WARNING! Contains yaoi (boy x boy) if you dont like this or dont like yaoi, DO NOT READ! Thanks.

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"we are OUT of chinese leftovers from a couple days ago when daisuki broke into the house" rittz exclaimed, walking shotaly over to his BFF skip and sitting down next to him, skip was blogging calmly.

"what do you want me to do about it" he whispered seductively

"buy more chinese food i am a very man,"

"you used to be a big boy" skip said, suddenly walking up and standing over rittz with intimidation

"i am not a baby, dont call me stupid you think im stupid" rittz blushed, looking away but eying skip at the same moment

"your not a baby down there are you?" skip asked, smiling

"i have big toes thanks for telling me" rittz growled, turning around, about to walk into the kitchen

"i love your boxers" whispered skip

whilst in the kitchen, rittz mused over what skip had said to him moments prior to his "manly whispering" that echoed in the household. the window was broken from daisuki's latest attempt at hurting young rittz, but rittz was too naive 2 care

"what am i gonna eat now skip? all we have is water."

skip groaned and walked into the room, wearing his outstanding star sunglasses that bedazzled his eyelashes fantastically.

"i have an idea"

he walked over, grabbing rittz by the hem of his shirt, as if he was staring into rittz's soul; he glared deep into the boy's magnificent eyebrows.

"i love… i love water."

"and your boxers"

rittz smiled

"i love them too"

soon afterwards, rittz finally got the message skip was conveying, and they went into the bedroom together and had many rounds of loving UNO, it was their favorite game before playing boxer hockey.