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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Family

Thirteen year old Zorella Jones smoothed down her short flat ironed hair and gazed at the lean, pimple faced boy sitting to the right of her in math class. Kevin Malcolm was his name, and he was looking cute with his fade haircut and his name etched along the side of his head. She could see that he was absentmindedly picking at a cuticle on his left hand, a nervous habit that Zorella had noticed the boy demonstrate frequently when he didn't understand something. Sighing, she doodled Zorella 'Baby face' Malcolm all over her math binder. Suddenly, a note flopped on to her desk and she looked around to see her best friend Nakeisha twitching her eye at her, their signal for when Kevin looked Zorella's way. The young teen slowly opened the note and looked up occasionally to make sure that their teacher, 'Bald eagle Williams' was focused on herJet magazine at the front of the class. She peeled it back to read Nakeisha's messy chicken scratch: Fade-in has been looking at you for 5.8 seconds girl, he is so cute. Ya'll are gonna have babies.I better be aunty Keisha!A snort of laughter escaped Zorella's nose as she read and re-read the note. Babies were the last thing on her mind. She was more determined to get her first training brassiere more than anything else.

She looked back at Kevin from the corner of her eye to see him shyly looking back at her and then watched as his gaze fell back to his math book. If the eldest Jones child knew what an aneurysm was, she would have claimed that she was having one right then and there. Excitedly, she looked back at Nakeisha who was cackling behind her hand and pointing at the two teens before proceeding to make a heart shape with her fingers. Zorella rolled her eyes and bit her lip, as she willed herself to take the risk and look back at Kevin. When she finally mustered up the courage to do it, the final dismissal bell of the day rang, signalling for all of the students to head on home. Cursing under her breath, she grabbed her things in a rush to go and pick up her younger sisters from their classes. In her hurry, she dropped her pencil case to the ground and watched as the contents spilled everywhere. "Seriously?!" She growled before she dropped to her knees and tried to avoid being trampled to death by the eager teens heading out of the classroom. She bumped hands against someone else's as she reached for her favourite pencil. Zorella quickly looked up to see Kevin, bent on one knee, handing her back her pencil with a smile. This is it, this is the moment he will ask me out, play it cool, say something cute like nice fade in Kevin, you have a really nice skull….You have a really nice skull? Who says that? "Uh, Zorella?" She looked up to see Kevin staring at her like she was crazy, "I have to catch my bus, but here's your pencil." A squeak like sound escaped her lips and she took the pencil from his hand. He smiled and ran out of the room, leaving Zorella behind to replay the horrific events in her mind.

She slowly made her way to her eleven year old sister Ameena's class, which was inconveniently located on the other side of the school. Ameena donned her bottle cap glasses and leaned against the wall as she read her Nancy Drew novel. Zorella walked right up to her, but the younger sister didn't even realise that she was there. She was about to pull on Ameena's braid when the younger girl turned her head quickly and smiled. "Hey Zore! Did you talk to you know who today?" She asked excitedly as she stuffed her book into her back pack, zipped it up, and pulled the straps over her shoulders. Zorella sighed and nodded slowly. "Uh oh, that doesn't sound too good. Did you have a boogie in your nose or like something in your teeth?" Ameena asked cautiously. Out of the three sisters, she was the most caring and empathetic one. Zorella could remember when she had fallen and cut her knee open on the pavement the summer before. Ameena was right there taking care of her and instructing their younger sister on what she needed to get from the house, and in no time, the middle sister had patched up the cut knee.

"Nah, nothing like that. I just…I just froze up Meena. He was right there and I froze up like a popsicle." Ameena pat her older sisters back and gave her shoulder a squeeze. They turned and walked down the hallway to head to their little sisters classroom.

"That's okay. You know, it's better than having something stuck in your teeth." Zorella sighed and nodded. Ameena and Nakeisha were the only ones who knew about Kevin and Zorella intended on keeping it that way. The two sisters weren't exactly the closest, but they knew they had each other whenever something went wrong. They neared the grade two classroom and heard their baby sister before they even saw her. Zorella rolled her eyes and Ameena broke out into a wide smile as she walked inside the colourfully lit room. Nuriyah, their seven year old sister sat in the corner facing the wall.

"I wouldn't have punched him if he had given me that crayon like I asked him for TEN TIMES!" The youngest Jones yelled out from her corner.

"Nuriyah, you know what my rules are about punching, kicking, and in your case biting." Mrs. Montgomery shook her head and smiled as the two other Jones siblings entered the class. "Hi girls, please give this letter to your parents for me. They can also expect a call this evening." Ameena nodded and took the letter from the teacher.

"What she in for today?" Zorella eyed her sister who sat grumpily by herself, mumbling words here and there.

"Oh the usual, she punched a boy named Ryan today before the bell rang." The teacher sighed. "I had so much hope that today would be a good day for her….but nope, punch right in the cheek and a crying grade two." Ameena walked over to Nuriyah and looked at her.

"Did you get him good?" She whispered beside her ear. Nuriyah smiled and nodded.

"Heck ya I did. He cried like a lil baby." The sisters shared a warm smile.

Zorella cleared her throat. "Well Nuri, you don't need me to tell you that you're going to get it when you get home. Mama is going to get you with a slipper." Nuriyah stood up and rolled her eyes.

"You're right, I don't need you to tell me nothin'." She stuck out her tongue and grabbed her backpack. "So hush." Zorella's eyes narrowed with annoyance. "Don't you touch me Cruela! Or mama will beat you too!" She squealed as she ran out of the classroom. Ameena watched Zorella count to three before she bolted out of the classroom behind their little sister, more than likely to pinch her or flick her ear.

"Um…" Ameena paused and looked at the teacher. "I'll make sure that they get the note Mrs. Montgomery. Have a good day!" She smiled brightly and walked out of the classroom, leaving the teacher to shake her head and laugh at the spectacle she had witnessed.


The three Jones sisters sat in the living room working on their homework before supper. Nuriyah looked up from her homework, "Meena, if I say, I bounced the ball high, is high, H-I?" She tapped her finger against her lip and stared at her sister.

"No dummy, it's H-I-G-H, the g and the h are silent." Zorella chimed in from her spot on the floor.

"Uh huh, I wish you were silent too." Nuriyah mumbled somewhat loudly with a grin on her face. Zorella turned to stare at her. The youngest Jones looked up with an innocent smile and waved. "Zore, can you get me some juice?" She asked sweetly.

"No, but I'll get you some water." Zorella looked at Ameena and cocked her head to the side, "Are you thirsty too?" Ameena pushed up her glasses that were slipping down her nose.

"Yes please." The short haired girl pushed herself off of the ground and grabbed a cookie for her sisters and cups of water from the kitchen. Her parents were in there whispering about something, but immediately stopped when she entered.

"Hi baby," Her mother turned from the stove to look at her. Cossette Jones reached out and smoothed her hand over Zorella's hair. "You okay?"

"Yea Mama. Just getting the rugrats some snacks." She looked between her parents and was worried that something bad had happened. Knowing that her place was not to pry in grown folks business, she grabbed a newspaper from the counter and set it down in front of Nuriyah, once she had gone back into the living room, so that she wouldn't make a mess on the floor.

"Thank you." The younger sisters said in unison before they enjoyed their treat. Zorella had just managed to sit down when their mother and father walked into the living room. She looked up at her parents as they sat down on the couch across from them. A part of her wondered if they were going to get a divorce. It was unlikely, but possible.

Their father, Michael Jones, pat his knee. "I'm getting old, but there's room for one." Nuriyah jumped up quickly and sat on their dad's knee. "Alright my little women…" His eyes roamed over his two daughters on the floor and the one on his knee. "….Your mama and I have something to tell you guys."

"Are we getting a puppy?!" Ameena piped up in excitement.

"Nope, no puppy." Their mother laughed.

"A cat?" Nuriyah inquired from her spot on her dad's knee.

"Nah, no pets." Michael Jones laughed.

"Are we moving?" Zorella asked worriedly. "Can I live with Nakeisha and you guys can go?"

Their mother turned her head and gave Zorella slight side eye. "No and no….Nakeisha's family is crazy. The other day I caught her little brother just staring at me in the grocery store muttering redrum, I almost knocked him out with a watermelon and my shoe….Anyways we're off topic " she looked over at her husband and smiled. "You guys are going to have a little brother or sister!" She said excitedly. Zorella's jaw dropped as she stared at her parents in shock.

"Return to sender! Get that stork back, we didn't order a baby!" Nuriyah folded her arms across her chest in annoyance. "I already have two sisters, I don't want anymore. We already have a baby and her name is Nuriyah. Hmph." Michael Jones hugged the youngest child against his chest.

"A baby?! Really? I love it already!" Ameena squealed in delight. "I'm going to take them everywhere and dress them up and teach them the alphabet and how to read…." she rambled on.

"Well I'm charging double for babysitting, especially if that baby turns out to be another Nuri." Zorella chimed in and shook her head. "Mama ain't you a little old to have babies though?"

Cossette Jones shook her head. "Child, how old do you think I am?! Trust me when I say I'm still young enough to catch your running behind in this house any day." Their mother laughed. "If all else fails, I'm sending Nuri after you." Nuri clapped her hands in excitement.

"Woah woah ladies…"Their father smiled and laughed. "This is really happy news and trust me, no one is going to be replaced. Your mama and I love you all so much." He tickled Nuriyah's sides causing her to giggle.

"Well if we're replacing someone, can it be Nuriyah. We only need one baby for the family." Zorella laughed.

"Can we get a really big strong stork to take Zorella back to wherever she came from? Like the zoo." Nuriyah got a wicked gleam in her eyes. "Annnnnd she only wants more money so she can go out and have smoochie with Kevin." She said in a singsong voice as she slid off her fathers' knee to the ground. Zorella stared at her sister in shock. "She loves him."

"MAMA! SHE READ MY DIARY!" Zorella yelled.

"I told you I wanted to play Barbies and you told me to go read a book and you never said which book! So I read your book." Nuriyah flipped her bubble braid. Ameena moved out of the way and sat beside their mother. She knew what was coming even if her parents didn't.

"THAT'S IT!" Zorella screamed before lunging at her little sister.

"Lord have mercy," their mother sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose to ward away the building headache. "Michael, could you…" she pointed to the two girls rolling on the ground. Their father just shook his head.

"Just let them tire themselves out, they'll sleep good tonight." He smiled, but kept an eye on what was happening.

"That's true." Cossette looked at Ameena and pulled her in a close hug. She was happy to have her middle child be so calm at the moment. "Meena, are you excited about the bab—NURIYAH JONES! YOU GET YOUR SISTER OUT OF THAT CHOKEHOLD RIGHT NOW!" The younger sister released her older sister from the move. "Michael! You're supposed to be watching them! What were you waiting for? The kiss of death?" Their mother smacked his arm.

"I'm sorry…. I was just so shocked, it happened so fast." He stared at their youngest child. "I think we should put her in karate or something." Their father said in awe. "But no wrestling moves in this house young lady." They all looked at Nuriyah, who had a confused expression on her face. She sat their silently for a moment before spat a small tooth into her little hand. "What in the….?"

"Victory! This toof has been wobbly all day! Now I get some money from the toof ferry!" She flailed excitedly.

Zorella scowled at her younger sister. "I can knock out a few more if you really want! I wouldn't mind lending a hand." She was still in shock that she had lost a fight to a seven year old.

"No, I'm good. But fanks." Nuriyah answered sweetly. Their father stuck his leg between the siblings before round two started up. He gave them both a look that they knew better than to argue with.

"And don't think we didn't get the letter AND the phone call from your teacher today Miss Nuriyah." Their mother sighed and then laughed. "You better behave from now on."

Zorella looked at their mom as she fixed her hair. "Mama when's the baby due?" Cossette reached out and helped her older daughter with the parts of her hair that were sticking up that made her look like she had been electrocuted.

"In five months honey." Her mother smiled happily and rubbed her stomach.

Zorella nodded. "I wouldn't mind helping with the diapers and stuff and if you need a babysitter after school. I wouldn't charge too much." She smiled. It would be weird having a little brother or sister that would be thirteen years younger than her, but she loved her little sisters, even crazy Nuriyah and wouldn't mind a new sibling.

"And I'd help her all the time!" Ameena smiled and shared a look with her older sister. "I'm going to rock the baby to sleep and sing it lullabies and feed it too." She hopped up and down in her seat in excitement. Out of all the sisters, their parents knew that Ameena would be the most excited. They saw how she took care of Nuriyah when she was younger and could see that Ameena just simply loved small children.

Nuriyah sighed. "I'll let fem ride my bike a couple of times I guess. But if fey break it, fey bought it." She sighed, but then grinned when Zorella nudged her playfully with her shoulder. "Can we name it?"

"You guys want to name the baby?" Their dad asked in surprise and looked over at his wife with a smile. "Well that's a good idea. But you have to make sure that the baby has a really meaningful name." He grinned and Ameena looked at him in curiosity.

"What do you mean daddy?" She asked as she cuddled closer to their mother.

"Well each of you has a name that's really important and means something." He looked at Zorella and smiled. "When your mama and I saw how beautiful you were when you were born, we knew we wanted more babies like you. So your name in Italian means sister." He laughed. "We just didn't realise we would have three more." He looked over at Ameena and squinted his eyes. "Ameena means peaceful, we think."

"We know it means faithful and trustworthy too. But when you were born you hardly cried, you were such a peaceful baby. So we named you Ameena." Their mother smiled and kissed the top of Ameena's head.

"What about me?!" Nuriyah said in annoyance. "My name means cute right? Because I'm adorable." Their parents exchanged a look and tried not to laugh.

"Nuriyah we changed the spelling of your name a bit, but it means fire or flame." Nuriyah stared at her parents like they were dumb. "Unlike Ameena, you came out angry and hungry, like a fire! And…." Michael Jones reached down and pulled their youngest child into his lap. "You keep my legs warm like a fire, so the name is perfect for you." He played with her braids and tickled her nose.

Zorella looked at her sisters and smiled. "Okay, I get what you're saying. We'll come up with something we think is meaningful then."

"This baby is going to be so lucky to have three amazing, very different sisters like you." Their mother opened her free arm for Zorella to nestle in beside her.

"Hopefully fa baby will be cute like me and Meena." Nuriyah said with a grin, Zorella turned her head slowly to look at her youngest sister who began to laugh uncontrollably.

Ameena thought out loud, "Maybe we'll figure it out when the baby's born too." The other two sisters nodded. "Okay, yea, we'll name the baby when their born."

"Whatever name you choose will be beautiful, I know it." Their mother smiled into Zorella's hair.


Five months passed and the sisters found themselves beside their mothers' hospital bed as they peered at the baby girl. She had the same doe eyes like them and their mother. The tiny baby stuck her fingers into her mouth as she slept.

"She's so cute." Ameena smiled and gently touched the baby's hand.

"Yea, because she didn't poop yet." Nuriyah laughed.

Zorella looked on in awe. "Mama, can I hold her?" Their mother reached over and gently placed the baby in her arms. Zorella lowered her head and smelled the baby's skin. It was a sweet smell that reminded her of powder.

Michael Jones rubbed the back of his neck. "Four daughters, oh boy. I'm going to have to get the shotguns ready pretty soon." He laughed with the doctor who stood with him in the corner. "That was a really fast delivery though, only two hours and she was here."

"Very fast, a lot faster than your other daughters if I recall." The doctor agreed as he looked on. "I'll let you enjoy your family moment Mr. Jones. Congratulations." He walked up to their mother and gently touched her shoulder. "Amazing job. Very fast, which I bet was nice." He chuckled quietly.

"Oh you don't know the half of it." She smiled back. He pat her shoulder and looked at the three older girls.

"You have some amazing help here Mrs. Jones." He winked at the girls and headed to the door. "I'll be back to check on everyone soon." With that he exited the room.

Their mother turned to look at her three other daughters and smiled.

"My babies, have you decided on a name for your sister." Zorella looked at Ameena who shrugged.

"Mercedes." Nuriyah supplied. Everyone turned to look at her. "A boy in my class said the best car in the world was a Mercedes and that it was super fast. And everyone keeps saying that word, so…Mercedes." She nodded and smiled at the baby. "Plus I'm the original baby, so I should name her." Everyone shared a look before they all smiled and shook their head. Michael Jones picked up Nuriyah and held her in his arms.

"Well then, it's decided." He kissed the baby's forehead. "Welcome to the family, Mercedes Jones."