I do not wish to lose you, master."

His head shook, "You aren't going to lose me," Both of his hands holding Snape's hand, "But I will punish you, if you do not tell me."

Before Harry could be prepared, Snape was quick to pull him into a hug and it didn't make sense to the young man. Why was Snape afraid of this person? He should only fear his master and no one else. It clicked on him-

"Taban! He did this to you!" Harry hissed as he pulled away from their hug, "Was it him, Snape? Tell me!"

Without a choice, "Yes."

"What was he doing to you?" His eyes did not once remove from his pet.

He gulped, "Cornered me in the detention room. He demanded the other students to leave and threaten them if they tell anyone or…" He shuddered, "Touch what's his. After the students left, he…"

Harry nodded, "Take your time, but don't stop telling me until you tell me everything."

Snape gripped tightly onto Harry's wrist, "…I asked him what he was doing. Taban…groped me. He called me a…a fuck slave and a fuck toy. Taban yanked me down to the floor and told me that I will be his property and be treated as a real slave. He kicked me and I tried to escape, but he pinned me down. He said that clothes should not be deserve to be worn on me and tried to take them off. I-I tried to keep the clothes on, but he kicked, punched, and molested me. He forced me to be hard and threaten to tell the ministry that I was not being treated properly as a slave, if…if I tell you. He kicked me hard in the stomach and hung me on the coat rack in the room alone. He left me to get something…fun, but I hurried out to our quarter."

Severus cried confidently with his master. No one has ever seen him shed his tears, so to him, he feels more human around him. Harry hugged him and felt more protective of his pet. He should have known Taban would make a move like this. He kissed the man's head and hugged him tightly.

"I won't leave you alone anymore, Snape. Taban will get what he deserves." He picked up the man to carry, "Being here probably doesn't make you feel safe, so our quarter will do."

"Thank you, master…" He whispered, "…but wha-what if he wins to own me?"

He kissed his forehead, "Don't worry, he won't win. I know he won't. But, I am proud of you for coming straight to me."

"Master, how can you be so sure you'd win? You have not exactly treat me as a real slave and-"

"-let me worry about that." He doesn't want him to know that he treated him as a pet than a slave, he couldn't afford to lose his trust.

For the past four months, he slowly realized he cares for Severus more than anybody else could. Sometimes, he would believe that he was the closest person to be Lily. Snape hasn't seen him as his father, James, but mostly as his mother. Harry thought of falling in love with this man, but he was afraid that Snape wouldn't want him. He's good as Lily, but he wanted to earn the man's trust.

For now, Harry put Snape down on the couch while getting some food for him. Right now, he needs to nurture his pet and provide security once more. It was much worse than his nightmares, but Harry wouldn't let him sleep in his own bed for the night. He brought Snape into his bedroom, but the man did not have much of energy to argue with his master.

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