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Blood. Blood everywhere. I look around frantically trying to spot her, "Prim!" I cry out desperately,"Prim where are you!."

"Katniss!" she cries out. I see her blond braid whip around as she turns to look at me, "Katniss help!"

"I'm coming Little Duck!" I scream. That's when I see the wall of flames descending on her. They engulf her before I can take another step. I smell burning flesh.

"No!" I scream as I jolt awake, sweating and shaking. The sheets are tangled around me and sunlight is streaming from the window. I have that same horrible dream every night. Sometimes Prim is ripped apart by mutts, sometimes shot by Snow, this time engulfed in flames. One thing never changes though: I am always too late to save her.

I roll out of bed, slowly get dressed and shuffle downstairs. I entertain myself by eating breakfast and watching Buttercup pace around the room. Then I remember it's Tuesday. Every Tuesday I go to check on Haymitch. Mostly to make sure he's not dead. Ever since the war he has been drinking more than ever. I guess it's just his way to cope with everything that's happened. I just wish he picked a healthier coping mechanism, like I did hunting. All the liquor was slowly eating away at his body. I wish I could get him to stop but I was never good at convincing people like...Peeta.

I haven't seen him much either. When he first got back to District 12 we planted a primrose bush outside my house. I thought that was the first step in repairing our friendship but then everything fell apart again. We were in my kitchen making dinner when he suddenly lost control. He tackled me holding a knife over my throat. Luckily Haymitch was there to pull him off of me. He snapped out of it quickly but he hasn't forgiven himself. He spends his time in his family's old bakery, which was rebuilt, passing time baking. When he's not there he's locked up in his house; probably painting.

I head over to Haymitch's house and walk straight in. I know by now he won't answer the door. The first thing I notice strikes me as odd; the liquor bottles, clothes, and garbage that usually litter the floor are gone. Everything is cleaned up. The only thing left is the lingering smell of liquor. I walk into the living room and see Haymitch sprawled out on the couch flipping through channels on the TV.

"Hey sweetheart? Sleep well or are you still having those nightmares?"

Now he's sober too? What did I miss?

"What happened here?" I ask.

"Apparently bread boy thought I was living in 'unhealthy conditions' so he dropped by yesterday and cleaned up a little," Haymitch says.

"Wow, I can actually see where I'm walking for once," I say, chuckling, "So is Peeta here or..." I rail off uncertaintly.

Haymitch laughs, "No. Down at the bakery like always." There's an awkward pause then he continues, "You should go talk to him you know. You two need to start working things out."

"Haymitch, he doesn't want to see me." I say quietly. I try not to think about how badly I want to see him. He used to be the one that kept me grounded until the attack.

"No, he wants to see you. He's just scared of hurting you. I think he is still mad at himself for last time."

"But that wasn't his fault! He couldn't control it!" I'm yelling now in frustration.

"I think that is what he's scared of the most," Haymitch says quietly. We sit there for a minute, neither one of us talking.

"I guess it's worth a shot," I mumble.

"Good luck sweetheart," Haymitch pats my shoulder as I leave.

A bell rings as I walk into Mellark Bakery. There is only one customer there. A middle aged woman who sits at a small table waiting for her food. I look up as Peeta comes out. He probably heard the bell ring. What should I say? God, I'm completely unprepared for this.

"Good morning how can I- Katniss?" he looks up startled.

"Hi," I say quietly.

"You shouldn't be here-" he begins but I cut him off.

"We need to talk. We need fix things between us."

"Katniss, my problem isn't something anyone can fix," he says gravely.

"Please just give me a chance. Let's just talk. Okay?" He sighs.


He gives the woman her food, puts up the 'Closed' sign, and leads me into the back room. The smell of baked bread hits me as soon as I walk in. All around me are tall, silver racks that hold bread of all different sizes and shapes. There are racks in a separate area that hold pastries like cupcakes and cookies. Through another door to the left, I see a room where tall cakes are in the process of being frosted.

"Did you make everything in here?" I ask, looking around in awe.

"Yeah, I, uh, had a lot of time on my hands."

I sigh deciding this is a good time to start, "Peeta what happened wasn't your fault. It was the Capitol's."

"I know that," he argues back, "But I can't control it and that's why I'm scared. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I hurt you."

"But you won't hurt me! We'll think of something to help you get through them. I just-" I sigh, " I just miss you."

"I miss you too but I can't risk hurting you. Every day I think 'What if Haymitch hadn't been there to pull me off you'. What would I have done?"

"But that hasn't happened since then."

"Because I haven't been around you. Nothing has reminded me of anything bad. If I'm near you too much I could have an attack again."

He is impossible. I want him to come back to me. I just don't know how to word it. Why couldn't I have been the one who was good at this kind of stuff?

I take a deep breath, "Look, I know you're scared, but the attacks rarely happen," he tries to say something but I cut him off, "We can think of something, like a coping mechanism, to help you get through them safely. You can't go through life avoiding me and I don't want you. I miss you and...and I just want you back again."

"Ok, I'll try starting over but if I hurt you one more time, then I really will avoid you forever. How about we go to your house for dinner?"

I laugh, "Ok."

Dinner was so much fun. It felt like things were starting to get back to normal. Peeta and I hadn't talked to each other for months and there was so much we had to catch up on. We talked and laughed for hours. Peeta manages to bring out a smile and a spark in me that no one else does. That's what I missed most about him. We sit at the table for hours after we finish eating. The next time I look at the clock its midnight.

"Wow. Time went by pretty quickly," I say.

He laughs as he notices what time it is, "We should get to bed," he pauses for a minute, "Are you still having the nightmares?"

"Every night." I say with a sad smile.

"Me too. so would it be too much fo me to ask to stay...?"

I laugh and pull him up to my room, "Absolutely not."

We turn off the lights and climb under the blankets. I rest my head on his chest and his arm naturally goes over my waist. I close my eyes and fall asleep with a smile on my face I have the boy with the bread back.

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