Hey guys! So, based on the reviews I got, its apparent you guys want a sequel. Well...I decided to write one! I will post the first chapter later today so to check it out, just go to my profile and click on the story. The new story will be called Moving On and it will be about Katniss trying to get over all the misery in her life, and get back to those she loves. I hope you guys check it out!

Here are the review responses for the last chapter of Real Or Not Real?

Elena-Cullen34: Don't worry, the story will continue :) You won't have to wonder about anything. Be sure to check out Moving On!

firefoxxe: Your review made me smile :) I will keep the story going, don't worry. Please keep reading I love your reviews!

Candyluver88: Glad you liked the last chapter. I don't want you to cry sooo...I hope you like the first chapter on Moving On!

Guest: I'm glad the last chapter left you hanging, it will convince you to come back for more ;) Just joking, but seriously I hope you check out Moving On!

Occy3: Good news! The sequel is on its way! Can't wait to hear what you think!

Taty98: I'm so glad you liked the story! And I hope you check out the sequel!

Thank you all sooooo much for your support and reviews. This story ended with 51 reviews, and a total of 5,207 views. That is way more than I ever hoped for when I started this story. Also, I am going to restart my story Expect the Unexpected. I feel like I am a better writer now and will be able to do a better job so please check that out too. Again thank you all so much for your support and be sure to check out Moving On! :)