A series of short stories I wrote at the kitchen table while my husband was watching The Who on the computer. Oh the silliness I can imagine while trying to tune out something I don't like. I don't own the Big Bang Theory or it's characters. If I did, I'd hire Tribeca to write the show so it wouldn't suck so much any more. On a totally random change of topic, today is officially Opposite Day.

His friends had decided to go out. Sheldon checked everything once more. Farscape on DVD, a 2 liter of Diet Coke, and two bags of Red Vines. He looked at the clock and walked out of the apartment. The pizza should be there in a few minutes. He was just reaching the second floor landing when he ran into someone.



Sheldon grabbed the pizza box with one hand and a flailing arm with the other.

"I'm so sorry!" a husky voice exclaimed.

A shiver went up Sheldon's spine. He looked down into soft hazel eyes. "Hello."

Soft pink lips curved up into a smile. "Hi."

He couldn't resist smiling back down at her. "Hi."

She laughed softly. "Um, hi."

Sheldon blushed at the teasing tone. "I believe this may be mine," he finally managed to say. "I'm 4A."

He nodded, her eyes sparkling with humor. "Yep. I was just bringing it up. Large pepperoni with extra cheese and light mushrooms."

Sheldon reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty. He handed it to her and watched her count out change. He took the money and handed her back the five. "Your tip," he mumbled.

She nodded and smiled up at him. She started to turn away but paused. She spun back toward him and quickly pressed her lips to his. Then she started down the stairs.

"Wait!" he called out. She paused and looked back at him. "What's your name?"

"Penny," she said with a wink.

Sheldon took a step toward her. "Why did you kiss me?"

"You stopped me from falling," she answered with a smile. "Besides, you're really cute."

His blush came back in full force. She was gone before he could think of an adequate reply.

Leonard, Howard and Raj were preparing for a night out. Over the last two weeks it had become routine to go out every Tuesday and Friday. Surprisingly, Sheldon had not complained about the change in his schedule. In fact he seemed surprisingly pleased with the new arrangement.

A knock on the door drew Leonard over. He opened the door and gulped. Howard and Raj moved closer to see what had him stunned.

"Hello," Penny said.

"Hello," Leonard said with awe.

Sheldon entered the room and walked over. He gently pushed Leonard out of the way. "Excuse me," he said to his friends. He took the pizza box and set it on the coffee table. Then he turned and held out a twenty to Penny. She gave him his change and he returned a bit for her tip which she put away.

The guys watched in shock as Sheldon then leaned down and Penny wrapped her arms around his neck for a deep kiss. Sheldon's hands gripped her waist tightly and she moaned low. After a minute, they broke apart.

"See ya Tuesday," Penny said softly.

Sheldon nodded and closed the door. He took his spot on the couch and reached for the remote. He looked at his friends innocently. "What?"

"What the frak was that?" Howard exclaimed.

"That was my pizza being delivered," Sheldon answered.

Leonard gaped at him. "And the sexy blonde?"

Sheldon smiled. "That was Penny. I do believe she is trying to seduce me."

Leonard felt faint. "You kissed her!"

Sheldon smiled smugly. "I did not say I objected."