Hi everyone! I just had this random idea for a oneshot. It's not my best work, but I'm having some writer's block with Will You Lie With Me. Thanks for reading! ~androcissatrix

Sweeney sat in the corner of Mrs Lovett's shop, quietly observing the rush of lunch hour. Toby was running around taking orders. The boy is useful after all, Sweeney thought. He watched Mrs Lovett with her tray of pies balanced skillfully on her arm. Her dress, which was black and grey, was fairly low cut, and he could see her boots as she walked. He had heard a few murmurs from customers about her being a whore. He had even said so himself, but hearing someone else say it made him angry. They didn't know her like he did, what right did they have to judge her?

"Mr. T, if you're gonna be in here, ya might aswell make yaself useful?" Mrs Lovett said as she rushed past him. He just grunted, and did not move from his post in the corner of the room. He watched her smile at customers and make conversation. He couldn't help thinking she looked nice. She looked better then nice. Sweeney shook his head. No. How could he think these things about her? He loved Lucy, not Nellie Lovett!

He got lost in his thought until he heard Mrs Lovett giggle loudly. He looked over and saw her leaning on a table, giggling at one of her customers. He smiled too, although it might have been for a different reason, since his eyes were down her dress.

Sweeney was filled with rage. Or was it jealousy? Either way, he wanted to slit his throat, and he would be willing to. What was she doing, flashing her chest to any old fellow who came along? Mrs Lovett laughed again at whatever the man was saying, and Sweeney was fed up. He walked over to Mrs Lovett.

"Mrs Lovett, may I talk to you for a minute?" Sweeney said coldly.

Mrs Lovett turned to face him, looking annoyed. "Mr. T, can't ya see I'm talkin' to a customer?"

"Now." He said through gritted teeth, glaring at her.

Mrs Lovett nodded nervously. "H-hold on, love." Mrs Lovett said to the man. "Mr. T just needs a word."

She followed Sweeney to the back of the shop. Before she could say anything, Sweeney grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him.

"What the hell were you doing back there?" He growled.

"Mis-Mista T, wot do ya mean? I was just havin' a chat!" Mrs Lovett stuttered. She was nervous he was going to try to hurt her, he looked angry.

"You flirting with that bloke over there!" Sweeney spat.

"Flirtin'!" Mrs Lovett exclaimed. "I was doing no such thing!"

"Oh my arse you weren't Mrs Lovett! I saw you, bending down from him. He was looking down your damn dress!" Sweeney tried his best to keep from yelling, but he couldn't contain his anger. He still wasn't sure why he was so angry. He didn't, or at least he shouldn't, care what she did.

"Why the bleedin' 'ell do you care wot I do?" Mrs Lovett tried to pull her wrist away, but he just tightened his grip.

"Because...I-I just do alright? Bloody woman." Sweeney muttered.

"That's not a good enough reason for me Mr. Todd. Ya usually don't give a damn 'bout me and now ya tellin' me wot I can and can't do? That's-" Mrs Lovett got cut off by Sweeney kissing her. He convinced himself it was because he wanted her to shut up, but he knew it was for other reasons as well.

Sweeney pulled away. Mrs Lovett was so surprised she couldn't move. "You're lucky no one saw that." Sweeney growled, as if she had kissed him. "Now go and don't go flirting with anyone else." He walked out the door, and up to his shop. Mrs Lovett tried to get her head back on straight. Sweeney Todd had kissed her!? She couldn't believe it. She thought flirting with that bloke over there would make him jealous, but she didn't know her plan would work that well. She went back out her serve the rest of her customers, a big smile plastered on her face.